So this happen this past weekend and wanted to tell you all while it’s still fresh. The weekend was badass overall, now I like telling a good tale so this could be somewhat long. First off I did a grindhouse triple feature on Friday with 3 of the most controversial movies made, that was the start of the good weekend, but the real story begins on Saturday.

I wake up mid afternoon Saturday since I was going with a good friend to see Metallica at the Rose Bowl, I go and do some stuff, shower and get ready and by 4pm we are on our way to Pasadena to eat and bullshit around before the show. We eat, go fig hunting, yeah am a big nerd. As we are driving out of Walgreens and to the shuttle location, I hear my email notification go off, I check it at the next red light, and it’s from a girl who is interested in some fun, now I posted for one on one and two for one, so I didn’t know which one it was for.

We get to the parking lot, park and start walking, I check to see which ad she responded to and it was our 3 way ad, and I see she included a pic and a phone number. She was a hot Asian girl, she was wearing a low cut black dress and like I said, was hot. I start texting her as we wait in the shuttle line, eventually I call her and we exchange some quick words, ok she is legit. Off we go to the stadium, texting we exchange basic info and what got her into wanting two men at once. We pencil in a late night session, I told her I was to be at the concert till like 11pm or so and won’t be back in our area till past midnight.

We continue texting, go over the dos and don’t, where we will meet, allergies to latex etc. Avenge Sevenfold ends their set and eventually Metallica makes the stage, at this point I stop texting her, cause well it’s fucken Metallica and I waited years to finally see them. For two plus hours it’s head banging with my good friend, wish they would of played creeping death and Orion but it was still was a badass set. I text her before the encore and she’s still down, concert ends and everyone starts to go to the shuttle line, at this point I text my partner. I ask where he is at, he took a night in, told him the plan and if he was up for it. He asked for her pics and I sent them, he was on board, next up I double confirmed with her, it’s all set.

We get to the parking structure and off we go back home, am going over 80 on the 210 which was empty. I drop off my friend and call my partner that I’ll be over soon, then I call her and see if she had any second thoughts, she didn’t. Now I wasn’t expecting this, so my box of condoms were back home, luckily there was a 24 hour Walgreens near by, go and get a box, and fuck!!! They had their lube locked up, like who does that. Anyways I leave and go to pick up my buddy, quick bank stop and we go to our usual spot, damn all rooms booked, we wait for her anyways.

We see a black car pull up and we see it’s her, out walks out this 5’3 Asian girl, long black hair, with a blouse and a semi short skirt and sandals, and a nice set of breast. Oh yeah we got lucky on this one, but the room, so we tell her and suggest we check out our back up location, down the street. I drive and my buddy goes with her, I pull in and go to the window, there’s still some rooms, score!!! I pay and give my info, tell them and get the condoms from the car. We walk in and she makes the comment that the room is the definition of a hook up room.

My buddy starts playing with her tits at this point and wow were they big, we pull her dress up and she had a beautiful plump ass, she had on those lace boy shorts on, that made it look so sexy. We take her to the bed and we start attacking her breast, as my buddy started fingering her, we start taking off her clothes. Now she said she was curvy, she wasn’t, she was borderline going on fit. She had the right curves all right, shaved pussy and those big breast. I pull her head over the edge of the bed and start pumping her mouth as my buddy gets undress, and I do a move I only did once before( that story will come soon) I picked her up for a tombstone. We don’t just watch wrestling, we practiced it too, so I drop her on her head and pin her, haha no I Kidd. But for those that don’t know, a tombstone is a standing 69, so she’s sucking my cock as I lick her pussy, and we are standing in front of a mirror, so am looking at us as I lick, my buddy just amazed that I would go for it so quickly. I drop her back slowly on the bed and she is already wowed, nobody had ever manhandled her like that from the start or given her a tombstone, I go back to fucking her mouth as my buddy starts pumping her pussy.

We start to spit roast her as she moans as she gets fucked by my friend, we are each pumping her good at this point. Me and him switch places as I enter her pussy and boy was it dripping wet, she’s laying on her back as my friend uses her mouth, and am going deep inside of her, seeing her big breast go up and down with each stroke. I pull her off the bed and lay her on her back on the floor, this time going for a piledriver, she’s looking up as I start pumping her again. A couple mins of that and I pull her by her hair and she starts sucking us both.

We go back to the bed and she starts to ride my buddy, as I stand above her, she’s loving it all, not stopping, impressive for a first timer. We go at this for a good amount before I go and start to go into her pussy at the same time my buddy is there. Now if we would of had lube this would be a DP scenario but no lube so had to settle for DVP, amazingly my cock got in there with little trouble, now we didn’t do this to long as I felt the condom feel to much friction and didn’t want to risk it ripping, always play safe kids. So I pull out and slap on another one, this time I fuck get her again and fuck her doggie style, feeling my balls tighten as I cum in her, and damn did she have an ass to look at in doggie style position.

My friend gets her and I watch her fuck him, I tell her to ride him good and to make him cum, as I stroke off. After my break I go back in and start attacking her mouth again, again she is handling this very well for a first timer. I get a chair and I put her on it, I start pumping her and make her watch as my cock goes in her. We get off and I put a pillow under her back and pull her up, to do another pile driver on the bed, as she squeezes her tits and sucks my buddy.

I throw her back to him and he starts fuck her again, we continue to spit roast her for another 30 mins and he finally cums all over ass, she cleans up and I pull her over to fuck her some more. I end it by using her mouth and busting a load all over her tits, that I rub all over, with both our loads, she complements what a mess we made on her.

We clean up and we ask how she liked it, she gave us good feed back, saying it was good to have an experienced team help her fulfill her fantasy. We walk her to her car and say our good nights. This was our first Asian girl ever in a mfm, and boy was it worth the wait, she knew how to go and kept us going at all times. Not a bad way to start our final expedition in our adventures, what’s next? Who knows, but we hope it’s another bucket list item.

Thank you for the read, and hope you enjoyed reading another one of our adventures in mfm. Goodnight and (muah) good bye.

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