Hello GoneWildStories, I have a little confession to make. Two months ago, a girl from my class and I had sex at her house when we were working on a project for school. I’ve lurked on this sub for a few months now and I decided, why not tell my own story. I made a separate account for this post btw. I like reading your stories so here’s mine.

To give you guys some quick info about myself I’m 20 years old, I live in the Netherlands. I’m 5 ft 10 and I like to play soccer and work out, so I have an athletic build. I have dark brown, short length hair and I’m white btw.

The girl, let’s call her Jessica, is 19 years old, she is mixed race, half black/white. Her dad is from Dutch descent while her mom is from Surinamese descent. She is 6 ft tall and has a very fit body because she plays handball at a pretty high level. Her breasts are in the D-cup range. She has long, muscular legs and an amazing ass. Her mom and dad divorced a few years ago, as a result of that her dad moved to a different city so she only lives with her mom. If I had to choose a celebrity look-a-like for her it would be Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

We are both studying marketing at a college in our city and we have been classmates for about two years. I’m more of a class clown and easygoing while she is pretty popular, however she isn’t arrogant at all. She has a really sweet personality and is liked by most of the people in our class. She is also very dedicated and almost always has good grades. We have pretty good chemistry with each other and we sometimes flirted a little bit but it never got serious.

Now about 2 months ago we got an assignment from our teacher, we had to create a little project about online marketing. The teacher decided we had to work in groups of two, he created the groups and It turned out I had to work with Jessica, I was pretty excited because she always got good grades while my grades were mediocre to say the least. While we were talking with each other she said she wanted to finish the project as soon as possible, which I wanted as well. She told me I could come by her house Friday evening (she had to work in the afternoon) so we could start working on the project and finish it as soon as possible, I obviously agreed.

That Friday evening I took my laptop with me and I drove to her house. I knocked on the door and her mom opened it. I instantly could see from whom Jessica had gotten that beautiful face because her mom was pretty attractive for a woman in her 40s. I walked in, took off my shoes and sat on the couch while I waited for her. Jessica’s mom said she was in her room, her mom yelled her name and Jessica immediately came downstairs. When she entered the living room I was stunned at what I saw. She looked drop-dead gorgeous. Jessica wore a white tricot crop top with skinny jeans, in which her ass looked amazing. She smiled at me and asked if I wanted something to drink, I said yes. While Jessica was getting us some drinks her mom told us she was leaving for work, apparently she works in a nursing home and had night shift. So after her mom left we were alone. We talked a bit with each other about school, friends and sports. After that we started to work on the project, we worked on it for like 2 hours, while we were working we talked about school and some awkward social situations we had experienced, which we laughed about. When I was done with the PowerPoint presentation I began to look at a YouTube video from the show Community, my favorite TV-show. After Jessica heard the theme song she said ‘’Oh my god, that is my favorite show’’ I laughed and said ‘’couldn’t you have told me that like 2 years ago’’ she laughed as well and continued working. After a while she was also done with her part of the project so I suggested we could watch some Community episodes I had on my laptop, she agreed.

After we were done watching a few Community episodes, including the episode History 101 where Troy and Britta struggle with their relationship, I said ‘’I wish they would have done more with those characters, they would have been such a great couple,’’ to which she agreed. After watching the episodes we started talking with each other, having some great conversations and laughing a lot. I made some flirty remarks and she did as well. At a certain point we kind of stopped talking and started looking in each other’s eyes. My heart started beating fast but I thought ‘’fuck it’’ and leaned in for a kiss, Jessica luckily did as well and soon we were making out. Her lips were big and very soft. I really enjoyed kissing her, we kissed for a few minutes after which she said, ‘’want to go upstairs?’’ I nodded and picked her up, we kissed a few more times before I carried her upstairs. It was pretty romantic and I felt as if we really had a connection.

When we arrived upstairs I carried Jessica into her room and laid her onto her bed, she quickly stood up and closed the curtains. After that she asked me If I wanted to do this, I said ‘’no doubt’’ and kissed her a few more times. While kissing her I took off Jessica’s crop top and I could see her amazing cleavage, she was wearing a purple bra, which looked nice on her. After staring at her cleavage I took off her bra. Jessica’s D-cup boobs looked amazing. They were even bigger than I expected, she asked me if I wanted to touch them, which I obviously did, as I touched her breasts I was in awe. My ex-girlfriends had pretty small boobs, which I didn’t mind at all. But hers felt amazing, I soon started sucking on her nipples which she liked, while I did that she moaned a little. After I sucked on her nipples she sat on the bed and took off her jeans and underwear. I saw she was pretty nervous, so I again, asked if she really wanted to do this, to which she said ‘’yeah, I want you to be my first.’’ Which shocked me a little because I actually thought she wasn’t a virgin anymore, considering the fact she was pretty popular and she got a lot of attention from other guys. After that little conversation I wasted no time and took off my pants. Now I didn’t have any condoms with me because I left my wallet at home but she said she didn’t mind so I had to completely trust my pullout game. I jumped in bed and laid next to her, first I started to kiss her neck, I slowly went down to her breasts, I sucked on her nipples again and eventually got down to her pussy, I started to lick her pussy and I heard her breathing intensify, she was super wet and her bodily fluids got into my mouth. I decided I was going to take it slow on her considering the fact that this was her first time. So I stopped licking her pussy and told her I was going in. we made ourselves comfortable and got in the missionary position. I positioned my penis and slid it in slowly. As I entered her pussy she gasped a little. Her pussy was very warm and tight. I could tell it was her first time. I started thrusting slowly, while I did that she looked at me and smiled, I kissed her again and asked if she liked it to which she said yes while moaning a little. After a while I started to pick up the pace and go faster. Her breathing got more intense and she also started to moan harder. ‘’Please go faster,’’ she said so I started to pound her, which she liked. While I was fucking her faster, I saw her big tits shake which turned me on even more, eventually she started to rub her clit, after she started doing that, she didn’t last long anymore. She came and I felt her body shake and her pussy tighten up. After she came I pulled out and we then started making out again. While we were doing this she asked me if I came. I said I didn’t. She then asked me if she could give me a handjob, of course I said. She started stroking my penis but I felt that she wasn’t that experienced so the hand job was a little sluggish but I didn’t mind. After 2-3 minutes I came and my sperm landed on her boobs. She laughed about it and asked if I would take a shower with her. The idea got me very excited so I ran to the shower as fast as I could. When we stood in the shower, I saw the water drops fall on her amazing body which made my dick get rock hard again. We started making out and then I started fingering her. I then picked her up and put her against the wall, I asked if she wanted to fuck in the shower, to which she sadly said no but I respected her decision. While I was fingering her we kissed some more, she then came for a second time. When we were done showering we dried ourselves. She cleaned up her bed while I cleaned the shower. After cleaning everything we went downstairs.

After going downstairs we talked again and she told me she liked me very much and if I would consider dating her. I then told her I really liked her personality and I would definitely date her if I could, we then made out again. It was approximately 11:30 when I left. When I arrived at home we texted some more and we arranged a date, after that I went to sleep.

So this happened two months ago, here is our current situation: After our first date we actually started dating. I really love her and we are super happy together. Our families also really like us as a couple and the sex has been amazing thus far, she’s also on birth control now so I’m not wearing a condom, which feels amazing because her pussy is still really tight. If you guys are eager to read some more stories about us, tell me and I will write some more!

Edit: Fixed some spelling errors, and i see ya’ll want some more stories, so expect a few more in the near future. because i got a few more. It was a lot of fun seeing her go from unexperienced to wanting to try a lot of new stuff!

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