Hello Again. I have yet another experience to share that happened the other night. We Have 2 Other lesbian couples that we have been friends with for a few years now. Me and Natalie are madly in love but we are okay with each other having sex with others if we are both present in the general area and know what is going on. So about once a month we all get together and have sex. Me and our friends are all pretty kinky and into bdsm so the sex at these parties is awesome. Because of scheduling we haven’t all got together in a few months sadly but we are starting up again.

Last night we all met at a friends house. Natalie made me strip first in front of everyone to show my belt off. She had already told them about it over the phone so it didn’t surprise them much. they all laughed and said how good I looked in it. One off my friends who I will call Emma has also started playing with chastity the same time I did so she was also locked up with me.
Though Emma is also new to chastity she isn’t as extreme as me and gets to have 1 orgasm a week. Anyway Natalie and the others decided to tie both of us up in chairs and be forced to watch the others as they fucked. we both probably watched the four of them for about 2 hours while they all had orgasm after orgasm.

Once they finished they untied us and made me lie in me back on the floor. they tied me up then made Emma lie on top of me with our faces looking at each other and tied us together. They mocked us saying it must be so hard to not be in a position to cum after seeing them play with each other for so long and said we looked like beautiful horny sluts. It was so amazing being teased while me and Emma where so tightly tied together. They just left us alone to go up to bed to have more sex while me and Emma where tied there.

We where both so horny that we just had an intense make out session for a while. In about 30-45 minutes the others came out and laughed at us as we where kissing and just sat around a watched us for a few minutes. Natalie and the others untied us and then said it was our turns to get some fun.

Since Emma could cum once a week she was lucky to be able to have a chance to cum. They took her belt off and Natalie brought out the strapon-ball gag she bought the week before and tied it to me. She asked if I would like to help my fellow chastity slut have a much needed orgasm. the others grabbed Emma`s legs and spread her open. they didn’t let me penetrate her right away but had me tease her outer lips for a while. It was so beautiful to see her face and hear her moans as I teased her very frustrated pussy. She moaned so much once I finally was aloud to move it in. I watched as the shaft slowly went into her cunt and the others all laughed as I started moving my head back and forth. Emma was so ready to cum that in less than two minutes they made me stop so she wouldn’t go ever her edge.

They made me lie on my back and led Emma over my face and had her squat down till her pussy lips where just touching the end of the strap-on. They asked her if she would like to cum on my face in front of them all to which she quickly said yes in such a hot needy voice. She went all the way down on the strap-on and bounced for a while before begging her mistress to cum. She was denied a few more times before she was allowed to have her orgasm. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever as every one cheered her on. once she finished they removed my gag and asked her if she had anything to say to me. Emma crawled up to me and thanked me for helping her cum and gently kissed me.
She asked Natalie if she could Play with my pussy to help me have a tiny bit of relief since I hadn’t been touched at all through the night. Natalie asked me if I would like to have Emma rub my pussy a bit. She told me though that if Emma rubbed me Emma would also have to give me some pain afterwards. I was so horny I agreed. they took my belt off me and felt pleasure just from the air against my finally freed pussy. Emma moaned when she saw it and told me it looked so sore. she kissed me and told me she was sorry she couldn’t rub me till I cum. Her fingers felt so good as she rubbed me gently for a minute or two. Natalie stopped her as I was starting to get to my edge and said it was time to hurt me.

She got her purse out and got something out of it. She smiled at me and said that she was planning on using this the next time I needed to be punished but that since I agreed to pain she we use it now. Natalie then found what she was looking for and pulled out some icy hot cream. and handed it to Emma to put on my pussy.

Emma said she was sorry again before she spread it on the outside of my pussy. lets just say it isn’t fun…

Natalie then led me over and one by one had me lick her and our other 3 friends who weren’t in chastity to orgasm while my lady bits where burning nonstop while Emma had to do the same thought without her pussy burning. when we finished it was time to go. Natalie put the belt back on me as everyone watched and called me a slut. Emma told me again sorry I couldn’t cum and kissed me once more. I could tell she wanted to make me cum and I guess Natalie did to because she told Emma that in the next party we where having in a few weeks she would let her give me my monthly orgasm.

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