Note: This is my first story ever, so please be gentle.

My ex-step niece, Brooke (no blood relation at all and not her real name) was staying with me shortly after she turned 18. It all started one day when I was walking back to use the bathroom. When I got there the door was mostly closed, except for about a half inch crack. I can hear her in the bathroom, so I go to knock on the door when I look into the crack and see her standing there in front of the mirror naked and rubbing lotion on her skin. Just for reference she is about 5’8”, 130 lbs, b cup, shaved. Her hands are running repeatedly over her tits and all I can do is stare and watch. All I can get myself to do is watch her, because what I was seeing was simply amazing. While I am watching, I am also getting turned on by the show she is putting on. She then wraps her towel around her body, and I quickly leave to my bedroom and relief myself.

A few days later I am watching I am grabbing a drink from the fridge and she walks about behind me and attempts to give me a wet willy. As she tries to give me the wet willy I wrap her up in my arms, her back against my chest. This was nothing new from her, this was a “game” that occurred many times when she was younger, so I thought nothing of it at first. A few seconds into having her wrapped up she is squirming try to get away and my hands are rubbing up and over her tits. I can feel her nipples start to get hard underneath my hands (she didn’t have a bra on). I move my hands down away from her tits (trying to be respectful), and she starts to grind her ass against my cock. I am starting to get hard from this, so I let her go. I didn’t want her to know that she was turning me on so much.

Later that same day I am walking by the bathroom as she is leaving it from her shower. She is in just her towel and gets behind me and flicks me in my ear. I say that she gets a pass because she is in her towel. She does it again. As I grab for her, which I completely missed her, her towel drops to the floor in front of me giving me a great view of her perky tits and shaved pussy. I stare at her exposed body for what seems like minutes, but was only seconds until she bends down and picks up her towel and wraps it around her body again.
I quickly leave the area and go to the fridge and grab a beer. As I am closing the fridge she comes up behind me again and flicks my ear. Instinctively I quickly turn around and grab her and pull her in close, not realizing that she is still in her towel. As I bring her into my chest, she starts to grind her ass against my cock. She squirms some and hand ends up going in the opening of the towel onto her tit. She stops squirming, but keeps grinding her ass against me. I then squeeze her perfect tit, and pinch her nipple. She lets out a moan.

Brooke then says to me, “That feels so good, don’t stop.”

As I am playing with her nipple, I reach with my other hand for her pussy. I start to rub her clit and her moaning increases.

I let go of her, turn her around, look at her body quickly, pull her in and we start to make out. After a few seconds of this, I pick her up and set her down on the edge of the counter. I drop to my knees, push her legs apart and start to lick her clit. As she is bucking her hips and moaning, she is running her hands through my hair. I can feel her getting close to cumming, so I insert a finger into her tight wet pussy. This immediately puts her over the edge and causes her to cum on my face. As she is cumming her pussy is clamping down hard onto my finger. All I was thinking is “damn her pussy is tight”
I stand up, she pulls me in and we start to make out again. She then wraps her legs around me, I pick her up and carry her into my bedroom and drop her down onto the bed. I quickly take my clothes off, then crawl in between her legs, kissing up her body as I go.
I take the tip of my cock and rub it up and down her pussy lips.

Brooke starts to beg me to enter her.

I start to push my cock into her, and I cannot believe how tight she is. A couple of slow pull backs and push ins and I am fully inside of her. Her eyes are rolling back in her head and she is loudly moaning as I am thrusting in and out of her.

After a few minutes of me on top, I push her legs up beside me, and roll over so that she is now on top. Keeping my cock in her the entire time. With her on top I reach up and pinch and pull on her nipples. She lets out such a loud moan, that I am surprised the neighbors didn’t ask about it later. Her body starts to shake and I know that she is cumming again.

I then grab her hips and start to thrust up as she is moving down on my cock. After a few thrust she cums again on my cock. She falls on top of me and asks me to get back on top.

We roll back off, and I continue to thrust into her. I tell her that I am getting close to cumming and that I am going to pull out. She wraps her legs around me and says to cum inside of her, that she wants to feel me fill her pussy with my cum. After hearing that I instantly shoot my load into her and collapse on top of her.

We kiss some, then I roll off her, my cum running out of her pussy.

She rolls over lays her head on my chest and says “That was amazing, I’ve wanted you in me for so long.”

We both feel a sleep shortly after.

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