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Her name was Jenny, and I had a raging crush on her. It was pretty strange that I liked her so much, because my other head normally points towards people with average size tits, but Jenny was an A cup. She was short, Chinese, outgoing, but I think it was her face that did it for me. Her face was HOT. Wide, curious eyes and a lovely smile.

We both share a love of filming short films. We had agreed to meet up with another friend, Amanda, and bring to life a script I had written. Amanda would be extremely late, but she had the camera, so I went to Jenny’s house. Her parents weren’t home, which would prove to be highly beneficial. I arrived and she was wearing yoga pants which showcased her cute little ass and lovely legs, and unbuttoned flannel with a tank top beneath. Not much effort, but sexy as hell. After a little, we both sat on her couch and continued watching VGHS (A cheesy but surprisingly good webseries). As the show went on, we ended up moving closer and closer without realizing it. Eventually, we were uncomfortably close. And that’s right when the scene where Brian and Jenny start making out in the closet came on. We were sitting there, super close, each a bit awkward, with intense kissing on the screen. I turned to look at Jenny – her eyes were filled with a kind of reserved curiosity. I leaned in, and after waiting a moment, kissed her.

It was intense and passionate. We began making out. Nothing cute here – just a horny guy intensely kissing an equally horny girl. I took off her flannel and ran my hands up and down her body for a moment. We were both slightly nervous but turned on. After a brief pause, I took off my shirt and continued kissing her.

She laid down on the couch and I was on top of her, the both of us furiously exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. I had no doubt she could feel my erection pressing into her through my shorts. I felt a wetness near her pussy and broke the kiss to touch it with my hand.

She looked at me, with an intense horniness in her eyes. I grabbed her yoga pants and pulled them off. She was wearing black panties underneath, somewhat damp from our kissing. I threw my shorts to the side, now only clad in my boxers with my erection clearly visible.

We exchanged gentle kisses, and I slid my hands into her panties slowly. She moaned, eyes closed, and involuntarily arched her back when I put my finger in her pussy. I gently kept fingering her, and her moans became consistent. As she neared orgasm, she stopped me.

She looked right at me, and with a look of daring in her eyes, she pulled off her tank top. Now my eyes were drawn to her black bra. “Keep going”, I said. She looked a little apprehensive and took off her bra.

I began sucking her nipples, which she evidently enjoyed. She kept arching her back and sighing in pure pleasure. After a minute of this, she stopped me again, and pulled off my boxers.

There my soldier stood, at attention, with a little bit of precum already. She seemed in awe. I’m not that long, at about 5.5″, but her eyes were wide with curiosity. She pushed my erect dick down, and it sprung up. She giggled “It’s like a spring!”. She started stroking it gently. “Does that feel good?” she asked. In between moans, I told her it was wonderful. She began stroking faster and faster, and I stopped her, not wanting to cum so soon.

I pulled off her panties, and I saw her beautiful pussy. I thought back to some porn I had saw, and began eating her out. She went absolutely crazy with pleasure. As I explored her pussy with my tongue, she was writhing with pleasure and moaning much louder with before. I was lucky no one was home because she was very loud. When she came, her whole body shook and she moaned and yelled my name.

Then she sat up: “It’s your turn now” she said with a mischievous smile. She began sucking my dick. She wasn’t the greatest, but for my first time, I was in heaven. She was super into it, even sucking my balls at one point.

My dick came out of her mouth with a slight pop. She looked at it admiringly. “I wish I could fuck you, but I don’t have any protection”. Luckily, I did. My friend Will lent me a few condoms just for shits and giggles, but now it was coming in handy.

I opened the package and wrapped my package. She laid down on the couch. “You ready?” I said. “Fuck me” she said. I entered her pussy slowly, and I moaned. She was so tight.

Her face was scrunched up. “Wait move slower”. After a little, she said “ok, slowly start”. After a little, she got used to it, and was moaning really hard. I was in heaven. I was moaning, thrusting, and saying her name in ecstasy. I began rubbing her nipples, which seemed to send her over the edge. She orgasmed, shaking and quivering.

My one-eyed milkman was ready to deliver. I increased my pace and started moaning louder and louder. I came incredibly hard.

We laid down, cuddling and kissing for a long while.

The door suddenly opened. It was Amanda!! “Hey guys sorry I’m so late I had to – ”

She stopped, seeing the both of us completely naked on the couch. She yelped and covered her eyes. We hurriedly got dressed, but she had no idea she would become involved in our sexual adventures as well in the future.

EDIT: removed my nonexistent second shirt

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