I have this female coworker. She is new to her position in the company, so I have been training her. We work in different locations in opposite parts of the state but since we have the same position in our locations I have to show her how to do the job. We mostly talk through text and email but have met up a few times. She’s a little younger than me (she’s 24 and I’m 30). She has a very athletic build, skinny but toned. She always works in blue jeans with a 3/4 sleeve top, wears flats and keeps her dark hair in a ponytail. She also has a tattoo on her arm that goes from her wrist up underneath her sleeve. I kind of get a punk rock vibe from her. She is definitely attractive, but I hadn’t given it much thought beyond that. She is married to a serviceman, but according to her it’s for convenience, not love. They basically have an open marriage.

Last week I went to another location to perform an audit that would take a couple days. I asked her to come so that she could learn from watching me and could help me complete the audit and she happily agreed. We agreed to meet there at 10AM and I arranged our hotel rooms for the night. Everything went normal. We completed what we could, decided to call it a day and went to the hotel.

We checked in and went to our rooms, getting in around 5PM. I changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and around 6PM I text her to see if she wanted to go eat. She said no thanks, that she wanted to workout in the hotel gym and take a shower, and would get something to eat later. So, I go grab some food and come back to the room.

Around 8PM she sends me a text. “What room are you in? I’m so bored.”

“818,” I replied.

“OK. I’m gonna come hang out.” In about 15 minutes I hear her knocking on the door, so I go answer it, open the door and…she was smoking hot! Her hair was down to her shoulders and wavy, like she had washed it and let it air dry, but it was still a little wet. She was wearing a fitted white cap sleeve v-neck shirt, that the cleavage from her small round breasts peaked out of and a tight skirt that only went down about mid-thigh, and some strapped heels that made her about two inches taller. Her arm tattoo actually went all the way up to her shoulder and the whole look seemed more tropical/bohemian, I guess, than punk rock. It was so sexy.

“Are you planning on going out,” I asked her.

“No, but I work too damn hard on this body not to dress up sometimes,” she replied. “Will you fix me a drink?” I had mentioned to her that I normally travel with a bottle of Scotch.

“Sure,” I replied. “Grab a couple of glasses from the shelf. I already have a bucket of ice.” She kicks off her heels and walks over to the shelf. She stretches up on her toes to reach the glasses and I get I good look at her ass in that tight skirt. “Fuck,” I say soundlessly. I pour our drinks and offer her the chair, but she takes the bed and I sit in the chair. She faces me legs crossed and drinks.

We talk for a while, go through a couple glasses of scotch. By this time she is still propped up but has her legs on the bed, knees pointed out with her feet under her butt. The conversation has gotten very flirtatious talking about relationships and sex. She keeps leaning towards me and I know she knows I can see down her shirt. She gets off the bed and says, “I have to write something down before I forget it,” while she walks over to the desk. She bends down, butt pointing right at me and starts writing something. Her skirt rises up some and now I can see the bottom curve of her butt beneath the hem. And that’s when she does it. She slowly starts to wiggle her butt side to side.

She is seducing me, I realize. It’s working too, because I am very hard. I determine that she isn’t writing anymore, only pretending and waiting for me. So I get up and walk up behind her, knowing that if I am wrong, this could be how my career ends. Without a word, I place my hand on the inside of her thigh and slowly slide it up. She doesn’t stop me, she just wiggles a little. I make my way up to her panties and can feel the warmth and the moisture coming from her pussy. I give her ass a squeeze, then pull down her panties. She leans over the desk more, widening her legs and giving me access. I kiss her thighs on the way back up but stop when my mouth is within inches of her cunt. I can smell her… I want to taste her, so I start to lick, and nibble and suck.

“Oh yes…” she whimpers breathily. “Right there… YES.” She can’t stop wiggling. All of the sudden she stands up, turns around and hops onto the desk. She spreads her legs, grabs my head by my hair and pulls me back to her. I keep licking more intensely. “Oh fuck,” she cries as she gropes my hair with both hands. I keep going until she says, “Fuck me. I want you to fuck me,” like she can’t wait any longer.

I stand and she quickly unbuttons and unzips my shorts while I push them and my boxers down to the floor, my cock springing towards her. She grabs it and guides me into her. I go in as deep as I can and she gasps. Wrapping her arms around me tightly with her head on my shoulder, I start pumping in and out her her hard and fast as she alternates between crying the words “oh,” “fuck” and “yes.” She wraps her legs around me and I pick her up in the air and pin her against the wall, fucking up into her while she keeps her balance by bracing her hand and forearm on my shoulders and my arms wrapped tightly around her lower back.

“Take me to the bed. I want to ride your cock,” she commands. I carry her to the bed, falling back so she lands on top of me. She pulls her shirt off and throws it to the floor, leaving her skirt and bra still on. She slides back down on me and rocks back and forth on me, fast and hard while gripping on my shoulders. I reach up and unsnap her bra, letting her tits spring free. She pulls it off and leans back, planting a hand on my thigh while arching her back, then leans forward again and places her hands on my chest, squeezing my pecks. She pulls my shirt off over my head and throws it down, then gets up to take off her skirt. She turns around, gets back on top and starts riding me reverse cowgirl. Watching her ass slap down on me as she fucked me drove me wild. I was gripping her ass, clawing at it, spanking it, holding her hips as she bounced up and down on me.

I rolled her over onto her hands and knees, gripped her hip with one hand while I shoved my cock back inside of her with the other. I pounded her as hard as I could from behind, going as deep as possible. “Oh fuck yeah. Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me like a little slut,” she cried. The words sent me over the edge and when I felt her shaking, I knew she was cumming as she buried her head in the pillow to scream.

“I’m about to cum,” I warned her so she could tell me what to do. She quickly spun around and popped my cock in her mouth and started to suck it while stroking viciously when she pulls back to catch her breath.

“Cum for me. Cum for me. Give me that cum, baby,” she begged and put me back in her mouth. I erupted like a water hose in her mouth and she didn’t break away. She took it all in and opened her mouth below the head of my cock to milk out the rest of my cum and let it dribble into her mouth. She licked off the last little bit and then kissed the tip before getting up and going into the bathroom where she spit it out and washed out her mouth in the sink.

She came back and laid down in the bed next to me, still naked. “That was so much fun. I can’t believe we just fucked. It was so great.”

“Yeah, that was incredible,” I said, still trying to fathom what had just happened.

“Well, I’m going to go back to my room. Thanks for letting me come (she emphasized the word). I’ll see you in the morning.” She put her clothes back on and left. I went to look at the paper she had written on. She had written, “JUST FUCK ME ALREADY!”

She kept toying with me the next day. She would squeeze by me, making sure to rub my dick with her butt. She bit her lip at me a couple times when we were alone and even grabbed my crotch a couple times. She would send me texts like, “I fingered myself to sleep last night thinking about how we fucked,” and “I’m so sore, I can barely walk.” And my favorite, “Do you think we can have lunch in your hotel room before checkout time? I have something I know you want to eat.”

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