Hey!! It’s been awhile! I wanted to continue with a “Part 3”, picking up from where I left off in my last story (https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildstories/comments/62p7ox/sex_with_steph_ff/). I had just been spooning with Steph first thing in the morning. It escalated pretty quickly and I was touching her ass while she rubbed herself from the front to a delicious orgasm. As soon as she came down, she flipped over so she was mostly on top of me and pulled my tank top down until my tiny titty sprang out. Her fingers were still all wet from her orgasm and she rubbed the slickness all over my hard nipple and sucked it.

We did that too each other a lot. Steph is the first person I was with to do anything like that. I assumed it was a “lesbian thing” but maybe it was just a Steph thing. She loved to rub the wetness from either of our pussies onto various parts and then one of us would have to lick and suck. Sometimes she’d rub her own wetness on herself and want me to lick it, or mine on her, or whatever. Pretty much every combination you can think of, we were into it. I think it played a part in our sex just about every time.

One time she had been touching me and making me all wet and gooey and then she brought her fingers to my lips. She rubbed my lips with my own wetness and then told me to stick out my tongue. She put her fingers in my mouth and stroked my tongue. If someone asked to do that to me I never would have agreed. It seems weird and even a little gross in my mind. But goddamn, when Steph did it to me it drove me fucking crazy! She was laying on top of me and she made me look in her eyes with my mouth open and my tongue out while she talked dirty to me.

My lips and tongue were flavored with my pussy. Her beautiful face was inches away from mine and she was saying all kinds of filthy things to me. She made me stay like that for long enough that I actually started drooling. It was so sexy to be spread open and drooling wetness from my mouth and from my pussy at the same time. It was the best when she finally plunged her tongue inside my mouth and frantically kissed and licked all over.

On this morning she was focused on my nipples. My boobs are tiny. A-cups and I’ve always thought my nipples were too big for my body. Little titties can be so sexy. I love them on other girls. On myself, I’ve always been really self conscious. In fact, I usually try not to let guys I’ve been with get me totally naked. I try to keep a shirt or bra on because it’s so hard to get comfortable being totally exposed and not feeling good about myself. So even though my nipples get really aroused and I touch them a lot when I masturbate, other partners rarely ever played with my tits.

Steph had big gorgeous tits. She kept them well hidden so the first time I saw them it was a shock. They were so round and her nipples were pink and perfectly proportioned. I couldn’t stop touching and kissing and just rubbing my face on them the first time I saw her naked. I mean they were perfect! Of course she was like 10 years younger than me so I’m sure that helped too! Lol. But she hated them! She was more self conscious about her body than I was. It was so crazy to me! It made me realize that your body image has very little to do with what your body actually looks like to other people. I don’t want to get too deep for porn, haha, but it made us talk about it. We got so comfortable with each other, it made sex and intimacy so much better for both of us.

So by this point, I wasn’t self conscious at all. I was arching my back to get as much of my little titty pressed into her hot mouth as I could. I pulled my tank top down from the other side and started squeezing my other nipple and rolling it tightly between two fingers as it got harder and more sensitive.

I was so fucking turned on. I loved having Steph’s soft girly body climbing all over me and sucking on me. I also knew Steph really liked it when I was vocal. She loved to hear me moan and whimper. She said I made the sexiest noises of any girl she’d ever been with. And she was always trying to get me to talk dirty to her. My moaning was mixed with the sounds of smacking lips as my tit would pop from her mouth. The room was completely quiet except for the sound of our sex. There was morning light coming in the window to the side of the bed. The whole scene was just perfect.

She was laying mostly on top of me, with her right thigh between my legs. She started expertly working my pussy with her thigh. The way we’d rolled in the bed had my panties all moved around and I was half exposed. Steph’s skin felt so good against me. Instead of playing with my other nipple, I reach down to pull my panties all the way to the side so she could put her skin directly on my little hot spot. Fuck, that felt good! Steph popped up from sucking my titty and said, “you’re so fucking wet! You got all wet from fingering my ass, you slut.” So I told her, “why don’t you get down there and use that dirty mouth on me.”

I’ve had guys go down on me that were really good. I always enjoy it. It’s probably my favorite thing. I definitely like it more than being penetrated. But having another girl’s head between your thighs, licking and kissing and nuzzling, there is just nothing else like it. It’s sort of like kissing another girl – it’s not necessarily that they do anything different or like their technique is so much better. It’s just a totally different experience. Steph’s impossibly smooth face was caressing my thighs and her luscious lips were kissing around the sides of my panties. She was so close to putting her lips directly on me and then she’d move further down my thigh and tease me some more. The build up was incredible.

My hands were gripping the back of her head, clawing and rubbing in her short brown hair. I was trying, not so subtly, to force her mouth into contact with my pussy. I loved the teasing but I was aching for her to make me cum. I was moaning and practically growling every time she’d get close. It was agonizing! “Stephy, pleeeease!” I whimpered. She brought her mouth down directly on top of me, covering me with it. She kissed my pussy lips with big, soft kisses. Oh fuck! I was really close already. I was moaning and pressing my hips to her mouth to get as much of myself inside her as I could. Steph kissed me several times like this with my panties pulled to the side before she grabbed my hips and lifted me to pull them off.

I couldn’t move fast enough. I needed to get her mouth back to work on my hot skin as quickly as possible. My panties weren’t even all the way off. I pulled one leg out and just let them hang off my other leg. I wanted Steph to get back to pleasing me. When she started licking me again it was heaven. Actually, she was more tongue kissing my pussy than licking. Her mouth was covering me completely and she was using her tongue and lips and kisses to drive me wild. Damn, it was good. I was moaning and panting and calling her name. She knew I was so close, she had to have known. But she had been playing with herself the whole time and she was getting really close too.

Right as I thought I was going to explode, Steph broke away. She laid her head down on my thigh and starting moaning as she climaxed. I could feel her breath against my pussy she was still so close to me. She rubbed herself, getting herself off, breathing so hard and moaning with her head rested on my spread thigh and her lips an inch from my swollen clit. It was so frustrating! I was like on the very edge of a huge orgasm and she pulled away to get herself off.

When she was done, she just stayed in place for like a minute. Coming down from her orgasm, still breathing hard with her warm breath against my thigh and pussy. I waited for her to recover a little and give her attention back to me. But she didn’t! She kissed my thigh and then started to get up. “Hey!” I said. She just looked at me. “Come back here and finish what you started.” I was trying to sound playful but I’m sure my voice gave away my annoyance. “You started it, bitch. Finish yourself.” That was it. She left the room. Lol. So crazy!

That was at the end of our relationship. It had gotten weird and selfish like that quite a bit. A little while later I heard her calling my name while she was in the shower. I went to the door and she said, “Get your sexy little body in here with me.” Like nothing had happened. I was like, “uh… no thanks.” Haha. It was sooo offensive to me back then. But now, that morning is like one of my very favorite things to think back on. As frustrated as I was that day, I get so turned on remembering the feel of her head rested on my inner thigh and her breath almost slapping against my aroused flesh. It gave me goosebumps the morning it happened and I get them all over again just fantasizing about it. Steph didn’t do what she needed to do to get me off that morning but the memory of her panting and cumming while she fucked herself an inch from my pussy has gotten me off a hundred times since then.

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