It’s the middle of winter at the moment, and seeing as I’m a meat popsicle who relies on stealing warmth from other humans, I climbed on top of my boyfriend to warm myself up. I slipped my panties off so I could feel the warmth of his crotch against my pussy and then resumed our conversation. I had just admitted that the thought of him fucking another woman turned me on.

I told him how I wanted to be tied up, blindfolded and have a gag drenched in alcohol shoved in my mouth and for him to ravage this sluts pussy with his mouth and then have her straddle my bound body while she whispers how lucky she is to receive such a plump cock in her ass. She’d then get plowed by his raging hard on to have him finish in her delightfully tight ass. Before long, I felt myself grinding against his hardening cock, pressing into my clit. Suddenly, he shifted his cock and spread my lips apart to accommodate his arrival into my very welcoming pussy.

I love the look he makes when he slides his throbbing dick inside. He shows me a pleasurable expression and I can’t help but blush. I decided to take charge from here after seeing such an erotic face. Admittedly, it made me a bit overzealous. I gave him a cheeky smile and began to move my hips up and down, nice and slow, picking up the pace after teasing him up. I clenched my pussy and rode his cock faster until he let out a breathy moan and grabbed my ass nice and tight. I knew he was about to blow his load, so as he struggled to get a condom from the drawer, I decided to pump and milk his dick with everything I had. He propped me up and hurriedly put on the condom. He tsk’d at me and said “Naughty” with a playful grin. Admittedly, I knew he wouldn’t cum inside me unless he wanted to, he has an ungodly amount of willpower.

He shoved his cock back inside and I began riding him like a jockey rides a horse. My sopping pussy wasn’t done with this meaty cock until I saw my milky prize. He came so much it covered his whole dick white.

I slid off his cock and let him ravage my pussy with his mouth. His tongue danced around my clit, flicking, licking and sucking all the right places that only a true expert of my pussy would know where to find. He likes to tease me but I’m impatient when I know a good orgasm is inches away from my grasp, so I grabbed a tuft of his hair and shoved his deliciously glistening face deeper into my pussy to deliver enough pressure to cum hard and loud. As he looked at my euphoric expression he kissed me deeply, his lips smelling of our sex and my juices. I voluntarily licked his lips and his mouth to get that sweet taste of pussy.

As we broke our kiss he tells me “You’ve gotten me hard again.” Surprised but flattered, I give him a grin. He insisted I take care of it with my mouth, so I happily obliged. I fingered my pussy and showed him my sticky fingers. He quickly took my fingers in his mouth but I shot him a frown and said “This juice is meant for your cock!”. He laughed as I pouted while covering the tip of his cock with my love juice. I enveloped his yummy cock and worked my magic until I had him grabbing my hair and forcing his dick deeper down my throat until he blew his load in my mouth. I swallowed every last drop.

My pervy voyeur of a boyfriend took these pictures of me cleaning myself up. “For the ‘fans'” he said. It’s a bit of a tease, but it helps balance out the cock to pussy detail I put in. (I tend to over describe his yummy penis aha)

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