Part one is [here]( The background is there, so if you’re interested, you know what to do.

I woke up alone in the tent. The sun was up, it was hot, I had a slight hangover and a hard-on. I grabbed an aspirin and chugged it down with some water from the tepid bottle. I was in a haze, but smiling so hard my cheeks hurt. The girls weren’t outside the tent, either. I figured they went to the trailer/bar to grab some breakfast.

I walked down the hill to find them, and no doubt, there they were. “Good morning girls” I said with a stupid grin on my face, “how was your night?” “- Look at this guy, he is so full of himself”, said Louise. “Meh, fair enough”, answered Maria, “he did manage to pull two very hot girls last night”. She raised her hand for a high-five to Louise, who complied in the most silent way possible: “We don’t need the whole beach to know now, do we? – You ‘re right, don’t wanna ruin our chances of pulling a couple of hot guys ourselves”. They looked into me and burst into laughter. Truth be told, I imagine I was making a very funny face. “Sit down and have some breakfast, stupid”, said Maria. Breakfast was pre-packaged chocolate croissants and a weird cold instant coffee concoction, but everything tasted like the best food ever.

Strangely enough, that was the only mention of what had happened the night before– it was as if it had never happened. We were back to our usual self, being friends that goof around. We had a fun day at the beach, and only went back to our tent after the sun had set and the night had started to fall.

Free camping means no running water, so no showers. That’s not an issue because you spend your days in the sea, so you‘re not dirty, you‘re salty. We rinsed our faces in fresh water, though. It was decided that I should start a fire, so off I went to find some wood, which was definitely not an easy task, but I managed to fulfill. We drank our few beers by the fire. We then laid in the warm sand, with only our heads resting on our only dry towel, the girls cuddled in my arms. It was a very sweet moment, until Maria raised her head and said “guys, wanna play truth or dare?”. “Sure”, I replied, trying to hide my enthusiasm “Okayyy”, answered Louise, feigning boredom – I know she was feigning it because I felt her heartrate go up. There were a few truths, as is tradition, but I am fairly confident we all knew where this was going. Somebody had to say dare, though, and it was me. Maria and Louise whispered and laughed. Maria announced me that I was to put on one of their thongs and go pick up more beer. I did not expect that. But I did it anyways, because a dare is a dare. The few people around the trailer/cantine looked at me weird, but no one seemed too annoyed – nudism was quite practiced on the beach. The thong was not shocking, it was weird. I went back with fresh beers, removed the thong and put on some shorts. It was Louise’s turn. “Put on your sexiest underwear and go the fire over there. Score us some weed and come back.” Louise protested, but I had just done the thong dare, so she couldn’t.

She went in the tent and emerged in a black lace set. We wooped and she giggled, then turned around to show that the bottom part was a thong with a broad, lacy band. Maria wooped some more, but I was at a loss for words. Louise winked at me mischievously and said “right, off I go!”.

As Louise wondered off to a fire a couple of hundred meters away, Maria said: “that’s a gorgeous set, and it fits her like a charm.”

Me: “definitely. Did you also bring that kind of set?”

Maria: “of course. More than one. Wanna see my favourite one?

Me: “Nah, who wants to see that…”

Maria punched me in the shoulder and called me an asshole. I laughed away.

Maria: “My next dare could be to show you…”

Me: “You think we ‘d let you off that easily? Look at what Louise and I had to pull”

Maria: “Then be creative”

Louise was back surprisingly fast, holding her hand up in triumph. Inside it were a couple of buds in her hands and a few papers. We applauded, and I proceeded to roll while Louise explained to us that the guys around the bonfire had a hard time to even speak to her, and that the process was very fast because one of the girls of the group hurriedly gave her the weed, probably to get rid of her ASAP. We lit up and continued our game. It was Maria’s turn. She eagerly offered to put on her sexiest outfit.

Louise: “and do what?”

Me: “That’s what I told her. She should do something, we both had to”

Louise: “I wanna see her in that, then strip. I want a show”

Me: “I second that!”

Maria, feigning annoyance: “I guess a dare is a dare…”

She went to change and soon exited the tent wrapped in a pareo, holding our speakers and CD player. She turned it on, and it was playing Pony – unoriginal, but effective. She started swaying to the music, wining her hips sensually, slowly shedding the fabric covering her to reveal a lacy blue set, very different to the one Louise was (still) wearing: Where Louise’s bra was very see-through thin lace with minimal structure, Maria’s was of the more solid kind, to accommodate her ample breasts, framing them and supporting them. The panties were not a thong, but a Brazilian-cut that worked wonders on her thicker build. She started grinding against Louise, who giggled, but Maria stayed serious. When she removed her bra, her ample breasts dropped surprisingly little for their size. She caressed them, pinched her nipples to get them hard and started lowering herself to grind on Louise.

We were sitting on the sand, so she had to get really low, we were very tipsy, and the girls hadn’t really done anything sexual to one another yet. Maria couldn’t keep her balance, and fell on Louise with her back to her, causing the three of us to burst into laughter. Louise seized the opportunity and grabbed Maria’s breasts: “I‘ve always wanted to grab them… they are a handful!” “Well why haven’t you?” asked Maria, who turned around and kissed her. I held my breath. They started kissing. My lifelong fantasy of a threesome had been fulfilled the night before – but it seemed things might go even better that evening. The girls started making out, Maria on top in just panties, Louise underneath in underwear, their bodies glowing in the flickering light of the fire. I stayed still, although I couldn’t help grabbing my cock through my boxers: I did not want to interrupt them by joining them, but was so hard it was aching.

They were kissing and groping at each other, and Maria soon removed Louise’s bra. The session only lasted a few minutes before Louise turned to me: “What are you waiting for?” I lied next to them and we all started making out, lips finding their way to other lips in a seemingly orchestrated way: Louise and Maria, Louise and I, Maria and I… I was in heaven. Hands were also wandering, grabbing one another… I reached and caressed Maria’s warm pussy from the outside, rubbing her through her panties.

When I tried to remove them, Maria said “No!”, startling me. “Not here… not in the sand…”. Even though this interrupted the flow of what was going on, she was right: sand goes everywhere and is very hard to remove.

She got up, and we followed her lead. We took turns cleaning the sand off one another, in order to not bring it in the tent. Maria shook the sand off the sheet covering our mattresses, and lied down. She took off her panties, spread her legs and signaled me to come here. I dove in and immediately started eating her pussy. Louise got naked as well, and lied next to her. They started making out again, Louise playing with Maria’s breasts, caressing each other… I only raised my head a few times to admire the view, as I was dedicated to Maria’s pussy. I licked her slit from the bottom up, reaching her clit and lingering there, going back down and feel her opening up for me before playing with her clit some more… I reached for Louise’s pussy with my hand, as it was not getting any attention… it was drenched! I briefly lifted my head from Maria’s pussy and told Louise “My God, Louise, you’re dripping wet!” “Let me feel” answered Maria, and for the first time, grabbed her friend’s pussy. I could actually feel this turning her on: aria spread her legs wider and started panting. She played with Louise’s pussy, rubbing it fast, spreading her juices all around her. I got bolder and lowered my tongue, licking from between her pussy and asshole all the way back up to her clit, then went back down, each trip down going lower and lower and reaching Maria’s little asshole. When my tongue was firmly on it, Maria gasped and said “Oh my god yes! Keep doing that”

Louise, who was enjoying her friends caresses, wondered what was happening. “Why are you stopping? What is he doing – He’s eating my aaassss” answered Maria. “I wanna see”, Louise replied, and sat up to look at me. “Wow”. She started caressing Maria’s pussy as I ate her ass. That sent Maria over the edge, and I could feel her asshole contracting against my tongue as she came. “Now my turn” said Louise, spreading her legs to welcome me. I dove in to eat her as well, even though my neck was beginning to ache during the awkward angle I was in – it was kinda crammed in the tent. I inserted a finger into her pussy and went to town on her clit, she moaned her approval “Yes… keep doing that… now another finger…”.

As soon as Maria caught her breath, she grabbed my cock, which had been very literally aching for attention. She tried to reach it with her mouth, but the awkward angle made it impossible, so she proceeded to give me a handjob. This was definitely not what I preferred, but I needed *something*. Maria said to Louise “You should let him eat your ass too”. Louise said “yes… please eat my ass”. I slowly reached her little hole with my tongue, replacing the two fingers I had in her pussy with my thumb, the palm of my hand covering her clit. I licked her asshole, sometimes trying to dart in. “Maria you were right, this is incredible”, said Louise. Her moans increased until I felt her too come against my tongue.

I laid by her side as she caught her breath, allowing Maria to finally put my cock in her mouth. She started giving me a sloppy blowjob, and Louise cuddled against me, kissing my neck. I soon told her “go low… I want you to both suck me at the same time”. Louise did just that, and soon enough I had two girls sucking my cock. Maria presented my cock to Louise, who wasted no time in putting it in her mouth and bobbing on it”. Maria started giving instructions: “My turn now…. You lick his balls” “Take him in your mouth” “use your hand too” “Give him to me”.

At some point she grabbed a condom and put it on me. “I am gonna ride him now”. She mounted me, my cock slid with ease into her. She started slow, and Louise came toile next to me and kiss me. We made out while Maria was riding me. “Eat me some more?” Louise asked. “Give me some water first” between eating the girls and cottonmouth, my mouth felt very dry. She did give me water, which I drank while Maria was riding me, which felt weird, but necessary. Louise then straddled my face. Maria was pounding on me, I couldn’t do much but grab for whatever I could and stick my tongue out. Louise grinded against it, seemingly very satisfied by the minimal movement I could provide. Both girls were moaning pretty loudly. After a while, Louise stopped moaning and got off my face. I like to think she came, but, unlike other times, I didn’t feel her come. Maria then laid on top of me, her breasts against me. I grabbed her asscheeks and made her move against me the way I wanted her to.

Then I slipped a hand to where the base of my cock met the base of her entrance. She was dripping on me. I spread her juices between her pussy and asshole, taking some from her pussy, spreading them towards her rear entrance, and then back to the pussy for more, inching closer to her tight hole. When I finally laid my fingers against her, she was pushing against them, spreading open as much as she could, and moving faster and faster. “Yes, yes, keep doing that, keep doing that…” I was rubbing three fingers on and around her rear entrance, and they were slippery against it. I put one of them firmly against her asshole. “Tell me to push it in. – Yes please, please push it in, push it in my ass…”I pushed my middle finger in. I could feel my cock through her walls. She moaned her approval.

Louise asked: “Is he fingering your ass?””Yessssss” moaned Maria. “Let me see!” Louise sat up and looked at her friend’s holes being taken. “Wow. This is so hot…” She started caressing her friend’s butt, and soon laid down next to me. She brought her head next to mine and kissed my cheek. She laid on her back and started touching herself. That’s when Maria came, swearing. I felt her asshole twitch on me. If she hadn’t stopped moving very soon after, I would’ve come too – I was close to the edge. But she did, and I mustered enough self-control to keep my seed in, because Louise was so hot touching herself next to me that I had to have her. Maria wasn’t moving anymore, she had collapsed on top of me. I exited her, and she rolled off. I got on top of Louise, who grabbed my cock and started using it much like a dildo, rubbing me against herself, against her clit, until she stuck me in. I couldn’t go slow, though, I pounded her. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me hard!” she moaned. And that I did. “Keep going, harder, harder!”. Then all of a sudden, she stopped talking, she closed her eyes and frowned, and then let out a big moan, which almost seemed angry. “AaaaAh! Yes!”. That was it, I couldn’t keep it in anymore. I came, too.

I rolled between them. “This was incredible”, I told them, they agreed. I think I fell asleep in the next 20 seconds.
If you‘ve red part one, you know how the story went. I will always cherish these few days.

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