Years and years ago there used to be this website called Thedirty it was basically this trash website that people called other people sluts and whores on and it was organized by area. Hell it may still be a website. I successfully slept with two women that were posted on that website because I figured if there was any truth to them being easy I might as well try. Here’s the story of one of them.

I was looking through the website and stumbled upon a girl I thought I might recognize but wasn’t sure why. Since the website had full names I searched her on MySpace, yes that’s how long ago this was. I found her and pieced together that she was a girl that dated guys in bands my bands played with. I befriended her and discovered she was recently single. I gave it a few days after the request was accepted and hit her up on chat, eventually inviting her out to a show I was going to that night. She joined and we hung out eventually ending up back at a friends house for the night. We ended up staying that night at my friends who had a bed in his basement. The sex was amazing, she clearly knew what she was doing and was quite a freak. I was young and dumb so we used no protection and I even came inside of her twice. Really stupid but the sex was great. She was the first girl to ever ride me reverse cowgirl, she put my balls in her mouth and jerked me off she was especially seasoned for how young we were. I honestly did not like hanging out with her she was pretty ditzy. But she was nice and phenomenal in bed. She became an on again off again fuck buddy for many years if we were both single we would fuck. Had to take her to planned parenthood on more than one occasion, thank god I never got an std. do not regret that. We’re Facebook friends now, she’s an adult with a kid and a husband but I still think about that ass fondly.

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