(Yes, the photographer let me use some audio clips of this one!)

It’s been a surprisingly busy and somewhat stressful summer for me, which hasn’t left me with a lot of spare time for… well, anything much honestly. As a result, things had also died down as far as requests from photographers went, not helped by a lack of time to travel or anything like that. However, during one brief respite I was contacted by a photographer interested in meeting me for some private video work who was also willing to travel to my area, and after numerous chats to arrange things we finally found a date and time that would work for both of us, and with everything agreed the date was set.

On the morning in question, I woke up to the usual buzz of intense nervous excitement that comes with these things – in fact, it woke me up far too early, which left me moping around the house for several hours before it was time to shower, throw my outfit for the shoot into a small bag and head not too far from home to the hotel that was to be the location for the shoot.

Even then I still arrived early, and stood around fretting about how suspicious I looked loitering in a hotel car park until a car pulled up, the driver got out and immediately went to the boot of the car to start pulling out a large camera bag. It seems he hadn’t spotted me as he was surprised by my wandering over to introduce myself while he rummaged in the car boot, all-but dropping his bag to greet me and apologise for being late (even though he wasn’t). Refusing my help with his other medley of bags and tripods, he took the main bag and I followed him to reception to check in, and then head up to an unremarkable but well-lit and spacious hotel room. He invited me to take my time and go into the bathroom to get changed and ready while he brought up the rest of the equipment, and I duly obliged, heading into the bathroom as I hear the door to the room click shut behind him.

Pulling out my outfit, I took my time changing into and adjusting my outfit in preparation – for this shoot the sole focus was my black bunny girl outfit, consisting of a pair of fishnet stockings, the tight black bunny girl outfit itself with a thong-like back and tail, high heels, a black wig and (naturally!) bunny ears. I always fret about this particular outfit not fitting well when I haven’t worn it in a little while (one day my metabolism is going to catch up to me and I’ll be too fat for all of my cosplay outfits), so it was both a relief and a confidence boost to find that it still fit perfectly as I checked myself up and down in the mirror.

All the while I was changing I heard the photographer crashing in and out of the room loudly as he hulked his equipment up the stairs, which was the followed by a period of him crashing around the room setting the equipment up. I left the bathroom, almost tripped over a cable, was told to “watch out for the cable” a few seconds too late, and then stood awkwardly watching on as he finished setting up his two video cameras and lighting. I got to take in his looks a little more while I did so – in his mid-40s, he was dressed in a smart casual shirt and trousers, wore glasses, and had a friendly look to his face. He would probably have looked younger than his years too were it not for a severely receding hairline that made him look older, if anything.

Eventually his equipment set up was finished and his attentions finally turned to me – exclaiming how incredible I looked dressed up, thanking me for coming along and so on. He excused himself to freshen up in the bathroom, leaving me still standing there, my heart starting to pound in the knowledge we were about to get started as I fidgeting on the spot a little nervously.

Returning from the bathroom he gave aloud “Okay!” as an exclamation, asking if I was ready. I told him I was, and so he invited me to sit on the bed before rifling through his bag and bringing forth the important but decidedly unsexy paperwork – sitting next to me, we went over what needed to be signed and sorted out payment, before with a broad smile he moved to turn on both of the cameras as he asked me to get comfortable in the middle of the bed. I did as he requested, and he spent some time darting between the two cameras to get them lined up and focused properly.

Asking me to look towards one of the cameras as I half-sat, half-laid on the bed, he kicked things off by asking me a few questions. My age, a few other ice-breaking questions about me, then onto questions about my interest in dressing up in cosplay and, of course, the bunny girl outfit. After asking me to pose a few different ways to show off the outfit from every angle, front and back, the questions resumed – I’d felt very awkward and stilted asking these questions, but I knew we were almost done when he asked “So you told me before we met today that wearing these outfits turns you on? Are you turned on now?” “Yeah, I am” I admittedly quietly but a little shyly to the camera. “Maybe we should check how turned on you get?” he asked next, rhetorically, although I answered with a polite “Yes please” anyway without thinking.

With that signal, the man removed his glasses and set them aside before moving away from the camera and into the shot himself. Joining me on the bed, but being careful not to block the view of the main camera he was concerned with, his hand reached out to me – touching my neck gently, then letting one, and then both, hands trace their way down and then back up my entire body. I couldn’t help but shudder excitedly here and there at this contact, as it built my arousal slightly further. He spent a little more time stroking my legs, then returned to my breasts, stroking and squeezing them more firmly as best he could through the material of the outfit, no doubt feeling my nipples harden under his touch.

“Turn around onto all fours” he asked quietly and calmly, waiting for me to turn over and move into position. His hands then returned to my body, stroking down my back, over my hips and then my legs. Those same hands then reached for my ass cheeks, kneading and squeezing them beneath his relatively big hands as he sighed contentedly. His fingers then moved to teasingly trace up and down my fishnet-clad legs a little more, and I subconsciously moved my legs further apart, inviting him to explore and trace my inner thighs. I was breathing more heavily now from his touch, and finally let out a sigh of my own as for the first time I felt a finger gently slide over my pussy through the material of the outfit.

The teasing here was almost tortuous – his touch was stimulating as he traced his fingers up and down over my pussy, but too gentle to have the effect I was desiring by this point and he knew it. Eventually though, I felt his touch getting firmer, and I moaned softly to spur him onto continue. He did just that, and before too long he was firmly rubbing my pussy up and down, seeking out and finding my clit through the material and rubbing it for me as my moans grew louder.

I was disappointed when he stopped, but this was only to ask me to turn over and spread my legs. I obliged, laying back and opening my legs wide – his hand then returned between my legs, and he was soon strumming my clit hard and rhythmically over the bunny girl outfit. I was breathing hard and moaning as he worked on me, moving my hips to urge him on until eventually the pressure on my clit crashed over into an orgasm, leaving me gripping the bed and moaning as he continued to rub me hard until I couldn’t take any more.

As I recovered, he hopped off the bed and over to the other of the two cameras, repositioning it for a while before asking if I was ready to continue and inviting me to kneel on the floor in front of it. I did just that, and after some further adjustments he joined me, standing before me. Without skipping a beat he asked me to undo his trousers and pull out his cock – again, I did as he asked, pulling out his already erect, average-sized penis. I stroked it for a while at his command, before kissing and running my tongue over it as he requested. Finally, I took him into my mouth, enjoying his loud groan of pleasure as I started to bob my head up and down on his cock, circling it with my tongue as I did so.

I did this for just a few minutes until he asked me to stop. Unbuckling and pulling off his trousers and boxers, he invited me to bend over again on the bed. I got on the bed on all fours, but ended up moving to stand on the floor and bend over the bed instead for what came next – another short round of camera adjustment later, he came up behind me, asking me to stand with my legs closed as he slid his cock between my thighs. Moving back and forth, his cock pressed against me through the outfit – generally, it didn’t do much for me but it would occasionally press against me in just the right way to elicit a small sigh or gasp. We then repeated the process with me on my back, as he moved atop me, pressing both his body and cock onto mine while he thrusted against my outfit-clad pussy, which he enjoyed immensely.

Finally, he got up and took the second camera from its tripod to use hand-held, and lay back on the bed before inviting me to straddle him. Now, I was on top, grinding my pussy back and forth against his hard cock as he filmed. This was the most pleasurable of the three positions for me, and I was moaning softly and sighing as I moved my hips back and forth against him, his cock stimulating me through my outfit nicely.

Eventually though he needed to cum, and so the second camera was returned to its previous position, and I returned to my knees as he stood before me. He told me to just go for it and make him cum, and I didn’t need to be told twice – I was soon back bobbing my head and swirling my tongue, redoubling my efforts from previously as he groaned and moaned his compliments. It was only a few minutes before I felt him tense up, and second later I felt his cum shooting into my throat repeatedly. Apparently he was hoping I’d hold it in my mouth for the camera, but I was more concerned with swallowing it down and being done with it, thus ruining the end of that shot – not that he seemed to mind as his cock softened before me and I wiped my mouth while standing up.

As well as taking a quick breather for water, we ran into a logistical issue at this point – he wanted me to keep my entire outfit on for the whole shoot, but fishnet tights make certain things impossible. This left us with two options – continue with my fishnets removed, or tear a hole in them. Reluctant though I was to tear my precious fishnets, he promised to reimburse me for them, and so I agreed. Loosening the outfit itself a little so I could pull it to one side (exposing my pussy to him for the first time without even thinking about it), I sat on the bed and tore a hole in the crotch. Or rather, I tried to. Repeatedly. Then he tried to, but no, the fishnets would not tear. “Don’t worry, I have a solution to this!” he exclaimed, then ran to his bag and came back with a small pair of scissors. He was about to try and cut a hole with the tights still on me, and to be honest I freaked out a bit. “WOAH WOAH DON’T USE THE SCISSORS ON ME” I shouted in a mild panic, causing him to profusely apologise. Instead, I had to strip out of the heels, main outfit and tights (letting him see me naked without me thinking about it!), then hand him the tights to cut a hole in. Even this took a lot more effort than we expected (I was secretly glowing I’d made such a sturdy purchasing choice), but eventually we cut the hole we needed, and I put my tights, outfit and heels back on. We were ready to go again!

After another round of camera adjustment from him, and another round of outfit adjustment from me as I sat on the edge of the bed to pull my outfit aside and reveal my shaved pussy to him, he was quickly kneeling before me, his hands on the insides of my legs to open them wider before I felt his tongue on my pussy. After all of his teasing earlier I expected more of the same here but there was none of that… after exploring my pussy with his tongue he was soon pressing it deep inside me, exploring me hungrily. His focus soon switched to licking and sucking on my clit, while my building wetness meant that I welcomed the two fingers he added to the mix, slipping them inside me easily. I was soon being licked and fingered vigorously, which left me moaning loudly as his fingers wetly penetrated me. It can’t have been too long at all before I came, clutching at the bed while I moaned out loud. After a pause while I regained my breath, he asked if I’d like to go again – I told him I would, and so his tongue was soon back at work as he pulled my legs over his shoulders. He held my legs tightly as he focused on using his tongue and mouth, and although my next orgasm took longer it still inevitably came while he sucked and flicked at my clit determinedly until he got me off.

A little shakily, I sat up while he asked me to get onto all fours on the bed once again, which I did while cameras were adjusted yet again. He then went to rifle through his bag, producing a condom which he quickly and easily tore open and rolled onto his erection as I watched him over my shoulder. Quickly dispensing with his shirt, he joined me on the bed, moving up behind me and pulling my outfit further to one side to give him full access. I felt his fingers, then his cock, rubbing against me briefly to test my wetness, before he slowly but easily sank inside me. After a few tentative movements he began to build up a rhythm, moving against me until I begin to quietly moan. This drove him on to speed things up a little, and his body was soon slapping against me as he fucked me, while exclaiming… “this is no nice… it’s better than Christmas!” (Audio: [https://soundgasm.net/u/ellesbells94/Fucked-by-a-photographer-as-a-bunny-girl-Doggy-style](https://soundgasm.net/u/ellesbells94/Fucked-by-a-photographer-as-a-bunny-girl-Doggy-style))

He fucked me like this for five minutes or so, before asking me to switch positions and get on top. Moving off the bed he lay flat on it, and I was press-ganged into adjusting one of the cameras to his instructions before returning to get on the bed and swing a leg over him, facing away from him but looking right into the camera lens. I slid down easily onto him, and his cock felt great as I gyrated my hips on him, provoking me into moaning louder and giving me a feeling of building to orgasm here and there as I got the angle of penetration and stimulating just right. (Audio: [https://soundgasm.net/u/ellesbells94/Fucked-by-a-photographer-as-a-bunny-girl-Riding](https://soundgasm.net/u/ellesbells94/Fucked-by-a-photographer-as-a-bunny-girl-Riding))

Another five minutes or so later signalled another change of position, this time to really show myself off to the camera I lay on my side with legs spread while he moved in to lay behind me and slip his cock back inside me. This was the position that really worked for me – he soon built up a fast, firm rhythm, fucking me while I reached down to rub my clit. I loved knowing that I was in front of this camera dressed in a bunny girl outfit, my legs spread lewdly wide with his cock in clear view thrusting inside me while I pleasured myself, my face flushed and desperate for release. Reading the signs of my enjoyment he kept at it, and we carried on with him thrusting deeply into me while I rubbed my clit until I tipped over into another orgasm, moaning loudly and no doubt trembling around his cock. (Audio: [https://soundgasm.net/u/ellesbells94/Fucked-by-a-photographer-as-a-bunny-girl-On-my-side](https://soundgasm.net/u/ellesbells94/Fucked-by-a-photographer-as-a-bunny-girl-On-my-side))

Once I’d recovered from this we returned to doggy style to finish (Audio: [https://soundgasm.net/u/ellesbells94/Fucked-by-a-photographer-as-a-bunny-girl-Doggy-style-2](https://soundgasm.net/u/ellesbells94/Fucked-by-a-photographer-as-a-bunny-girl-Doggy-style-2)) – he built up a rhythm and fucked me firmly as I began to moan again at his efforts until he couldn’t take any more and, pulling out to rip the condom off, he came over my back while gasping and panting. (Audio: [https://soundgasm.net/u/ellesbells94/Fucked-by-a-photographer-as-a-bunny-girl-He-cums](https://soundgasm.net/u/ellesbells94/Fucked-by-a-photographer-as-a-bunny-girl-He-cums))

As he dispensed with the condom, so I headed to the bathroom to clean myself up and wipe-down the outfit before dressing – now in my normal clothes while he did likewise in the room itself. We spent a little time quickly reviewing the footage that he took, and then it was time for both of us to say goodbye and head off. Again, he refused to let me help pack up and move his equipment to the car, so I left him to it, leaving the hotel still flushed and a little sweaty but satisfied.

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