First time writing a story like this, let me know what you think and if I should write more stories!

This was the second time I went over to his house. I posted a picture from this day on r/gonewild.


We had been talking the night before and a little that morning before I came over.  So when I got to his house he was already hard.  Mark pulled me against him right away and kissed me then turned me around and pulled my dress up, he slid his hand into my panties and started playing with my pussy.  “How many pairs of panties did you bring? Just these? They’re already soaking wet,” he said to me while bending me over.  Grinding his hard cock into my ass, he stuck his thumb inside me fingering me.  I was already ready to cum. 


Mark stood me back up, turned me around and put me on my knees.  I sucked his cock as he held my head.  Occasionally holding my head down and forcing me to gag on his cock.  Little tears formed in my eyes and I was so turned on.  I love choking and gagging while giving head. 
We got up and went into the bedroom. Well he held onto the straps of my dress and led me to the bedroom.  Mark laid down on the bed and told me to sit on his face. I honestly don’t know how to describe this as much.  He licked and sucked on my clit and it felt great. I came so many times sitting on his face moaning and quivering.  It got to the point where I tried to get off because my clit was getting so sensitive but he held my thighs down and made me cum again before letting me move.  
I moved down and sat between his legs rubbing his cock with my hand.  Toying with it running my fingers up and down his length.  I spit in my hand and gripped tightly around his cock stroking up and down.  I used my other hand to play with his balls grabbing them tightly while continuing to stroke his cock.  
I got up on top of him and he teased my clit and vagina with the tip of his cock.  He fingered me more and I came hard feeling my body shaking while I came. I grabbed a condom from his dresser and he put it on and slid his cock deep in my pussy.  It felt so good that I gasped as he filled me.  He thrust into me and spanked my ass leaving a large red handprint across my cheek. And then added some more hand prints.  He grabbed my tits and squeezed one with both hands.  Mark had me hold and squeeze my tit the same way he had and played with my sensitive nipple and slapped my tit.  Fuck it felt good.
While fucking me he said dirty things to me which only turned me on more.  He told me how much he wanted to be deep inside me bareback, breeding my young and fertile pussy. He said we should grab the dildo and stick it in my pussy too so that I could pretend I was being a good slut getting fucked by two guys but my pussy was too tight for that.  He slapped my face and fucked me hard.  He asked if I wanted him to cum in me or if he should wait to cum until later. I told him I wanted his cum.  He came deep inside me… in a condom. 
So yeah thats the story of the first time we fucked that day.

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