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Back again with an update about Nerdvert, FWB, and I!

So since my last post, I’ve “played” keyholder for Nerdvert several times. The first week I went over to their apartment two more nights after the first from my last update, for my regular fuckfest with my hung FWB. But I made sure to go over early and did a bit of a repeat of our first keyholding. I lock the chastity cage onto Nerdvert for the evening, FWB and I go to his room and fuck like rabbits, and then I clean up and go back in and sit on Nerdvert’s lap to watch a movie together! I always whisper in his ear here and there during the movie to keep him worked up… not that I really need to. Poor guy seems to stay worked up as hell just by me sitting on his lap in my undies or lingerie lol. But I tease him a bit, said stuff like how I think Ryan Reynolds is so hot and I bet he has a huge cock… then I asked Nerdvert how frustrating it must be knowing guys with big dicks get to fuck all the hot girls over and over while he never gets to fuck ANY of them.

I admit, even though I can be a primordial bitch when I’m in the right mood, I’ve felt kinda bad a couple times saying this stuff to him. But I keep reminding myself that this is what HE wants, and that many of you have agreed I need to keep the cruelty going… so I’m trying! He always seems to be in what I have been calling “sub mode” when he answers, and always praises me when the night is over, so I guess I’m doing well so far! Anyways, I unlocked him at the end of each of those 3 nights. There’s always a decent amount of precum inside his cage and the tip of his dick after, but he didn’t manage to actually bust a nut or anything lol.

So I debated over where to take things next, and finally decided. I let him know to be prepared to take me out that Friday night! I got dressed up in a tight sexy little dress and had him pick me up from my place, and that he should already have the cage on and locked. He was adorable, wearing some badly fitting slacks and a button up shirt lol, but he was trying! He got out and opened his car door for me all gentlemanly, he was smiling all gleefully. Once he got in, I ordered him to unzip so I could make sure he was locked in. He had it on and locked, so I told him he was a good boy, now put that pathetic little thing away. He gave me a Yes Mistress and I reminded him I was to only be called “Beautiful” in public.

We ended up going to a club and hangout for a while. I made him buy me a couple drinks, and then he stood near the bar and watched me get out on the dance floor and have some fun. 4 different guys came up and danced with me (grinded on me lol) and I ended up flirting with a couple of them. I made sure to have Nerdvert’s cagekey on my necklace again, so I would play with it in my hand as I tend to do with necklaces anyways, while I chatted and flirted with the guys. Eventually I made my way over and checked in on Nerdvert, poor guy was so out of his element. I actually convinced him to go out on the floor and dance with me for one song, just to try to get him to loosen up a bit! He was obviously really nervous and had no moves to speak of, but he seemed to appreciate getting to dance with a pretty girl! After that, I had him take me over to a bar nearby. We sat at the bar for a bit and chatted about how watching me made him feel, with those guys on the dance floor with their hands all over my body. He opened up pretty good about how he felt like he was in a dream watching all this, how it made him jealous that he could never get to be “that guy”, but that even the jealousy turns him on. Eventually I saw a pretty good looking guy eyeing me a bit from across the bar, so I told Nerdvert to sit back and watch. I made my way over and started flirting with the guy. He was cute but pretty full of himself, bragging his car and about places he’s probably never actually traveled to lol. But I just rolled with it, and ended up inviting him back to my place. I’ve never actually fucked a guy because of the car he drove, but in the guy’s defense it WAS a pretty car lol. I had winked at Nerdvert on the way out of the bar, then I texted him and let him know we were heading back to my place, and to not wait up. And that “oh, oops, guess you get to sleep in the cage tonight…”! He texted back a frownyface and a Yes Beautiful lol

The guy ended up being a 5-minute man unfortunately, so not really anything to brag about. I gave him a shot at a round 2, but his average size dick had apparently called it a night. But he was pretty so I kissed him goodnight, and kicked him out. I made sure to put my panties back on and sleep in them. The next morning, Saturday, I texted Nerdvert and told him that he should bring me over some breakfast. He made crazy good time lol. Apparently he had very little sleep that night, said he was laying awake thinking about me being over here having wild sex with that random guy from the bar while he was left locked up. Poor guy was obviously a bit sleep deprived, but I decided I wouldn’t go easy on him just yet. I pulled his food away from him and told him fatboys don’t need breakfast, fatboys need to get their asses up and do their Mistress’s laundry.

I swear, he looked at me like he was in shock for a second or two. He did not see my bitch mode coming lol. I think he got a little grumpy at his food being pulled away, but then remembered who was doing it and said a quick yes Mistress. I made him gather up my clothes tossed in my bedroom floor (yes, I’m messy). Just sat there and finished my breakfast while I yelled orders. Then I told him “Oh, don’t forget these!” and stood up and took my panties off and tossed them at him. I was wearing an old boyfriend’s tshirt, so I was sitting there nude or anything, but his face turned so red omg! lol I started playing on my phone, so he had time to sniff them or whatever he might want to do before tossing them in the machine lol. I never bothered asking.

Once the clothes were washing, I told him I had some more work I needed done around the house. I’ll admit here, I was pretty nervous at first about this next part. I got on the couch and told him to kneel, and I pulled the tshirt off. I was naked except for the necklace with his cockcage key dangling at the end. I told him it was time I trained him how to get a woman off and I spread my legs. The poor guy was like a deer in headlights, he was really nervous. I grabbed his hair and pulled him in. He started waaaaay too fast so I had to tell him to slow the fuck down and I told him exactly step by step how i liked it. He wasn’t very good at going down on a woman, but I knew he hadn’t had much practice and I knew it would probably take some teaching. Of course, my humble self was willing to let him practice lol. He was a bit clueless about the clit, so I gave him a rundown what I liked where. It took quite a while, but he got his pacing down finally and I told him to speed up when I was getting close. I ended up having a pretty damn good orgasm while I held him by his hair so he couldn’t pull his face away from my pussy. His face was glistening with my wetness all over it when he got up to clean off, and I could see the poor guy was fighting off a serious hardon inside the cage. He literally had precum dripping out the end of his cage! He was visibly frustrated, but he kept asking me if he did a good job and that he promises he will get better… it was absolutely adorable how unsure of himself he is. And seeing that cage drip was HOT AS FUCK! I ended up letting him get something to drink then ordering him back down on his knees for round 2!

We hung out at my place and I schooled him on his technique, and asked him honestly how he was doing with all this. He admitted being locked up overnight while knowing I was over here fucking that other guys brains out was ALOT more difficult than him locking himself up overnight. I asked him if he was having any regrets, but he said that he was and is having the time of his life with all this and he thanked me over and over for doing all this for him. I wanted to tell him he had eventually gotten me off like the pretty boy the night before wish he had, but I decided against it for now. I figure him thinking that guy got me off all night and then I wanted more from Nerdvert’s face the next day added to my “Dominant Woman” thing, so whatever.

By the end of the afternoon, I had a clean floor, a closet full of clean clothes, and I had put his mouth to work on my pussy 4 times. By round 4, he managed to get me off twice in a row! So… fuck yeah, we are so making this “clean my place and eat my pussy day” a regular thing! lol

That night, I had him drive me back to their place and I hooked up with FWB as usual. I left poor Nerdvert locked up still, but after FWB and I went at it for 2 hours or so, I went over to Nerdvert’s room and gave him the key and let him know he had been a very good boy and that he had permission to unlock and jerk off. By the time I got back to FWB’s room and snuggled back into bed beside him and told him told him I had unlocked him, we could HEAR Nerdvert getting off from the other side of the apartment. Like, it had maaaaybe been 3 minutes since I handed him the key LOL. Later the next day Nerdvert apologized for being loud and admitted he hadn’t even taken the whole thing off yet at that point, he just unlocked it and pulled the shaft/tube part off and it sprung up to a full hardon immediately, so he jerked off and came like crazy. Then he took the ring and the rest off and rubbed a 2nd one out hehehe.

That Sunday night, I went over for another round or 3 with FWB (I know I know, I’m a horn dog but seriously, the dude fucks like a champ!), and before I left I watched some NetFlix with Nerdvert and then ordered him to put his cage on and locked him in. He managed to wear it for 3 nights until he finally begged for mercy lol. I made him go down on me again twice before I unlocked him, so I’m teaching him he has to get me off if he wants any relief to his frustrations… just like you guys told me to teach him!

I’ve got Nerdvert locked back up now, and he’s on night number 2 of his second multiple-day-locked run. How long do you guys think I should leave him locked this time around? Let me know!

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