Its been a while but I was doing some FB creeping to see what my Exs have been up to I remembered a decent story for everyone.

Lindsey had been my GF briefly near the tail end of our high school year but we had broken up during the summer because we were going to different schools. I went my way she went hers, but we briefly met again over Thanksgiving Break and went out to dinner and kept in touch after then. We hit it off again and had a blast swapping drunk freshman escapades with each other. When winter break came around we met up frequently needless to say it wasn’t long before two horny college freshman back in their boring hometown started fooling around in whoever’s home didn’t have parents there.

Lindsey was short and a little on the larger side, she had small B cups but a great ass. Blond and bouncy her energy was infectious and as I was pleased to find out her libido was a match for my 19 year old self. I am 5’11 blond with a larger swimmers build, by no means shredded but the dreaded freshman 15 had not taken its toll yet.

Lindsey and I went to go see the local zoo lights and after a fun filled evening I started driving back to our hometown. It was a dark winter night and we were passing an area with a bunch of warehouses, deciding that my night wasn’t over yet I flicked off my headlights and pulled into the driveway of a particularly secluded and dark warehouse.

“What are you doing?” Lindsey asked.

” You’ll see” I said in a sly manner. I gave the warehouse a look over and seeing that there were no visible cameras on the outside of the building I pulled in behind a parked tractor trailer. Lindsey looked at me slightly confused and I moved in to kiss her. We started to make out and it wasn’t long before I said we should move to the back of the van.

(side note at the time I was driving a 95 Toyota Previa, the best car ever made. It drove like a champ and most importantly for this story the seats in the back folded down)

We clambered over the seats to the back row which I had already folded down in the eventually of this exact occasion. The back seat made an area slightly smaller than a full mattress giving us just enough room to fool around.

We continued making out and I moved my hand down to the crotch of her pants rubbing her through them feeling the warmth radiating through her pants. I was already rock hard at this point and I started stripping off layers. Fumbling and I mean fumbling out of our winter clothes we were down to our underwear after some slightly funny struggles.

Returning to the task at hand I went back to making out with her and slid a hand down her panties and found her absolutely soaked. my middle finger slid in easily and I began to pump it in and out of her enjoying the moan she let out. Fingering her for a while I switched to her clit and she tensed with the wave of pleasure that swept over her. My method wasn’t’ exactly refined at that point but what I lacked in skill I made up in energy. Lindsey soon shuddered and slapped a hand up against the back window.

“Okay now it is your turn” She said gasping. we switched positions and now she was on top of me. Lindsey grabbed my dick out of my boxers and started to jerk me rapidly. Lindsey’s hand jobs were fantastic and I was pretty riled up at that point. Pumping me like crazy it wasn’t too long before I bucked my hips and shot a porn star worthy load all over my stomach. We were both breathing heavily at that point and I grabbed some napkins and cleaned myself up.

We lay there for a bit panting and cuddling. I was still hard as a rock and Lindsey looked down at me and said ” Do you have any condoms?”

Any good shagging wagon is always stocked with all manner of condoms and I dug some out of the back seat pocket of the seats ahead of me. I opened one up and slid it down my dick, Lindsey laid down on the flat seats and I guided myself in between her legs. Lindsey wasn’t quite back up to full wetness but it was still enough to get in.

I entered with one long slow push breathing shallowly with Lindsey as I did so. Pulling out again slowly and going back in Lindsey was soon wet again. Picking up pace the van was soon rocking and was steaming up like crazy. This was some really passionate sex Lindsey and I’s eyes were locked and we traded deep kisses throughout.

I soon felt another load getting ready and with a few hard last thrusts erupted again shooting my load into the condom. I pulled out and feel back between the second row of seats. We both lay panting in our respective places for a while not moving. At that point in time it was the best sex I had ever had.

We both struggled into our clothes which was harder in a hot sweaty van and I dropped her off at her house. Lindsey told me her parents were working that next day and that I should swing by. I kissed her one more time and whispered that I wanted her to ride me tomorrow I left her place and went back to my house. For many years her hand print could still be seen on the back window and I would always smile and think of that night.

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