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After our first adventure together I was almost afraid it was all in my head. I could not comprehend how I had lived so long as an adult and had never experienced passion and pleasure so intensely before. I messaged her on my drive home, our combined wetness still drying on my cock and balls. I asked her “Did we just really do what I think we did?” She replied, “LOL, I hope so, or I might be peeing my pants as wet as I am.” After a couple more messages we both neared our homes and logged off.

The following day we both went about work as usual, but still messaging naughty things to one another throughout the day. She confessed some of my cum was still seeping out of her, and the feel of it turned her on. I asked if she wanted some more to make the feeling last a bit longer and she replied, “mmmm, yes!”

The day seemed to last forever, but our dirty talk kept me going. Once it was time to leave we met at the elevator again acting as casual as possible. As soon as the doors closed I pressed her against the wall, one hand on her ass, the other on her chest. I ground my body into hers and we kissed. She held a Coach purse and a lunch bag which she let dangle at her sides as I mauled her. Before the doors opened I released her and she smiled, biting her lip while looking up at me, sighing a slight, “mmmm….” Just as the night before we walked out to our cars, said “see you tomorrow” and “have a good night” before driving to our secret parking spot.

As soon as the cars were off we both were heading for her backseat again. That day Angel had worn some slacks, a button up shirt that just could not cover all that cleavage, and high heeled boots. I was in my usual shirt and tie. It was chilly and the car had not warmed up yet. I had already shed my jacket but she still had on a pea coat. As soon as the doors closed we were making out. I loved to kiss her amazing lips, and feel her tongue in my mouth. I moved Angel onto her back and she spread her legs since the backseat was kind of cramped. I positioned her so we could keep kissing and grind my very stiff crotch into hers. She propped one leg onto the backseat headrest and the other onto the front passenger seat. I could feel the heat from her pussy through all the clothes we were still wearing. The car started to get warmer quickly as we kissed more passionately and felt all over each other. Soon I asked if she still felt any cum coming out of her and she no, it had stopped around lunch. I smiled and told her, “it might be a good idea if I checked to be sure.”

I leaned back, pulled up her shirt and started to undo her pants. I got them unbuttoned and unzipped to reveal the front of a red lace thong. I realized she was still wearing boots so I pulled her legs forward, unzipped them both and set them into the floor. I gripped the sides of her pants and she lifted her ass up so I could shimmy them over her hips and off her legs. She put her legs back where they were, spread wide for me. Her thong was in full view, and there was not much material to it. I sat back to admire the view of her and she giggled. I was entranced by her perfect skin, smooth and dark; I was just staring. She ran her hands down the inside of her thighs and asked, “do you like it so far?” That broke my trance and I mumbled “oh God yes…” and moved my face down to her thighs. I kissed and licked up from her knees, switching between her left and right. Her breathing became more rapid as I moved closer and closer to her crotch. Soon I was licking the crease between her snatch and her legs. Angel was whimpering now and gripping her shirt over her heaving chest as she looked down at me teasing her.

I pulled her thong to the side to reveal what I had only felt the night before. Angel’s pussy was amazing. Small puffy lips, completely shaven and smooth. Seeing it now made sense why she felt so tight the night before. I ran my fingers over her labia and I could see her wetness glisten between them. I slid my finger up and down her slit, coating my finger and making her moan. I pulled my finger away, looked her in the eye, and put my finger in my mouth to taste her. Her eyes opened wider, started to smile, and said “that is so fucking hot.” I couldn’t believe how wonderful her pussy tasted on my tongue. A little salty, but so, so sweet. I licked my finger clean and knew I couldn’t tease her any longer, I had to get my mouth on that tight mound. I crushed myself into the rest of the car seat so I could lie with my head right in her crotch and wrapped my arms under her ass and around her thighs to pull her crotch closer to my face and give my fingers access to her pussy.

As soon as I my mouth was close enough, her twat was on my lips. I kissed each lip, and used my hands to open them, revealing perfect, pink wetness. I blew on her soaking snatch and she moaned as the air cooled her usually hot slit. As soon as she moaned I dove my tongue inside her, the feel of my hot tongue on her chilled pussy shocking her so she jerked and gasped. In seconds I was lost in her sweet, wet, cunt. Licking, sucking, driving my tongue inside her like I was trying to taste all the way to her womb. I was barely aware of her moans, gasps, and the occasional “oh God!” as I kept eating her out. After she had become accustomed to my tongue I moved to her clit. It was hidden under a small fold of skin so I had to work to expose it with my lips. Once I pushed my lips over it, the slick, little, pink button was mine. I licked it cautiously, testing her sensitivity, and she almost bucked me off of her when I did. The other reason I had wrapped my arms around her legs was to keep her in my control with my mouth buried in her pussy. I flicked it again and she bucked again, gasping loudly. Soon I was sucking it softly causing her legs to quiver. Angel was getting much more vocal and louder, moaning more than anything as she couldn’t seem to form full words. Her hands moved down to my head, running through my hair, sometimes pulling when I switched to flicking her clit then back to sucking. I was in heaven, tasting my Angel. She could have pulled out all my hair and I probably would not have noticed. I found a really good rhythm of sucking and flicking and rubbing her pussy with my mouth so she was getting wetter, and I knew an explosion was eminent. Her leg quivering became more constant, her breathing stopped as she just kept inhaling small sips of air, and her hands could only grip my hair tightly. In no time she was finally exhaling in a scream, lifting me off the seat with her lower body as her orgasm shook her whole body. I kept suckling that sweet pussy until she calmed. As she came down from her bliss she lowered her ass back to the seat and let go of my head. I cleaned up the wetness she had made during her orgasm with my tongue and looked up at her. Her face was flushed and breathless she said, “damn… you are good at that…”

I released her legs and moved on top of her and kissed her. She licked my lips and kissed me hard and deep, both of us exploring each others’ mouths with our tongues. I asked her if she like the taste of her pussy on me, and she replied “normally I don’t but you make it amazing.” I noticed that she had unbuttoned her shirt a few buttons at some point and her bra was exposed. In fact, her nipples were sticking out above her bra. I asked if she had been fondling her tits when I was eating her out. She smiled and said “yes, my nipples are a big erogenous zone for me.” That fact went into the vault for later.

Angel reached down to my hard cock and pointed out that I had a wet spot on my pants. My cock had spit so much precum it soaked through both my boxers and my pants. Then she started to pull my belt off and said “my pussy needs something bigger in it now.” We both got my pants off and I immediately moved the head of my cock to her entrance. She spread her legs further and put her hands on my hips pulling me into her. Even though her pussy was drenched she was still tight, so I had to slowly work my hardness into her. She kept her eyes open this time and watched my face as I watched hers as her wetness swallowed my cock. Her mouth would open slightly more as I pushed in deeper. I know that pussy is made for dick, but her pussy seemed to be custom made to hit my cock as perfectly as physically possibly. I swear it was so good it was an instant addiction. Soon I felt her wetness against my balls and let all my weight down on top of her, making sure I was buried all the way. She wrapped her arms around me as my head was next to hers and I heard her sigh “Mmmmm…”

I ground my hips into hers, stirring my cock inside her around and around. I asked her if she was going to cum again. “Mmmm… maybe…” is all I heard. All the build up to this point finally got the better of me and I started pulling back and forth, sliding in and out of her more than stirring. Soon I was pounding her pussy, using all my weight to push deep inside her with each thrust. I asked her if she wanted my cum and she moaned then said “yes!” I told her she was not going to get my hot sperm inside her until she came on my cock. Angel’s moans got louder, so I went on, “I’m going to fill this pussy with my cum… you are going to feel it slipping out of you all night, but you have to cum for me.” Our mixed juices were sliding down her pussy and ass as I felt it soaking my balls and heard the wet slapping as I kept pumping into her. I knew I was not going to last long, but I kept prodding her as I pounded her, “where do you want my cum?” She moaned out “inside me!” “Where?” “In my pussy!” “What do you want?” “I want you to fill my pussy!” That was all she could take and she shook under me, yelling out and gripping me tight with her hands. I knew she was cumming and that was all I could handle. I told her, “I’m going to cum!” Still riding her own orgasm she yelled “Yes! Yes! Fill my pussy! Fill it!” Three more deep thrusts and I tensed, driving as deep into her snatch as I could and I released. My cock pulsed inside her, shooting a nice thick load, filling her hole with my seed. As the night before, I was not going to pull out until she had every drop and until my orgasm waned. As we both came down she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her, with her legs as well, laughing. I said “that was fucking amazing…” As my cock rested inside her she would flex her Kegal muscles occasionally to squeeze my cock, milking more of my cum out of me, making me gasp. After a couple moments I moved up and kissed her gently.

I didn’t get up off of her but stayed between her spread legs and slid my cock in and out her slowly. Her nipples were within reach of my mouth so I kissed them which made her coo softly. I told her “Your pussy is incredible. I never want to pull out” and she laughed. Then she said something that surprised me. “Want to see what your cock feels like in my ass?” My cock was starting to lose its hardness, but that question made it come back to full attention. She had told me in our dirty messaging that she occasionally likes to get fucked in the ass. I had hoped I was going to take advantage of that sometime, but I did not think it would be the second night we were together. I asked her, “right now? Are you sure?” Angel smiled and said, “I wouldn’t offer it if I didn’t want it. But you have to go slow.” I pulled my cock out of her drenched pussy and moved up off of her. Some of my cum ran out of her used cunt and trailed down her taint and over her puckered asshole. We finally took her coat off which I rolled up and put under her ass, propping her up for better access. I repositioned myself lower so my cock was aimed at her asshole. Due to how hot this situation was my cock had an amazing ressurection so it was as hard as when I was a teenager. At that moment I think I could have hammered nails with it. The head was still wet from being inside her so I pressed it into her asshole. It was difficult at first, her ass resisting anything going into it. Suddenly the head popped inside her and she yelped. I must have looked concerned because she immediately reassured me that she was OK, but just go slow. I did not lie on top of her but stayed on my knees, both of us watching my cock slowly move back and forth moving deeper and deeper into her tight asshole. Soon I was as deep as I could get in the position I was in, almost to the hilt. As I moved in and out of her more of my cum leaked from her pussy, providing the sexiest lube for my hardness to slide in and out easily. We fucked like this, slowly, for a few minutes. Although it felt amazing my previous orgasm was massive, and draining so I told her, “this is fucking awesome, but I don’t think I can cum again.” Being the wonderful slut she is, she smiled, and said, “oh really? I think you can.” Then she put her hands over her tits, rubbing her nipples and moaning, obviously putting on a show for me. She pulled her tits out of her bra and leaned forward to suck on her own nipples. That was all I could handle and I only remember saying “good God…” and started pumping my cock in and out of her ass. Angel moaned and gasped and kept playing with her nips, driving me crazy. I was mezmerized and she knew it. She moved one hand down to her pussy and rubbed on her clit, moaning again, making my thrusts faster. Her fingers found their way into her pussy, still oozing my semen. She saw the look on my face, felt the faster thrusting, heard my faster breathing, looked me right in the eyes and said “fill my ass with your cum. I want to feel you leaking from both my holes.” And at that I could not hold out any longer and came again. She moaned louder, smiling, watching me fall to her seduction as my cock shot another hot stream of cum inside her. After releasing that uncontrollable load I was beyond spent. I leaned against the front seat, my cock slowly getting softer in Angel’s ass, barely able to think or speak. She just giggled at the mess she had made of me and said, “see, I knew you could cum again.”

I basically collapsed into the seat next to her. She grabbed a towel she had in a bag in the floor and put it over her holes before she got up. Still holding the towel to catch my loads leaking from her pussy and ass, she nuzzled up next to me and I put my arm around her. All I could say is “God damn woman… What are you doing to me?” She laughed again and said “I’m fucking you, silly.” I looked down at her and kissed her. At that moment all was right in my world. Nothing could have compared to the feeling I held then. I told her, “We have to be careful. I think I could fall in love with you.” She laughed and said “yeah, right” while rolling her eyes.

After sitting there kissing softly for a bit we realized again that we both had to get to our respective homes and back to our horrible spouses. We cleaned up as much as we could and kissed goodnight. As we were getting into our cars Angel turned and reminded me, “now you have filled two holes. Only one more to go.” With that she smiled, got into the driver’s seat, and we both drove away.

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