[My first meeting with Helen and Kate](https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildstories/comments/6p4ybu/alls_well_that_ends_well_mff/) was pretty well received, and they quite liked the write up I gave them. I detailed [what happened next](https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildstories/comments/6pitdr/my_first_phone_sex/), in which I was asked to keep last weekend free. I did. I’m very glad I did, and here’s what happened.

**Friday night**, I get a call from Helen. Helen has spent the week exchanging flirty texts with me – no sexts as such, just enough to remind me that we have an arrangement for the weekend and that I’d better not stand her up. The call arrives as I am getting out of a meeting and thinking about clearing anything outstanding from my desk before the weekend. Helen wants to know if I can get off work a little early. Like, now. She said it wasn’t a problem if I couldn’t, it would be fine. And I think I don’t need to tell any of the men reading this what that means.

Luckily for me, I have an understanding boss. I went to see her, she looked me up and down and said “don’t tell me you’ve actually got a date.” So I admitted I had, and she was so amused she agreed that I could bail early.

Bail I did, and was at Helen’s door as fast as I could get there without actually breaking any laws. Helen met me at the door wearing a really nice dress. The hem was at mid thigh, the neckline was low enough that it was interesting without putting much on display and I really wish I could tell you what colour it was, but I didn’t pay attention because I stepped over the threshold and we started kissing.

I lose track of time at this point, because we’re both all hands and lips. Like a couple of teenagers. At some point I decide that we’re apparently going to fuck in the hall, so I start inching the hem of her skirt up. It earns me a smile and a polite brush of her hand, so I go back to kissing her and slide my other hand onto her breast. The response is her groping my arse and we end up with my back against the wall while she grinds herself against me. Again, time just goes away as we make out and dry hump, but eventually Helen pulls away with a mischievous smile. She says something about not wanting me to go off too early and she takes my hand, heading for the stairs.

I’m more than happy to watch her bum sway it’s way up the stairs, so I take a moment before I follow her and we head to her bedroom where I’m in for an interesting surprise. On the bed is a shaving kit, a bathrobe and bottle of aftershave.
“Stripped ,washed, brought to my tent” says Helen, and then she laughs. It’s not a giggle. Giggles don’t pack that much lust. So I go and shave, then take a shower. It helps calm me down somewhat, so by the time I’m dry and wearing the aftershave I’m in control again.
Helen is waiting for me, on her bed, wearing an ensemble out of a fantasy: a white silk basque, knickers, stockings, suspenders. She’s a blonde, but her skin has a light tan so the contrast between her and the lingerie is marked. Rather than washing her out, it’s made the swell of her breasts stand out. Likewise the rest of her skin. I swallow hard and remove my robe. As I reach the bed, she reaches out and wraps her hand around my rising cock. She kisses the shaft, looks up at me and says
“Missed you. And this. Can I show you how much?”
Of course she can.

I lay back on the bed and Helen straddles me. We kiss more and my hands are allowed to explore freely. The lingerie is smooth and my hands glide over her body, every lovely curve and line. She kisses me over and over, alternating deep tongue filled kisses with softer, quicker ones as she presses against me. The more she does this, the harder I get and within a short space of time, every time she moves her pussy and my cock rub against one another. She starts to do this deliberately, slowly sliding a silk encased pussy against my shaft over and over. Then she reaches down, lays my cock flat against my stomach and rubs herself the length of me, sitting upright like she was riding me. Her eyes are half closed, she’s sighing happily, smiling to match the sighs and the rising flush on her cheeks.
“How does that feel?” she asks, which tells me I’m being entirely too quiet. She slides all the way down, rubbing herself from pussy to breasts over my cock and this makes me sigh and shudder. She grins up at me, kisses the head of my penis and then takes the whole thing into her mouth.

I might have mentioned before, I’m not breaking any world records for size, but I’m a grower rather than a shower and that means that, with the right encouragement, there’s more to me than meets the eye. In this instance, for example, Helen releases me and smiles up at me.
“It’s bigger than I remember. And I paid a lot of attention to how you felt inside me.”
That causes my cock to twitch, which she’s amused by. She experiments with talking dirty, telling me how I’m a perfect fit for her pussy, how she loved the feel of me deep inside her, how she can’t wait to have me pump my cum deep into her again. Each comment gets a physical reaction from me. She keeps on talking, and now slides up to lay beside me so she can start stroking my cock and playing with the rest of me.
“I might get all brave,” she says “and catch your cum in my mouth!”.

It’s the best hand job I have ever had. She’s better than me, although this might be the cumulative effect of me not being able to dress up the way she has without feeling a bit odd. Nevertheless, she shows me how much she likes my cock by lavishing it with attention. Her hands, her lips, her tongue…and when she’s not licking or kissing the part of me that she’s not stroking, she’s talking about what she has planned. I don’t last much longer, and she watches with huge pride as I jet cum into the air and spatter my own chest with it.

While I clean up, and recover, we talk. I won’t bore you with the topic of conversation. The talk leads to cuddling, which leads to kissing, which leads to her nipples making their first appearance of the night as she frees her breasts from the basque. I pay them some very serious attention. They are pale, pink and very hard so I treat them carefully to start with and get rougher over time, graduating to tugging on them with my teeth. Helen lets me know how much she enjoys this and I’d do more of it but there’s something I’ve been wanting to do with her and now it’s my turn to slide my way down her body. Her panties are simple enough to remove, once she co-operates, and then I can kiss all the skin between her knees and her hips, closing on on my eventual target with maddening slowness. By the time I’ve got her thighs parted and her pussy bare, she’s actually impatient for me to lick her, something I’ve never managed to arrange before.

I’ve been thinking a lot about going down on Helen. I’ve said before, this isn’t something I’m good at but genuine desire and wanting my partner to have a good time seems to be helping my cunnilingus game. I make out with her cunt, listening for happy noises and waiting for her to tell me if it’s all going wrong. All I get are happy noises, so I start to focus on doing the things that get the happiest noises of all. It helps that, in all honesty, she tastes great and I’m really enjoying myself. Not just on a “making her feel good” level either. Going down on Helen is making me hard again. I’ve just noticed this when she grips my head and holds it very steady, so I don’t stop doing what I’m doing with my tongue on her clit and she cums – very suddenly, and judging by the shaking quite hard too. So, because I’m curious, I don’t stop. I do shift my attention, though, only to have it dragged right back to her clit. Fair enough. She cums again, quite quickly, and pulls me clear so we can kiss.

She’s also pleased to see I’m hard again. We’re in the process of working out what we want to do with my cock when her phone rings. Actually, it’s moved on a bit further than that. She’s on all fours, I’m inside her and we’re just starting to move when the phone rings. To my surprise, Helen looks at me over her shoulder, winks at me, and answers it. She’s moving against me as she starts speaking, so I start thrusting into her – loving the feeling of her cunt wrapping around my cock again, and very much looking forward to getting us both off in this position – and then she stops moving. Her tone of voice goes from trying to keep a straight face to calm and serious. I stop moving and slip out of her.

Our caller is Kate, and judging by Helen’s tone of voice all is not well. The call is short, and Helen explains: Kate has an on again off again boyfriend, a man that she can’t seem to quit despite him being a complete dick on a regular basis. Last weekend, they were off. Then they were on again, tonight he’s taken Kate out and pulled another girl in front of her. So Kate, in the space of an hour, has got completely shitfaced and needs a ride home. Can we interrupt proceedings to go rescue her?

Yes we can. Of course we can.

I dress. Helen changes. I drive her to find Kate, and wait with the car while she extracts her mate from a rather tatty club in the town centre. Kate is, to be kind, a sloppy mess. She’s not so drunk that I’m worried about her throwing up, but she’s drunk enough that she’s not making much sense and but is clearly very emotional. I drive her back to Helen’s place, and while Helen talks to Kate about what happened I make tea (we’re English, dammit, tea is the national response to any crisis). After she’s drunk that and revived a bit, I get floods of tearful apologies which I deal with by getting Kate some paracetamol and water for her eventual hangover and then I help Helen put Kate to bed. Helen sits with Kate for a while, to make sure she’s OK, and rejoins me. She asks if I want to stay the night, which I do, and we curl up in bed and watch a movie.

About half way through the movie, we decide that we have unfinished business and are getting to the “naked and about to start penetration” stage when we hear the unmistakable sounds of someone sprinting to the bathroom and throwing up. Which kills the mood somewhat. But at least I get to spend the night in Helen’s bed, with her naked beside me.


Helen gets up early to go for a run. This is an every morning thing, apparently, and she teases me that I should go with her. I decline, gracefully, and promise to meet her back in bed when she’s done. I’m puttering around in the kitchen, working out where everything is and vaguely thinking about heading home to change clothes, when Kate makes a tousled appearance. She’s feeling awful, partly thanks to the drink but partly because she’s sort of aware what she interrupted.

Kate apologises, in a roundabout way, but she’s too hung over so I end up looking after her. It’s not like I haven’t responded to break ups by making bad drinking choices myself, so I make sure she’s got water, tea and a bacon sandwich. Kate and I are making small talk when Helen comes back. She’s pleased to see us both up and around, although I get a small look of disappointment because I’m not waiting up stairs. Then Kate, who’s still not herself, announces that she’s going to have a bath and disappears upstairs.

So there’s me, in yesterday’s clothes, and there’s Helen, sweaty from a run and wearing mostly exercise clothes that do a lot to reveal her figure. I suggest that I need to go home and change, and maybe grab something for tomorrow – that gets a nod…yay! – and she needs a shower. So if she wants to come shower at mine, she can. Helen bolts upstairs, yells to Kate, and we’re out of the door and off to my place. Which, luckily, isn’t a mess.

My shower isn’t big enough for shower sex, but it *is* big enough for the both of us to soap each other up and wash each other off. It’s a great prelude to Helen deciding that we should make up for lost time and she bends over the foot of my bed, wiggles her arse in the air and, when I finally slide my cock into her (after a moment to get positioned correctly), she sighs deeply. We go slowly, because neither of us is in any hurry, and eventually Helen decides she wants to change positions. We end up on my bed, in good old fashioned missionary, kissing and touching until we both feel the need to cum, and then Helen puts a couple of fingers on her clit and I slide a pillow under her. We stop making love, and we start fucking. It lasts minutes and, at Helen’s insistence, I cum inside her. We shower again, separately, and change.

Helen isn’t playing fair, though. For one thing, her clothes are tight and revealing. She looks fantastic. Secondly, she keeps up a stream of sexy chatter as we get ourselves together. We talk about fantasies we’ve had, things we’d love to try, and then when we’ve managed to pull ourselves together, we head back to her place.

There’s a note on the front door, from Kate, saying she’s gone shopping.

Helen checks the house is indeed empty by calling Kate and asking her to come home with something specific. I don’t remember what, because Helen has her hand on my crotch and is massaging. I retaliate by cupping one of her breasts and squeezing slightly. We’re standing outside her front door at this point, and it’s the first indication I’ve had that she might have an exhibitionist streak. Once we get inside, she drops to her knees and unzips me. I close the door as she exposes my cock and takes it into her mouth. There is licking and kissing, and head bobbing, and I get progressively harder. She gets me to the point that I’m having trouble standing and then stands up, pecks me on the cheek and says “catch me!”.

It’s not really a fair race, and I do catch her. On the stairs. Which is where I pull down her leggings and knickers, parting her thighs and pressing between them. My intention is just to pin and part strip her, but I haven’t considered the angles and before either of us really realises it, I’m inside her – balls deep in moments – and the angle causes her to gasp in pleasure and give me a “what the wonderful fuck?!” look. Her cunt grips me like it’s never going to let go and all of a sudden it’s all about exploiting this moment. Helen is moaning and grabbing at me, trying to get me closer and deeper, and all I can think of is not stopping until she’s cum. Which she’s going to do pretty quickly, judging by the noise she’s making. I’m not far off myself, which is a surprise to me but shouldn’t be given how Helen’s cunt is treating my cock. We cum within moments of each other and end up collapsed on the stairs.
“Got to remember this for the future,” says Helen.

We’re dressed and decent by the time Kate gets back, but Helen is wearing something Kate indelicately refers to as a Freshly Fucked Grin. She approves, though. I’ll spare you all the domestic that happens next, although Helen is very tactile whenever I’m within reach and, when the three of us sit down to watch a movie, Helen sits basically all over me. The three of us eat dinner together too, and it turns out we’re a decent team in the kitchen.

**Saturday night**

What happens on Saturday night is entirely down to Kate. About half way through the evening, she asks Helen if she’s still allowed to play with me.
Helen thinks about this.
“For the moment, yes” she says “but only if you clear it with me first.”
This seems reasonable to me. Although how entertaining I can be after the last 24 hours is debatable.
“And are we still going to play together?” Well…that’s news. Not unexpected news, really. Again, Helen thinks.
“For the moment. As long as he knows.” Fair’s fair. Kate seems pleased too.
The conversation turns to the things we’ve done in the past and Kate asks me to elaborate on [the time I played Strip Trivial Pursuit](https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildstories/comments/40jy04/the_best_worst_threesome_ever_long/) which confirmed that she’d been reading my Reddit post history. I fleshed the story out some, much to Helen’s amusement, and then asked Kate when she and Helen had first slept together. It turned out that they’d ended up being dared to kiss at a University party and had enjoyed the experience so much they’d disappeared shortly afterwards to find out what else felt good. They’d been FWBs ever since.
“Want a demonstration?” asked Kate. Of course.

So I got to watch as Kate and Helen took over the couch and put on a show for me. Well, that’s how it started, but pretty quickly it was Kate and Helen making out with no sign at all that they knew I was there, which turned into Kate and Helen stripping one another and then finally Kate and Helen pulling each other to the floor and 69ing to their hearts’ content. Being a gentleman, I didn’t interrupt them. Being human, and definitely a spectator, I took the opportunity to stroke my cock to the sight of two attractive women pleasuring each other. Because how often do you get to do that without the aid of Pornhub?

Eventually, both having cum, they noticed me again. Both of them were apparently pleased that their fun had got me hard and they invited me to strip and join them. Right away I noticed a subtle change. Kate was checking for Helen’s approval before touching me, and although she was getting it, she wasn’t assuming. Interesting. What was more interesting was the attention they both paid me, with Kate stroking my cock while Helen licked and sucked the head. As I joined them on the floor, I decided to pay attention to Helen first and explored her pussy with my fingers. Seeing this, Kate switched attention to Helen’s breasts.

“You’ve got two hands” said Helen “so don’t leave Kate out…” I did my best to make sure Kate’s pussy got the same attention as Helen’s, leaving the ladies to occupy one another’s mouths and breasts. It’s not the easiest thing to manage, but I didn’t do too awfully. Eventually, though, I switched to going down on Helen while fingering Kate. My hand got pushed away and Kate disappeared, but on surfacing briefly I could see she’d decided to sit on Helen’s face. That’s a sight I won’t forget in a hurry. I’m also not going to forget the sounds. The hungry, wet kissing noises of two mouths on two sets of labia, the soft sighs and moans and my own deeper sounds of enjoyment (of all the pussy I’ve eaten, really, Helen’s is my favourite), the sounds of skin on skin and, best of all, Kate and Helen cumming again, within a minute of each other.

Things slowed down. Helen decided she wanted to show Kate what she could do with my cock, and Kate decided to show Helen a couple of things that she’d wanted to try. There were more boundaries established – Kate could definitely stroke and suck me, but when she moved to straddle me Helen looked stricken and Kate noticed, treating me to a brief tit-fuck instead. Helen then reclaimed her confidence by mounting me reverse cowgirl, impaling herself on me and bouncing happily while Kate sat back and played with her pussy appreciatively.

“He’s going to cum eventually,” said Helen “where shall we have him do that?”
Kate looked thoughtful.
“You love it in you” she said “and as much as I’d like him to cum on your tits so I can lick it off…”
Helen giggled. She climbed off me, gestured to Helen and said “Your turn.” Then she looked me in the eye. “Don’t cum in Kate,” she said “save it for my tits.”
My spidey-sense was tingling. I had the distinct impression that if I blew my load inside Kate it would be the last thing I did with either of them. However, this was easier said than done. I’d spent the evening sucking and fucking, and even given the fact that I’d cum more times in the previous 24 hours than I had for a really, really long time…I’m only human. When a woman who really wants a cock inside her gets what she wants, she expresses that by really enjoying herself and Kate got me perilously close to cumming in a minute or two. I let her know and we disentangled ourselves. I would have had a twinge of disappointment if I hadn’t seen the look in Helen’s eyes as she presented her tits to me and wrapped her hand around my cock to finish me off herself.

I was quite impressed with the amount I managed to produce. Kate evidently enjoyed it too, lapping my cum from her friend’s tits like it was a gourmet meal and she hadn’t eaten for days.

By mutual agreement, we cleaned ourselves up and retired to bed. There was kissing and touching, but mostly there was sleep.

So, what remains is domestic. You can stop reading here if you want.


Helen invited me into the kitchen for A Talk. I knew their leave was ending soon, and I sort of assumed that this would be a “goodbye and thanks for all the cum” talk. Instead, I got an explanation. Helen hadn’t realised how much she enjoyed being with me until the idea of Kate fucking me reared it’s head. Helen decided that she didn’t like that one little bit. Last night had been a watershed moment for her, and she tentatively asked whether I might consider her and me becoming A Thing.
I asked if that was like being boyfriend and girlfriend and she thumped me. She’s got a mean right hand, but the answer was yes. An actual relationship.

Here’s the thing. I really like the woman. So I said yes. Sooner or later she’s going to get deployed somewhere scary, but we’ll deal with that if it happens and in the meantime, we live close enough to each other to make a go of things without being in each others’ pockets. We’ve set rules: Kate is the only other person in our lives, never without the other knowing, never without the other present. We already know that’s not going to happen often, but there’s always the possibility, and it’ll only be when Kate is single.

So. An intense week. And honestly, all really is well that ends well.

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