This actually happened recently within the span of a few months ago. I got off at work at 4 as usual, but since my mother was in town, I had let her borrow my car. She came to pick me up and we proceeded to go to a family gathering. When we arrived I grabbed a drink from being dead tired and took a few minutes to adjust before greeting everyone. Given that I had lived away from my mother for a year at this point, I in my drunken state decided that I would go back with her to spend some time. As we got in late on account of it being about a 2 hour drive and stopping at my place so I could get some clothes and such, I knocked out in the car, woke up to go inside the house, and crashed on the couch until fairly late into the afternoon.

As I was lounging around, my mom told me that she was inviting my sister and brother-in-law, and that they were bringing our friend who is about 5 months pregnant at this point. She got knocked up being some assholes sidechick, and of course, he’s a dickweed and doesn’t call or reach out to her. My sister and I tried to convince her to have an abortion, as she is 25 and the father is a dipshit. Maybe some of you don’t agree with abortion, but I am pragmatic. In the end, her mom found out and them being Mexican and Catholic, wouldn’t let her daughter do it and threatened to disown her. We decided to respect her decision and are still great friends.

For reference, my friend is 25, about 5’2 and a petite girl, usually having small B’s, but due to pregnancy, they have engorged up to large C/small D. I am 27, 6’3 and a big dude, not fat big, just linebacker big.

So, they arrive and we are all chatting and smoking weed (No judgement about pregnancy and weed, please, respect personal decisions) and having a good time. We eat dinner and have some drinks with the exception of my friend. Afterwards, my sister says she doesn’t want to have to bring our friend home because she’s tired and our friend lives about 20 miles north past my sister’s 13 to get home. My mother suggest that our friend spends the night, asking me if it was ok because we would have to share the living room. In my inebriated state, I didn’t think anything of it and said sure. So we pulled the mat out for my friend and I set up the couch for myself.

Juicy bit line

I feel it adds to this story to mention previous to this section, I had no intention of having sex that night, but things happen

As I prepare to knock out, my mother says good night and does something unusual. She completely shuts her door. This never happens and at the time, I didn’t think anything of it. My friend starts chatting with me, so I move from the couch onto the mat. We continue talking and laughing when she starts complaining about her stomach hurting. Me being a good friend started rubbing her belly to soothe her, and then things changed.

She started making pleasure sounds and my male instincts kicked in. My hands started expanding the rub range. I got just a bit higher and started to massage the area around her breasts and a little bit lower to rub the area just under her pajama short. With moans increasing, I began to put my growing erection against her thigh and touching her tits and rubbing the outer lips of her pussy. We were trying to stay as quiet as possible, how successful we were, I don’t know. We eventually got into a spooning position with me rubbing and fingering her pussy and her stroking my rock hard cock. She cums and once she calms down she gives me the go ahead and tells me to stick it in. My immediate thought was that since she was pregnant, I could go raw and I did because she can’t get pregnant! As we began fucking, we stayed on the side so I was entering her from behind, kissing her neck and ear and rubbing her clit as I was pounding her.

Now, I should mention that this is not the first time we had sex. She decided to fuck me as a birthday present a few years back, but man she was way tighter this time. I was a little too big for her last time, but we had no problems now. We eventually turned over and I began fucking her from the top. I just kept going and going, feeling on the edge of cumming until she started biting my ear. I unloaded straight into her, I felt like my balls were being drained of all life. After I came once to her four, I pulled out and she went to the restroom to clean up while I used a wet paper towel to rub my groin down. She came back to the mat and we fell asleep cuddling.

A few times during the night, I woke up to a hard dick and her wet pussy grinding on me, so we fucked a few more times where she came but I didn’t. She said that we would fuck more once everyone left the house for errands the next morning. We woke up before everyone else and we played with each other for a while while we woke up. I smoked a bowl to try to cover the smell of sex up. We went back to sleep and slept on opposite sides of the mat so we weren’t suspicious. No one said anything once everyone was up and left for errands. Unfortunately, my friend was having major stomach pains and wasn’t interested in having sex, so we got dressed and I drove her home.

She is due fairly soon now, but once the baby is born and she’s healed up, I hope to be fucking her again!

Edit: I didn’t realize how many moral crusaders browse a subreddit for getting off. I have told my friend not to smoke but at the end of the day, she doesn’t listen just like with the abortion option. I know a losing battle and I rarely see her, its not at the forefront of my mind. When I said no judgement, I meant to leave it out of the comments, because I just knew it would be a point of contention. I was concerned with retelling the story faithfully, not catering to your fantasy.

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