Two nights ago i fired up tinder for the first time in about a year and a half. i was just brutally rejected by a man i cared deeply for, and more importantly, wanted to get fucked by desperately.

I spent an hour or two and found someone willing to meet me for a drink and then go back to the apartment where i was staying—belonging to the man who turned me down—to fuck my face and leave. I basically wanted to be used sexually the way that man used me emotionally, and now refuses to put his cock inside me.

My tinder math wanted to talk too much for what i intended, but he was able to provide exactly what i asked for in the end.

he took off his pants and stood over me, my head tilted backward and resting on the backrest of the couch. he put the tip of his cock on my lips, i opened up and he pushed his flaccid cock to the back of my mouth. i sucked hard, feeling his cock stiffen and extend down the back of my throat. he pushed in further as i gagged.

i put my hands on the backs of his thighs and encouraged him to thrust. he grabbed my head with both hands and held my face firm while he fucked my face.

i wish he would have called me a slut and degraded me, but it was almost as good to hear his genuine and sincere praise for how well i take the cock. i’ve had a lot of practice and fucked a lot of men, but i usually play with my own asshole.

i didn’t really dig the face fucking this guy gave me. i think he was too practiced in BDSM; i like a partner to be blown away at how enthusiastically i worship their cock. the man i really wanted could hardly last three strokes the first time i gagged on his dick. i just want to make a man lose his shit and cum down my throat while i choke and gag and tears roll down my face.

my tinder match asked if there was anything he could do for me. i hadn’t planned on it, but i asked him to fuck me in the ass, and he obliged.

i took a moment to go clean myself out so we could do this the right way. i like the way a douche feels in my ass before i let it go, it’s like the opposite of a load of hot cum. too bad fucking strangers means condoms, because a man having an orgasm inside me is my favorite feeling in the world.

i came out of the bathrooms lubed up and ready to go. he could not believe how good i was at taking cock in my ass. i prefer it to the pussy for casual sex, to be honest. he fucked me hard laying down on the couch, and also standing up. i can’t remember too many specifics but i was screaming with pleasure. it has been part of my fantasy progression for a long time now—first fucked in the face and ass by one man, then fuck two men at the same time and get dp-ed in all the possible combinations, then three guys to fill all the holes, then five guys to gangbang me.

i actually want to text him right now for a dp, i’ll update with details if people want to hear about it.

the only thing i could have asked for differently would be to have a guy who had an easier time getting off, because i really need to feel throbbing and twitching cock to take me over the edge. so i didn’t have an orgasm that night, and i’ve been really really worked up ever since.

next time i set up a tinder date i’m going to try to get two guys to show up and both take me home. i hope it’s a little rough, i like to feel like i might not have a choice when i get fucked by strangers. i don’t have the choice to fuck the man i really want to fuck, so maybe i don’t have much choice but to do this either.

let me know if you like my story, and if i should keep being a slut 🙂

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