A few years ago my wife and I lived in an apartment complex that was adjacent to a large patch of woods. On my days off, I would often take my machete and hike through the woods, exploring the area. Within a few months of hiking I discovered two things: one, besides our own apartment buildings, it was several miles to the nearest house in the area, and two, near the center of the area was a large, open area sort of like a small field. Maybe the summer heat was getting to me, but I got a naughty idea when I discovered the field.

Using my machete, I chopped away at the tall grass, clearing out a small area of the field, just big enough to create a little sunbathing area for two. Over the next few weeks I spent some time hiking around the area and using it to sunbathe, just to be sure it was as secluded as I suspected. I was pleasantly surprised to find that no one else was ever in the area, so I deemed it safe enough for a little nude tanning.

The first time I tested it out was a warm Saturday when I was home alone. I waited til about noon when the sun was high, directly overhead, packed my backpack with a towel, a couple of books, and a bottle of water, grabbed my machete, and carefully checked that the apartment parking lot was empty before I set off.

It took about twenty minutes or so to hike out to my spot. When I finally reached it, I stood quietly for a little while, listening for any other people, but all I could hear was the wind in the trees and the calls of birds, and soon enough, my own heart beating faster as I drew closer to the act. I laid my machete on the grass and slid my backpack off my shoulder, pulling out the towel and laying it on the grass. I lifted my shirt off and immediately enjoyed the dual sensations of the cool wind on my sweaty skin and the warm sun on my shoulders. Obviously I was being overly paranoid, but even at this point I cautiously stood, listening once more for an intruder, but nothing came. I sat on the towel and untied my boots and pulled my socks off, wiggling my toes in the grass for a moment. Finally, I stood up nervously, looked around at the empty surrounding forest, slipped my thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and eased them down.

My cock twitched as I felt a nice breeze on my genitals, my heart pounding. I carefully stepped out of my shorts and tossed them onto my backpack and just stood there, completely naked under the sun in the field, feeling free and terrified and a primitive connection all at once. It was my first experience sunbathing in the nude and it felt amazing. If you’ve never had the chance to experience nature completely naked and exposed, I highly (with all due caution, of course) recommend it. There’s nothing else like it. Tingling with excitement I took a few paces around the clearing I had created, relishing the experience. My cock and balls swayed back and forth as I walked, feeling strangely like a new body part that I’d only just grown. Satisfied with my walkabout, I finally settled down onto the towel I had laid out and read in the nude for a few hours (Hemingway’s Sun Also Rises, if anyone is curious).

The following weekend my wife and I were both home. I looked out the window, pleased to see very few clouds marring the sunny, blue sky. “Wanna go lay out?” I asked her nonchalantly. “Where?” she asked, thinking the parking lot was a poor spot to get some sun. “A secret spot,” I replied, starting to throw everything into my backpack. “C’mon, you’ll like it.” She raised her eyebrows in surprise, but went into the bedroom to slip into a bikini, over which she wore shorts and a tank top. Now my wife’s body is amazing, but I especially love her in a bikini-particularly the tight little striped string bikini I could see the knot of peaking above the neck of her tank top. She’s got Polynesian blood, so she’s naturally dark-skinned with black hair and dark eyes. She has a very petite build, but wide hula-dancer hips and wonderful, full tits that give her curves in all the right places. She has the body and sexual energy that can get me rock solid even if she’s fully clothed. “Ready!” she called out, springing happily out of the room.

Twenty minutes and some light conversation later we arrived at the spot I had cleared out. “This is nice,” my wife commented, stepping around the perimeter while I layed out the towels. “Just how secluded is it?” I could tell she was already getting the drift. “Eh, I’d be pretty surprised if we saw anyone out here. They’d probably be pretty surprised to see us too, to be honest.” She lifted her shirt over her head, her tits bouncing in her bikini as she quickly shimmied out of her shorts. “Yeah I’ll bet.” she laughed, stretching with her hands in the air, watching my eyes run up and down her curves. I pulled off my own shirt and we both lay down on the towels, enjoying the warmth of the sun on our glistening skin.

After a short while, my wife turned over on her stomach and reached behind to untie the straps of her bikini to avoid tanlines. I propped my head up, studying the way her sideboob bulged out from beneath her, watching the way she teased her bottoms, pulling them tight against her round ass. She looked at me through one squinting eye. “See something you like?” she asked with a giggle. In response I placed my hand on her leg and slowly dragged my fingertips up her inner thigh, stopped just shy of her mound and grabbing a handful of her ass. “Hey now,” she started, her voice giving way to a moan as I massaged her butt cheek and ran my fingers over her swelling lips. “Are you sure we’re…” she didn’t finish the question, but sat up, looking around with wide eyes and heavily swaying breasts. To assure her of our solitide, I confidently stood and unlaced my trunks, letting them fall to my ankles as I said “Yeah, pretty sure.”

Her dark eyes snapped to my hanging cock, already growing, and she licked her lips with a mischevous grin that told me all my efforts were about to pay off. “Well we can’t be getting tanlines, right?” she said, rising to her knees and teasingly pulling at the bikini knots on her hips. I bit my lip as my cock twitched in her direction; she pulled the damp fabric of her bottoms away from her skin, revealing her beautiful, shapely ass and neatly trimmed pussy to the open sunlight. “Holy shit.” I said under my breath, being my first time to see her completely nude out in the open. She was stunning, a vision of pure sex, back arched with her nipples already hardening in the cool breeze. Now she bit her bottom lip and beckoned me toward her with a single inviting finger.

I took in the sight of her and walked over, my weighty cock swinging between my legs. She caught it in her hand and gave it a little squeeze before angling it toward her mouth. Her tongue touched the tip of my cock and ran a straight line up the shaft, all the way to the base, leaving a trail of saliva that glimmered in the sunlight. That’s all it took to get me fully hard, my dick bouncing in front of her smiling mouth. She reached up and grabbed my balls, already boiling with hot cum, and pulled me towards her, close enough so she could drag her tongue up and down my full length, teasing me until I whispered “fuck.” under my breath. My wife loves drawing that sort of response out of me, and she gave my balls a squeeze of approval before planting her pursed lips on the tip of my cock, lightly kissing it. She then licked her lips and used my testicles as an anchor to pull my length, inch by inch, into her slowly parting lips. Her mouth was hot and wet, eagerly accepting all of me. I looked down and could see her ass spread in a squat under her, shining skin moist with sweat from the heat.

I closed my eyes and tilted my face up to the sun as I felt her slowly draw my full length in and out of her mouth, bobbing and twisting her head from the end of my cock down to the base. Sometimes a moment is so perfect all you can really do is lean back and enjoy it, so I did. My eyes snapped back down when she released my balls and used both hands to grab my ass, anchoring herself so she could bob up and down even faster. Sensing what she was really after, I grabbed a handful of her hair and steadied her head, angling her so I could pump into her mouth. I gave her three or four shallow thrusts so she could adjust to losing control, then I laced my fingers into two fistfuls of her black hair and pulled her roughly down until I felt the head of my cock pop past her esophagus. She groaned with pure lust, sending vibrations through me as her lips pressed against my pubic mound. Her dark eyes looked up at me, glazed over with pure desire, screaming at me to use her. I gripped her hair tightly as I gyrated my hips, grinding into her mouth and throat.

Her left hand drifted down to grasp and tweak her hardened nipples; her right hand followed the trail of sweat down her stomach, diving between her legs to massage her already dripping wet pussy. By now I was full-on fucking her face, and getting close to cumming, a sensation augmented by my building nervousness because of how noisy she was getting. I don’t know if it’s the Asian blood coming out or what, but when she gets into it my wife can be a bit of a screamer (her sisters are the same way, but that’s another story). Her squeals and groans were already getting out of hand, broken up only by the rhythm of my cock jamming into her throat. Just as I was about to speed up and finish, she reached up and placed a hand on my abs, pushing me out of her mouth. “I want you inside me.” she panted, gasping for air. A string of saliva still connected my cock to her lips. I anxiously scanned the tree line, knowing that if I fucked her pussy there would be no keeping her quiet, but ultimately I was thinking with my dick at this point and all I really cared about was release. Fuck it, I thought.

She wiped the drool off her chin before turning around and stretching out onto her stomach. Arching her back, she proffered her ass up to me, slowly twising her hips to add to the enticement. I admired the sunlight dancing on her glistening ass cheeks, taking in the site of her neatly trimmed pussy, lips parted and waiting. I dropped to my knees behind her and pressed the head of my cock against her opening, letting her gyrations moisten it. “This what you want?” I growled in a low voice. “Please,” she whispered, still panting. I won’t lie, I was feeling a little annoyed that she hadn’t let me finish in her mouth, so I resolved to take out my frustration on her ass. I threw gentleness to the wind as I grabbed her hips and slammed my full length into her, feeling my balls slap against her clit. She tried to swallow a scream of pleasure, but I was relentless.

Sweat poured down our bodies as I fucked her pussy for all she was worth. I could swear the sound of our bodies slapping together was echoing in the wood, as were her loud cries. Her tits jiggled beneath her from the impact, and her ass checks showed visible shock waves. She bunched the towel up and pressed her face into the folds, even biting down on it, but she could not keep quiet. “Ugh, ugh, ahhh, I’m, ugh, ugh, I’m, gonna, ugh, ahh, I’m gonna cum!” she squealed. She slammed her ass back into me as she came. I felt her pussy constrict around me as her body tightened up, her ass cheeks and thighs quivering with pleasure as she let out a throaty cry, releasing her pleasure as she collapsed in a dripping pile. “You don’t get off that easy,” I whispered, lifting her ass back up. Her limbs were shaky as she waited on all fours. I spanked her a few times with resounding slaps, eliciting soft cries of approval. She could barely hold herself up at this point, so I decided it was time. I guided myself back into her wet hole and braced myself with one hand on her ass, the other gripping another handful of hair. I pulled her head back by her hair to hold her up as I reached my own climax, pumping into her as I came as hard as I ever have, my seed spurting out of her with each thrust.

Finally we collapsed on our sides, lying in a spooning position until my erection finally ebbed away and my slick cock slipped out of her. I think we both passed out for awhile, because the next thing I knew the sun was touching the top of the trees to the west. We both sat up at the same time, giggling at the redness of each others sunburn. “At least we won’t have tanlines, right?” she laughed.

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