This happened in April. I live just outside DC. Every now and again I go on Grindr to see if there are any transwomen who would be down to meet and fuck and almost always it doesn’t work out. This time though the most beautiful transwoman on the app was nearby so I hit her up with my go to line, “Hey how are you today?”. She immediately asked me to send a picture which I did and said she was vers and to come over.

I was shocked. I never get responses let alone from sexy women let alone again from vers women. I drove five minutes out into a weirdly Catholic neighborhood and she let me in to a shady house. There were four other trans women in the living room with a guy just talking in Spanish so I just followed my lady.

We went into her room which was really bare and she immediately took off romper to expose a great pair of D cup breast. She was a little chunky but nothing beyond normal. She looked passable and like a beautiful Hispanic woman with long black hair and a face that clearly gets many guys. She told me to take off my pants and for about 30 seconds it was incredibly awkward because she did not understand beyond basic English. When i was undressed she told me to bend over the bed and i obliged. She started eatting my ass and it felt amazing. Sadly, she too horny and turned me over and started sucking my cock. I had not jerked off in a week so it felt amazing. She clearly knew what she was doing. I started stroking her dick as well and then she positioned herself so that it was in my face. I had never sucked a dick before but i felt if any time was to be my first, now was that time. I started sucking her little cock and loved it. I loved the taste, the feel, and how it slowly grew and throbbed in my mouth. It was my first time ever 69-ing.

She flipped me over so my ass was in the air and slowly slid her dick in me. I’ve taken only one dick before and hers was much thicker so it hurt. It really hurt and she just started going faster and faster. I loved it but I was in pain. We had to switch positions a few times until it felt good until we were spooning. She thrusted into me for a few minutes then told me to cum as she bit my shoulder. I started pumping my cock hard and she finished right before me.

I left the house with a sore ass as a catholic group walked by. It was pretty great.

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