[How I Met Another Cheater]

This was my first experience with a girl who had an interest in kink. I was a young guy when this happened, so forgive me for my rose tinted glasses. I was in my first year at university, I regularly went to the gym and I was just doing the generic shit that single guys did back then, I went to bars, I got phone numbers, facebooks (this was pre-tinder)

During my first year of class enrollment one of my friends from high school suggested that we try out a new language. We studied German together in high school, but when he traveled to Japan he started to get into that Weeb culture, so he suggested we tried Japanese. It was double credits for me if I passed a Japanese course and at the time I was looking at a career in International Business, so I figured I may as well.

What we discovered when taking that class was that it was fucking hard. The introductory subject was designed to cover the entire high school curriculum in 12 weeks. We had 12 weeks to learn basic speaking, reading and writing in a language that was so different from ours, we felt truly fucked. In response to this we tried forming a study group.

Our study group was pretty cool. We had a couple of weebs, a right-wing nut job and a couple of Koreans who wanted to practice their English with us in exchange for their ‘Gosu’ Japanese skills.

After our study group became more friendly with one another, I suggested that we hit up a restaurant one night and have a bit of fun. We went out to Korean BBQ in my city. One of the girls, Jen, invited one of her best friends from school, Lauren.

From the moment I saw her, I was captured. Lauren was beautiful. She was tall, sitting at about 5’11. Her figure was as close to perfect as you could get. Although she was dressed conservatively, you could not hide her bust. She would have been at least a D. I couldn’t look away, I slowly looked down her body and I made a note of the way her hips curved.

She wore her hair back, so nothing covered her soft face. When Jen introduced her to me and I can still remember the way she fluttered her long eyelashes at me. I met her flutter with an intense gaze. I wanted to react differently, but I was already lost in her beautiful green eyes.

I introduced myself to her and she sat down next to Jen, who sat diagonally to me at the table. This placed her out of my direct view. I admit I was disappointed that I was not within reasonable perving distance, I wanted to spend the night staring at her. It was almost appetite killing.

Dinner began and we ate like kings. Our Korean friends took care of us in regards to the meat. But by the end of it we had more than a couple of bottles of soju under our belt. I spoke to Jen and Lauren, but admittedly not that much.

We decided to leave the restaurant sometime after 11. We left and then walked towards the CBD. We were considering bar hopping, when the weebs decided they wanted to hang out at the local arcade. I was disappointed, I was hoping to get closer at the bar with Lauren but I went along with it.

At this point the group started to stretch out a little bit. A few friends said farewell to catch their last train and the group had shrunk down to my high school friend, Jen, Lauren and a couple of others. Jen was talking with a few people about some Anime and I found myself walking next to Lauren.

We started chatting and making small talk. I asked her what she did with herself and she said she didn’t know what she wanted to do yet, so she was just working and saving up to buy nice things. She told me that she had a boyfriend who lived out of state and they had been together for a few years, but she didn’t have any plans to move to be with him at the time and it was causing some issues.

I told her I was single and I hadn’t been in a relationship since I was 17, but I understood what it was like to be in a position where it was hard to compromise. I said that if she needed anything that I was happy to help.

She said that would be great and I asked to add her on facebook. She accepted my request right away.

The night went on for a little bit but eventually fizzled. Jen and Lauren went home after some DDR sessions and my mate and I went and caught up with some people who were at a local internet cafe.

[The Real Talk]

A few weeks had passed and I hadn’t messaged Lauren. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I should. At that point I w’as very firmly in the camp against cutting someone else’s grass. I kept my distance, but still regularly interacted with Jen in class.

Jen made a comment to me one day in class saying that Lauren asked about me and how I was doing. I told Jen that if Lauren wanted to know I wasn’t opposed to answering her myself.

Jen must have messaged Lauren because later that hour I received a message asking me how I was going.

The conversation was normal. I complained about my exams and how fucking hard Japanese is. She complained about a few people from her work and commented that she didn’t miss studying.

Lauren then asked me what I did with my time when I wasn’t studying. I told her that when I wasn’t trying to tune girls I liked to go to the gym and play video games.

She then replied, ‘Are you playing games or at the gym now’.

And I said, ‘No, not at the moment’.

She then commented ‘Well, then is it safe to say you are trying to tune a girl right now’.

I didn’t really have words for her. I wasn’t really trying to flirt with her but I wanted to. I thought about it for a moment and then responded…

‘It depends on if a girl wants to be tuned’.

She replied something to the effect of ‘it depends on how you’re planning on tuning the girl’.

Things started to heat up from this point I messaged her for hours, keeping up with the innuendo without ever crossing any lines. I could tell she was interested and she must have known that she kept a steady flow of blood rushing to my cock for hours.

I almost forgot she had a boyfriend. I asked her how long it had been since she’d last been with someone. She told me it had been a couple of months and she was getting restless. She told me that her boyfriend had cancelled his trip up to our city to see her.

At this point I took a step back and said ‘well I guess you might have to see him’.

And she messaged me back instantly ‘why? when I could see you?’

I was floored by the response. In my naive head, cheating only really accidentally happened or gradually happened over a period of time (i.e. an affair). This was different. It was controlled. She made a decision that she wanted to fuck me. She was sober. I was sober. This wasn’t an accident, but it did turn me on.

It was late at this point (12-1am maybe) in the conversation and I said ‘well, name a place and let’s get to it’. She told me it was too late in the evening for that, but she’d send me something to make up for it.

Over the next few days she would send me a steady stream of photos and videos of herself. She gave me videos of her playing with her pussy. She showed me exactly what her dildo looked like as it entered her and exited her mouth and her pussy. I showed my appreciation by sending her videos of my cock erupting loads of cum all over my chest. It was fun but I needed more.

I asked her when I would be inside her. She told me she wanted it that night, but that I had to be rough and quick. I told her that I was free.

We discussed the unsexy part of logistics. I still lived at home with my parents and so did she. Neither of us at that stage were that comfortable bringing each other home so we decided to meet at a secluded park. Except at this stage it was the middle of winter, and it was relatively cold (Australian Winters are not that bad).

I arrived first, pulling into a car park that was well lit but deserted. I was nervous. At this point in my life I was fairly vanilla, but I was finally getting the opportunity to explore my more dominant tendencies. I started to fantasize about how rough I could be with this girl and it started making me hard.

A few minutes passed and she pulled up in her blue toyota corolla. I could see her as she exited her car. Her hair was up in a pony tail again and it looked like she went to the effort of putting on some make up.

I stared at her, not unlike the first time I met her. I couldn’t help myself. She met my gaze and I dropped my eyes down her body, examining her body, clothed in front of me. She wore a black low cut shirt, covered by a grey cardigan. She paired her shirt with yoga pants that made her ass look fantastic. After her video performances, it was so easy to picture her naked. She was perfect.

After a few moments of standing in silence. I asked her to walk with me. We walked for a short distance until we found a dimly lit staircase leading to a sports field.

[The Sex]

We didn’t say much to one another. In fact, I could see that Lauren was shaking. Whether it was the cold, or her nerves, I’m not sure. What I do know is that she told me she wanted me to be rough. So I took charge.

Once we reached the bottom of the stair case I grabbed the back of her hair. I pushed her down to her knees and I said one word. ‘Suck’.

She looked up at me nervously. From my perspective it looked like she wanted to cry. This was my first experience as a dom and to be honest, it didn’t feel like it was going well. I was about to make this poor girl cry because I was mean to her.

She undid my pants relatively easily, and she reached through my boxers to pull out my semi-hard cock. Without a second thought it was in her mouth. She wasted no time getting me hard. She took the full length of my cock down her throat with no problem.

The way that her mouth was able to roll over my cock and I did not feel even the slight touch of teeth was amazing to me. I started to get into the role of being aggressive. I took her head and started forcing it over my cock. I aggressively fucked her face and only then did I start to feel resistance from her. She started gagging on my cock and I watched as the first tear streamed from her face.

At this point I didn’t care. I wanted her to feel how hard I could fuck her. I kept pumping my cock into her mouth. Occasionally I would take it out and slap it on her face, giving myself a brief break from that feeling my approaching orgasm.

She kept sucking me and at this time I told her to play with my balls. I grabbed the back of her head and started guiding her over my cock as she placed a cold hand on my balls. The sensation of her warm mouth and her cold hand sent me over the edge.

I told her I was cumming and I pushed my cock into her throat further. I watched as she started coughing on my cock, being completely unprepared for my cum.

I pulled my semi-hard cock from her mouth, and she began dribbling the cum I left inside her mouth. I watched as it dripped down onto her black low cut shirt.

I said to her that I wasn’t finished. I picked her up from the ground and bent her over. I knelt down behind her and began eating her pussy. My tongue rolled over her clit and I heard her moan for the first time, in person.

Once I heard her first moan, I spanked her. Hard. She couldn’t contain herself, she shuddered and let a low moan that made my cock spring up.

At this point I pushed her down. and then rolled her onto her back. I pulled at her clothes, exposing her massive breasts, and I began to suck her nipples. I would roll my tongue over the tip and then suck, hard.

As her body was reacting to me sucking her nipples, I put two fingers inside her pussy. I curved my fingers to hit her G-spot and then I began working her pussy and her nipples at the same time.

She then asked me if I brought a condom with me. I looked up at her from her breast and said ‘of course I did’.

She then told me to put it on and fuck her.

I then pulled her yoga pants off. Placed my head between her legs and my fingers back in her wet cunt. I kept licking her pussy as she began to fuck my face.

She then began to beg ‘Please sir, please fuck me’.

I kept going, refusing to put my dick inside of her until her hips started to buck aggressively on my tongue.

I then lifted myself up onto my knees and asked her if she wanted my cock.

She muttered ‘yes, yes please’.

I then looked her in the eyes and said ‘I’m not putting on a condom. I want to feel all of your wet pussy’

And she looked surprised, muttering to me ‘Okay if that is what you want sir’.

I then placed my now rock hard cock inside her pussy. It was ecstasy. She was so wet my cock glided in and out of her. I got into my rhythm on top of her. I pounded her for a few minutes when my hand started to gravitate towards her neck. As I placed pressure around her neck for the first time she moaned lightly and mouthed the word ‘please’.

I placed my hand on her neck and pushed down. I could feel her as she stopped being able to breathe properly. I fucked her as hard as I could while my hand was on her throat. I then released her slightly and she grabbed my hand and placed it back on her throat telling me to fuck her until she was blue.

I then placed one hand on her neck and slapped her across the face with the my other hand. I told her that she did not tell me what to do when we fuck. She whimpered and nodded.

I then grabbed her breast and started pumping into her harder. I could feel my second orgasm approaching. I told her that I was going to cum and she picked up the pace, trying to force the cum from my cock with her wet cunt.

The orgasm came faster than I expected and within a few moments I started pumping my load inside her pussy.

She looked at me, scared. She told me she wasn’t on the pill.

I told her that she was to get Plan B and start taking the pill because now her pussy belonged to me.

She smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek. She then whispered in my ear ‘thank-you sir, my pussy is yours’.

[Epilogue/Housekeeping] I received a few inboxes in relation to my own description. I don’t really describe myself because the truth is, I’m not some ripped Hunk with abs. I’m a stocky, bearish guy with what my best friend describes as the luck of a leprechaun. I look more like a lumberjack with a dad bod than Chris Hemsworth, but it works for me.

I have also received a lot of questions in the past about what happened next with the girl in question. For this one, we had fun for a few months, but life moved us in different directions. I admit, I caught feelings when I shouldn’t have and that was a big part of the reason we stopped having fun.

We’re still friends and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t lust after her every time I think about our encounters. She has a new boyfriend now and occasionally snaps me pictures of her playing with herself. I like to think that it’s more than the fact she likes the attention and that a part of her still believes that I am still her true dom.

I have tried to reach out for other meet-ups, but can’t seem to convince her. If you have any tips… let me know? haha

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