A few days later, I had planned to work from home that day and I woke up with morning wood. In a mischievous mood, I texted Alice:

Me: “Why aren’t you here? I need somewhere to cum…”

Her: “I’m at the gym!”

Me: “Then come here after. I’ll send you home with my cum leaking the way you like it.”

Her: “I have a 10 am class.”

Me: “Come here *straight* after the gym. Then go home or to class.”

Her: “But I’ll be all sweaty!”

Me: “Good, I’ll just make you even more sweaty. I want to send you home with my cum leaking into your panties…”

Her: “That would be pretty hot…”

Her: “Ok. I’ll be there about 9.”

When she arrived she was wearing black and pink gym shoes, pale pink lycra yoga pants and a bright pink cropped shirt over a sports bra. And her hair was in pigtails. Pigtails! She looked like someone’s 14 yo little sister.

As before, as soon as she was through the door I grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against the wall as I kissed her. I spun her around to face the wall, and reached into the back of her yoga pants and underwear to feel that she was already a little wet. I worked two fingers into her cunt and then used one to tease her ass.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” I asked as I unbuttoned my fly with my other hand. “Yes sir” she replied. The “sir” became a hiss of pleasure/pain as I pushed the finger that had been teasing her ass in to the first knuckle, then the second, then all the way.

I took my fingers out of her cunt and ass and my hand out of her yoga pants as I spun her back to face me. I made her lick my fingers clean and then she watched as I took out my cock, half hard. “Then impress me,” I said and she immediately sank to her knees.

Had she been practicing? Or just thinking about how to please me? She basically did everything the way I liked it. Deepthroated as long as she could. Then sucked the head and maintained eye contact. Then licking the shaft and looking at it and me before devouring me down her throat again. I started to use her pigtails as handles as I fucked her too-young-looking face.

Eventually, when I started to get too close, I pulled her up from her knees by her hair and throat and again pushed her against the wall, face-first. “Stay” I commanded. I stepped back, took off my belt and made it a noose around her neck, with the long end used to tie her hands high behind her back. The length of belt between the noose and her hands made a convenient “handle” for directing her into my living room.

As before, I bent her over my kitchen table. I pulled her yoga pants down to mid thigh and then knelt down and slapped both asscheeks hard, which prompted a gorgepus little yelp. I spread her asscheeks with both my hands and then devoured her cunt and ass – licking, sucking, and tongue-fucking her clit, cunt and asshole – with an occasional break to slap her asscheeks until there were perfect red handprints on both of them. Through it all she said nothing, just moaned and yelped and breathed very loudly. Towards the end, I put one lubed-up thumb all the way in her ass and moved it around while my other hand held a cheek open and my mouth concentrated on her increasingly wet cunt and swollen clit.

When I’d had enough play, in one movement I stood up, entered her cunt and pulled the choke belt back so her torso was lifted off the table and my mouth was at her right ear. “Missed me?” I asked.

“Yes sir,” she moaned.

Then, as I worked up a rhythm in her cunt, using the belt as both a “fucking handle” for leverage and as a mild choke rope: “Please Sir, can you,” she coughed through the choking, “can you, can you take me both ways like you did before? Back and forth?” she asked, her tone an intoxicaticating mix of meekness, lust and shame.

I chuckled. “Reallly?” I asked as I pulled out of her cunt, slid some lube on my cock and lined up with her ass, “You want this in your ass?”

“Yes!” she shouted, almost commanded, as my cock entered her ass. “Yes. Yes. Yes,” she chanted with each thrust as I pushed further in, eventually to the hilt.

“So, little *whore*, where’s my cock?” I asked. She just moaned. So Islapped her ass, hard. “Where. (Slap!). Is. (Slap!). My. (Slap!). Cock? (Slap!)”

“In my ass! In my ass Sir” She yelled, just as I pulled out and shoved my cock back in her dripping wet pussy.

Her moan was astonishing, a mix or relief and pleasure and disappointment and self-loathing and lust.

“Where is it?!?”

“My pussy.”

“You don’t have a pussy slut, you have a CUNT! Now try again, where’s my cock now?”

“In my cunt!”


“My cunt.”

“Good girl. Now, call it as I change, and if I have to ask again, I’m going to find my riding crop, understood?”

“Yes Sir.”

And then, for quite some time…



“Oh god, ass.”

“Ugh, ah, cunt.”




“… cunt…”

By then I was ready to cum. I executed one last switch to her ass, pulled her up to me by the choke belt and grunted in her ear, “This. Is. What. You. Are. Just holes. For me. To CUM. INNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!! Take it you little whore, take it all.”

Through all that, Alice was *giggling* uncontrollably. Laughing and squeeling and coughing from the choke belt, which I’ll admit I probably pulled too hard as I came. She never really came in an obvious way, but I think that was her cute, sick little version of an orgasm.

When I’d emptied my balls inside her ass and caught my breath, I untied her hands, pulled out quickly – to a delicious whimper of mixed pain and disappointment from her – swidtly pulled up her yoga pants and stepped back to lean against the wall.

“And now I believe you have a clean up job to do young lady,” I scolded her as she looked back at me with this petulent half-glaring, half-admiring look.

She immediately got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth, licking me clean.

“I just came a river in your ass!” I exclaimed, looking down at her angelic face as she licked my cock clean.

“I know! I can feel it!” she smiled, with a disturbingly girlish enthusasim as she held my cock and looked up at me. She reached into the back of her yoga pants and pulled out her hand, a glob of my cum starting to drip from my fingers. “See!” she said, smiling, just before she slurped up the mess from her hand and went back to sucking me.

If I’d been ten years younger, that alone would have been enough to get me back to fully hard and cum again right there and then…

When her mouth became too much for my 6sensitive post-orgasm cock, I pushed her away and lent against the wall to recover.

She looked at her phone. “Shit!” she said, “I have to go now if I’m going to get home to have a shower before I go to class!”

“Go to class like that!” I suggested as I walked her to my door, “I’d love to imagine you sitting in your stats leture with my cum slowly dripping out of you.”

“Not a chance!” she taunted, as she skipped out my door, jogging to her car looking to all the world like an innocent, naive young girl on her way home from a run or the gym…

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