After 2 weeks of naughty fun with them, I decided I felt comfortable enough to ask for a secret fantasy. Consensual rape play has always been a fantasy my husband knew about, but I never thought I’d get the chance to have two men participate. So after setting some ground rules I asked them to take me to a bar together. Once we were there and had a few drinks, I took a strong dose of xanax and waited for it to kick in (they didn’t know that was part of my plan till then) and as soon as I felt woozy I told them to help me to the car, drive me home and have their way way with me all night…as long as they took pics of what they did to me for me to see the next day. I reached into the front seat where they were both sitting and checked both their cocks, which were harder than rocks. Stroked them both all the way home, soaking wet in the backseat.

I remember getting home, my friend shoving me up against the wall and nibbling on my neck while my husband snuck his hand up my skirt. He dropped to his knees and started lapping at my pussy while my friend played with and sucked my nipples. I know I started begging for more but I really don’t remember much once we made it to the bedroom. I spent the next few hours drifting in and out, one between my legs, one fucking my mouth. Woke up again to one pounding himself in my pussy and the other jerking his cock over my face while playing with my tits. Last thing I remember is that they had me on my back with my head over the side of the bed while one was fucking my tits facing my lower body and the other was using a dildo on my pussy and stroking himself hard again. I know they obviously kept going after that.

I woke up the next morning (obviously) disoriented with an empty house. These were the only things I could remember, but there was a note next to our camera on the nightstand telling me to have fun looking through the pics and that my husband would be home later. I started scrolling and oh my god these guys documented everything. There wasn’t anything on me they didn’t fuck, lots were their POV or the other one taking pics while I was being fucked and they watched. So much fucking, stroking, rubbing, close ups of cum dripping out of my pussy, cum on my tits, on my face, in my hair. It looked like each of them got off with me at least 3 times. I was so goddamn wet looking at these pics of these men just completely using me like a fucktoy and seeing how much they enjoyed it.

I text my husband to hurry home but he told me no. Instructed me to get off to the pics at least 3 times and that we wouldn’t be home until I sent him the videos of me cumming to them. I asked where he was, and he admitted he was at the strip club where his old fwb worked and that she would be grinding on him keeping him hard the whole time until he was ready to come home to me. I honestly didn’t believe him until he sent a pic of her in his lap which got me playing immediately. I scrolled through all the pics, picked my favorite 3 and fucked myself with my dildo for him cumming to each pic. Squeezing my tits, skipping my fingers inside, moaning for more. He text back that his friend loved watching the videos with him and that her pussy was getting wetter with each one which drove me fucking wild. After I sent the last one, my friend walks into the house (he was waiting out back to hear from my husband the whole time, can’t believe he was able to stay out there hearing me moaning) tells me my husband told him to come take care of me…roughly flipped me over, shoved his already hard cock into me and proceeds to pound me as hard and fast as he can until he came in my pussy. He pulls out, tells me he had fun using me like a whore, slaps my ass and leaves.

My husband came home about 45 minutes later, not quite as hard as I was expecting. He then admitted that while I was getting pounded he was in the VIP room getting his cock sucked by his friend. We both told each other exactly what happened, while masturbating in front of each other. After telling me how hard he came down her throat, I pounced and we proceeded to fuck like animals all afternoon. I think I sparked a kink in there (his next idea is HOT) letting him do whatever he wanted to me while sharing me, and seeing him go do whatever he wanted like that with her turned me on so much. I’m glad that it looks like I’m not the only slut in this marriage anymore. And I’m hoping his plans for next weekend go through because I cannot fucking WAIT to tell that story 😉

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