Last weekend was another convention weekend, and as per the past couple of years I’d made arrangements to travel and stay near the convention with my friend Gemma who I’d dragged into a couple of my previous adventures. While her involvement was unexpected the first time and came about without any argument from her the second, this time she was downright keen to see if I had anything planned – she doesn’t usually talk much about sex or what I’d been up to, but as part of our con plans it was obvious she was hoping I could line something up.

We met up and travelled by train the day before the event – both excited as we had new co-ordinated cosplay planned and ready to go, and also feeling some unspoken excitement that there may be more entertainment to the weekend too. That evening was a quiet one, with an early night ready for the days ahead… but also plenty of Tinder swiping of course.

The next morning, we took our turns showering, and then it was time to dress up, this time as two characters from Nisekoi – a pair of friends but also love rivals, amusingly. I was dressed as Chitoge, wearing a blonde wig with a red ribbon in it, short-sleeved white and light blue blouse with a neck tie, short blue skirt and black thigh high socks with simple shoes. She was Onodera, wearing exactly the same school uniform but with brown hair and white socks below the knee instead.

Once we were both dressed and happy with our outfits, we headed off to wander the convention floor, posing for loads of photos and chatting to loads of people along the way. Come lunchtime, we grabbed some food and Gemma huddled over my shoulder, urging me to check my Tinder account and see who had matched with me. I’d been sending a few responses to messages here and there, but looking through the replies both of our attentions were drawn to one in particular – a guy in his early 30s who was skinny but decent looking, had picked up on me updating my profile to say I was with a friend and seemed keen to know more about both of us. I’d already swapped a few replies here and there as the day went on, but during lunch that ramped up, and as we headed back to the convention floor for the afternoon a plan was beginning to form.

We still hadn’t made any concrete plans for the evening by the end of the day however, so stopped by a local pub for a drink. While there, we found ourselves being chatted up by a couple of lads around our age, who asked us about cosplay and flirted badly with us while we humoured them as best we could. Saved from the dull conversation by hearing my phone vibrate, I pulled it out to find a message from the guy I’d been talking to: “Hey, are you in Pub X right now? I just walked past and saw two cosplayers talking to some lads!” I replied that it probably was us, and discovered that he lived practically across the street from where we were. He offered to come and rescue us, but I told him we’d be finishing our drinks soon, and kept chatting via my phone as an excuse to avoid any more repetitive conversations with the boys who were now losing interest in us.

The lads were still around 10 minutes or so later as we finished our drinks, but were talking amongst themselves by then, leaving me to show Gemma the messages I’d been swapping with my Tinder match. After going wide-eyed at the fact that he was just over the road from us, we had a whispered conversation as to whether we should meet at his. Both excited and buzzing a little from the alcohol, I sent him a message asking if he could meet us outside and we took our leave a few minutes later after saying goodbye to the now disinterested boys across the table from us.

Heading out of the pub, we crossed the road and didn’t have to walk far to arrive at the door he’d described as the front of his block of flats, and as I was taking out my phone to ask the flat number the door opened and there he was, grinning hugely to greet us and invite us up. I went in first and Gemma followed, into the lobby and up a couple of flights of stairs to his light and roomy flat.

“Can I get you girls a drink?” he asked, to which we both refused having just finished one. “Okay then, do you want to sit and chat or should we just get started?” he asked with a hopeful smile. Looking at one another, we both giggled, before Gemma shrugged in a “it’s up to you gesture”. Of course, I was more than ready to get started and said so, which led to us being invited to follow him again, this time into his bedroom which housed a decently large double bed.

Setting down our bags, we stood in silence for a moment, nobody sure of who should speak first. It was Gemma who piped up, “What are we doing first?”, at which point all eyes turned to him. “Why don’t you get comfortable on the bed? I’d love to watch you both touching yourselves in those outfits”. Me and Gemma glanced at one another in silent acknowledgment that this was okay, and then both clambered onto a different side of the bed after taking off our shoes. “Shall I take my knickers off?” I asked, assuming an affirmative answer, but I was wrong… “Hmmm… no, keep them on. Are you able to just pull them to one side?”

I nodded, and guess Gemma did likewise but I tried to focus on myself as I laid out on the bed, propping up my legs and opening them to give the man a glimpse up my skirt at my blue and white striped panties. “Lovely” I heard him say softly, as I let my hands wander over my clothed body, up and down exploring and touching through my outfit, then stroking my thighs and my legs through my stockings as my body began to tingle pleasingly. Teasing over, I adjusted myself a little, opening my legs wider and using my left hand to push up my skirt and then take hold of my underwear and pull the crotch of my knickers aside. Our host leaned forward to take in the view as I did this, while my right hand moved to touch my pussy for the first time with a small, contented sigh.

Exploring myself and spreading my growing wetness, I soon built up a rhythm of rubbing and stroking my clit and occasionally teasing the entrance to my pussy, sighing and gasping as I did. Hearing sighs to the left of me, I glanced over to see Gemma with her hand pushed under the waistband of both her skirt and knickers, seemingly moving her hand more vigorously than me. I tried to go back to concentrating on myself, but the rising sighs and small moans coming from my friend led to me involuntarily picking up the pace of my own masturbation, rubbing myself firmer and harder. Our reverie was broken by the guy asking if it was okay for him to undress – I nodded and think Gemma did too, and he was soon hurriedly unbuttoning and pulling off his shirt, then his smart-casual trousers and brief together, to leave him stood before with nothing but socks and a straining erection standing out from his wiry body.

That distraction was only fleeting before we returned to the task (literally) at hand, and I was soon moaning and gasping as the pleasure from my efforts built. There was no catching Gemma though – I felt her shift as she moved her hands and found a better position before redoubling her efforts, and it must have only been a couple of minutes later that her irregular breathing turned into her jerking slightly on the bed head thrown back while deep sighs of pleasure escaped her as she came.

After giving her a moment to come down from her orgasm, he asked Gemma how it felt, before turning to me – now stroking slowly in the aftermath of watching my friend cum beside me – and asked if I was getting close or if I’d like a hand. I told him he could help me if he liked, and without hesitation he was soon crawling onto the bed before me. Still laid there with my legs open, I was expecting him to help me out of my knickers, but still they stayed on – his hands stroked and explored my legs and thighs, then the crotch of my underwear was pulled aside once more, this time to expose me to his tongue. Having already built up a head of steam from masturbating, it was never going to take long to make me cum, and although he started with some slow, teasing exploration I think he sensed my need and increased the urgency of his sucking and licking until I moaned loud in my first orgasm of the day with his head clamped between my stocking-clad thighs.

As he moved away from between my legs, he asked Gemma if she was ready for a turn – half sitting up, half laying next to us, she shrugged and deferred the answer off to me. Looking at me, he said “I’m ready to fuck you now if you want it” – a fact already obvious by his erection, and to which I agreed with a simple “Sure, okay”. Racing across the room to find condoms, he returned to invite me onto all fours on the edge of the bed – I duly moved into place while he wrestled with the wrapped and rolled on the condom. His hands took hold of my hips, adjusting my position before slipping under my skirt to pull my knickers down around my lower thighs. After testing my wetness by rubbing the length of my pussy with my fingers, he slowly but easily placed his cock at my entrance and slipped into me. He was soon fully inside me, thrusting in and out at a regular pace as my breathing intensified alongside his own moans of pleasure. I was soon moaning with him as he picked up the pace a little, glancing over to see Gemma breaking eye contact with me as soon as I made it, sat cross-legged on the bed now watching us.

Just like my orgasm before it, he was obviously ready to burst in no time at all, and after five minutes or so of sex his pace had built up noticeably, leading to him calling out that he was getting close and wanted to cum in my mouth. Another thirty seconds or so later he warned he was going to cum, pulling out of me as a signal to hurriedly turn around to face him as he tore off the condom and presented his cock to me. I took the head into my mouth as he stroked his shaft, and soon enough my mouth was filling with what seemed like a significant load of his semen which I swallowed down as best I could while he gasped and groaned.

That done, I pulled up my knickers and excused myself to the bathroom (after asking where it was), and left him and Gemma to their own devices as I heard him talking after I left the room. Finding the bathroom – and still almost going through the wrong door only to find myself walking into a cupboard – I spent some time rinsing my mouth and face, and also taking a quick toilet break.

By the time I returned to the bedroom, I found the guy and Gemma in a 69 on the near-side of the bed – him naked on his back, her with plain white knickers discarded next to them while straddling him and leaning forward licking and stroking his already hardening cock. Getting back onto the bed quietly, they barely seemed to notice my return, giving me plenty of time to lay on the other side of the bed and watch. While my initial fascination was Gemma’s efforts to get him hard again, eventually I couldn’t help but shift to instead watch his tongue pleasing and probing her glistening pussy, sucking her clit and lips into his mouth and occasionally pressing his tongue inside her.

I lost of track of how long they went on like this for, with me sitting watching in fascination while taking in the sounds of sucking and licking amongst the sighs and moans. Eventually though, he took his head away from Gemma’s pussy to ask if she wanted to ride him, which saw her wordlessly getting up to turn herself around over him. While they were getting into position, he asked me to fetch a condom from across the room, then even more cheekily asked if I could put it on so he could fuck my friend. Gemma and I both giggled at this, but I duly obliged, rolling on the condom, and barely moving away as I told them it was on so that I could watch her reach back behind her, grasp his penis and guide it towards her entrance before slowly, carefully sinking down onto it.

I watched like this for a while as she began to bounce and ride him, his cock moving ever more easily inside her as her light skirt bounced and flapped to give me glimpses of this view. Eventually my focus was broken by a request to come and occupy his mouth, and so I soon found myself hiking up my skirt to straddle his face as Gemma rode his cock. Although he wanted me and Gemma to face one another while we did this, I doubted she’d be comfortable with that and so faced away from her as I lowered myself onto his waiting tongue. While she breathed heavily behind me, I was soon moaning and sighing as his tongue worked my clit, further helped by his moans beneath me vibrating through me as he was fucked.

Again, I lost track of time at this stage – I remember looking around to see Gemma turning around to ride him reverse cowgirl at one point, and then a few minutes of his more intense ministrations on my clit later I was cumming while straddling his face. Moving away to recover, he and Gemma were both free to concentrate on what they were doing – Gemma leaned back, allowing him to thrust against her atop him, while also giving him room to reach down under her skirt and rub her clit while she moved on him. This combination eventually led to her next orgasm – after one abortive attempt where his cock slipped out of her as she was building in intensity, she came while replacing his hand with her own to rub her clit rapidly while he held her hips and his body slapped against her until she tensed up and cried out.

Rolling off him in the aftermath of this (and leaving me to move out of the way into the bargain), he wasn’t quite done yet, moving on his haunches between her legs and sliding easily inside her. Holding her legs apart, he continued to fuck her, although it was only a couple of minutes before he reached his limit and came loudly into the condom while she breathed hard under him.

Watching all of this was enough to get me worked up and wanting more but, spent, the man grabbed his clothes and went off to clean up after asking if we’d like to stay for some food. Deciding to hang around, Gemma retrieved her underwear and we waited awkwardly in the lounge/kitchen until he returned. While he whipped up a simple pasta meal he offered us a drink from a variety of alcohol in the house, and so we sat and drank wine and talked while he cooked and we ate the food. Of course the chatter turned sexual at some point, as he asked whether we’d done this kind of thing before, and also admitting that while he enjoyed fucking us in costume he’d love to see us naked too.

With our meal over at this point, my drink was abandoned at this suggestion as we left Gemma to chill out at her request and moved back to the bedroom. Once there, he stripped off quickly, while I removed Chitoge’s outfit rather more carefully, slowly taking off the cosplay piece by piece under his intense gaze until I was left wearing only my thigh-high socks which I chose to keep on. As I lay back on the bed he joined me, kissing me as his hands ran over my body down to touch and rub my once-again wet pussy, then spending some time sucking on, kissing and caressing my breasts and nipples before working down to eat me out again. It took longer this time, but he eventually made me cum again with his tongue, this time fingering me as he worked my clit with his lips.

After a quick pause to grab another condom, his erection was soon pressing between my legs, and I felt him sink into me for what turned into a long and relatively slow sex session. He pressed close to me as I wrapped my legs around him or let them dangle in the air, thrusting into me while I enjoyed the sensation and sounds of being fucked. Occasionally the intensity of the sex would change, him picking up the pace as he whispered dirty thoughts, ideas and questions into my ear (like did I enjoy my friend watching me get fucked, whether I’d like to be filmed having sex, and so on). At one point, he found an ideal angle as he stopped to hook my legs up on his shoulders – my loud moan told him he was onto something, at which point he wasted no time in fucking me hard and fast, relentlessly thrusting into me passionately until he brought me off with his cock as I moaned loudly. After a brief stop to recover, he invited me to ride him for a while, which I did vigorously for a spell until he took hold of me and flipped me over onto my back, finishing with another period of missionary as he fucked me deeply until he came into the condom with loud moans.

After all that I needed a shower, so headed virtually naked into the bathroom to peel off my socks, jump in and freshen up. After drying off, I returned to the bedroom to retrieve my outfit to find Gemma also naked but for her socks, being fingered furiously while sucking his cock. I took my outfit and left them to it as I went to change, and ten minutes or so later they were done – he was totally spent and she too sore for any more, meaning it was time to say goodbye and head back to our room. Mentions were made of one or both of us returning after the second day of the convention, but other engagements on his part meant that never happened, while we were satisfied from the previous day.

“I should go to more conventions with you” Gemma told me on the train home, laughing and blushing. Time will tell whether she follows up on that I suppose…

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