This actually happened last night and I’m still flying high from it.

So there’s this girl, lets call her Jenny. Jenny is an extremely attractive, 19 year old girl that I was actually introduced to in the hospital the day after I was born (her birthday is 2 days before mine). We have been extremely close for our entire life and she’s an amazing friend.

We both recently got out of long term relationships, and we’ve been hanging out “just as friends” for the last couple months. There’s been some extreme sexual tension between the two of us since we started hanging out.

Now on to the juicy part. One of our other friends, Dylan, had an end of summer party last night. We all played various drinking games for a few hours. The entire time we were playing, I would catch her looking at me every few minutes. After everybody was nice and drunk, we decided to play spin the bottle. So, eventually, when it was her turn in spin the bottle, it landed on me. Dylan knew about what had been going on between Jenny and I, and it was at this point that he decided to say “I think we should do making out instead of just kissing” (I know I know, cheesy). Words can not express how badly I wanted to kiss him right then. So Jenny and I start kissing and she’s getting really into it. She straddles me and we go on for a few minutes as everybody cheers us on. Eventually, she climbed off of me with a cute little giggle.

Later in the night, when the party died down, Jenny, Dylan, and myself were all cuddling in his bed (he’s gay and I was very drunk so I didn’t really care) and Jenny was laying on top of me. Out of nowhere, Dylan said “I’ll give you some time alone. Don’t be afraid to shut the door” and left us there. So we did, and we just sat on the bed for a while and talked. After a while, Jenny just jumped on me and we passionately made out for a very long time. There was a lot of heavy petting, and I finally got her clothes off. If I wasn’t as drunk as I was, it would’ve been a hell of a lot better because I couldn’t fully get it up, which sucked.

Anyways, we powered through it and had mind-blowing sex. Afterwards, Jenny told me we should try that again when we were a little more sober.

This morning, we were talking about everything and we agreed that, while it was definitely meaningful, neither of us really want a relationship, and that it was not just a mindless, drunk fuck. All in all, I’d say it was a great night.

Anyways, I just wanted to brag to somebody for a bit.

Written on mobile, sorry about the formatting/errors. I’ve never really written before.

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