My husband and I opened our marriage over a decade ago. We are both just on the plus side of 40, with a kid in middle school. THings have never been the same after opening our relationship. As it’s the case with most open relationships, it is easy to find men who want to be with woman than the other way round.

My husband works with a guy, Sam. He’s 8 years younger than us and married to a knockout looking woman, Aditi, a striking brunette with shoulder length hair and a body to die for. They too have one child, a daughter. An year has passed from the last time my husband was with another woman. He likes younger ones and it is hard to find given our ages. Sam confessed to having hotwife fantasies to my husband while discussing their sex lives. Over the next few months, all four of us got together for dinner at either their home or ours. There was one problem, Sam has brought up the fantasy with his wife only recently.

One afternoon I called Aditi and said that Peter would be out of town for a few days. Since we were both alone I suggested getting together for dinner in the evening. Aditi accepted as she was lonely and lately Sam had been too occupied with his job for Aditi’s liking. That evening after Aditi and I finished dinner, we moved into the family room. I opened up another bottle of wine and we toasted each other. We chatted easily and Aditi this time was very comfortable.

I then quizzed her about her sexual needs and desires and how she handled her husband’s absence. Aditi, although embarrassed by the question, shyly admitted that she pleasured herself when her husband was gone. She told me that lately Sam was very into himself and that he sought his pleasure when he was home and if Aditi was pleasured in the process that was a bonus. Sam would mount Aditi and fuck her fast until he came. If she didn’t orgasm that’s just the way it was.

Aditi tried to turn the tables on me and asked me about my marriage with Peter. Aditi was not prepared for my response. I told Aditi about Peter in bed and what a wonderful considerate lover he was. I also told Aditi about others that we had sex with. Aditi was stunned, shocked and mortified with my admission.

“You have sex with others?” Aditi gasped.

“Yes we do and we love it. Our sex is incredible,” I responded.

“Oh my God Jess, I could never do anything like that,” Aditi said still in shock.

“Haven’t you ever been with another man?” I asked her.

“No, well kind of, once in college, but I never pursued it,” Aditi said surprised by her own admission.

We met for dinner again after a couple of months.

“You haven’t touched your dinner,” I said after I finished telling Aditi about my latest date.

“I’m sorry,” Aditi said. “I guess I’m distracted.”

I reached over and grabbed her hand. “What’s wrong? Are you and Sam okay?”

Aditi looked up in surprise. “How did you know?”

“Aditi, I think I can tell when things aren’t going right. So what’s wrong?”

“It’s just — god, this is so embarrassing. But I’ve told Sam some of the things you’ve told me. You know, about the dates. Lately, Sam’s told me about some things he fantasizes about.”

“Oh,” I said.

Aditi hesitated, considering whether to tell me. “You can’t tell Sam I told you this.”

“I promise,” I said immediately, trying to hide my intense curiosity.

“Sam told me that — he has fantasies about — about seeing me with other men.”

“What?” I said, wide-eyed. “You and other men?”

“Yeah, I know, it’s crazy. He’s never mentioned it before.”

“Wow,” I said, acting shocked. “Do you think he really wants you to do it?”

“I’m not sure,” Aditi said. “I don’t think so, but he always talks about it … I mean, when we’re in bed.”

“Well — okay, I know you’re going to think this is crazy,” I began, “but maybe you should hope that Sam is serious.”

Aditi frowned at her friend. “You’re right, I think you’re crazy.”

“No, I’m not crazy,” I said, laughing. “You wouldn’t believe how great sex is with other guys. They’re all different! I’m glad Bill asked me, and we opened our marriage. I really am! Because now I’m having the greatest sex of my life.”

Aditi’s frown deepened. “So how does this all relate to me?”

I squeezed Aditi’s arm. “Honey, I’m saying you can have the best of both worlds. You can be married to a great guy who loves you, and fuck other guys on the side. You’re the luckiest girl in the world!”

Aditi shook her head. “Breaking my marriage vows isn’t something I want to do.”

“Aditi, it’s not cheating if Sam wants you to do it,” I insisted.

“I don’t know about that,” Aditi said skeptically. “Besides, I don’t know if Sam is really serious about this.”

“What if he is serious? Would you play along?” I smiled affectionately at her friend. “I mean, it would be fun to have someone to go clubbing with.”

“I don’t know,” Aditi said honestly. “I’ve been married for over 10 years, and I have a child. I love Sam. I don’t want to break my marriage vows.”

“But Aditi, honey, Sam wants you to do this. You wouldn’t be breaking your marriage vows.”

Aditi shook her head. “I told you, I don’t know if he really wants me to do this.”

“Okay, I have an idea,” I said. “Come clubbing with me Saturday night. Just you, not Sam. See what he says.”

“I don’t know,” Aditi said warily.

“Aditi, what’s the harm? This will help you and Sam figure out what he really wants. He probably doesn’t know himself. And it’s not like you have to let some guy pick you up. We can just go out and have fun.”

Aditi thought about it for a few moments, then she found herself nodding.

“Peter, If you could have no strings attached sex with anyone else, who would it be?”

“Aditi,” he answered without any hesitation.

“Damn you Peter, you didn’t even have to think about it, did you?”

He gave me only a smug smile. No words were necessary.

“If you are really nice to me Peter, I can grant you that wish.”

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