This is the first story I have about Hayley. It was also the first time I had cheated on my GF. Our relationship had grown stale and she had begun to play games. This one has a bit of a backstory to it to set the scene. If there’s interest in this story then I’ll post more.


When I was 22 my best mate Greg was dating a younger girl (19) called Lara who lived South East London, the opposite side of the city from us. Despite me being in a relationship at the time Lara was always trying to set me up with her friends. She seemed to think good of me and if girls are giving you a glowing reference to other girls its like the golden ticket to Willy Wonkas Bonka factory.

Lara had an even younger friend Hayley who always seemed to be hanging around. Lara was always trying to encourage us to get together saying we’d make a good couple. Trouble was, I was in a relationship and Hayley was only 17. Even though the age on consent was 16, morally it wouldn’t feel right to me and I preferred girls my own age or older. She was in a relationship too. Her boyfriend was apparently much older in his late 20’s but it couldn’t have been that serious as it seemed like she was at Lara’s 24/7. Greg and me were like brothers so by default I had spent a lot of time in Hayley’s company. Despite this and Lara’s efforts to match us up I just never seen her as in a sexual way.

Greg was pretty much under the thumb but we managed to get a lads night out with our friend Baz. It was Hayley’s 18thbirthday so her and Lara were heading to some local bars as it was the first time she’d be able to legally go out. Greg, Baz and I were hitting our usual stomping ground of the West End clubs. Baz wasn’t much of a drinker so decided to drive and make the logistics of meeting with Greg on the other side of town easier.

**Here she is**

At the end of the night Baz and Greg went to get the car and brought it round to the front of the club. I hopped in the back behind the drivers’ seat and we went to drop Greg off. When we pulled up at Lara’s she was standing outside with one of her friends. I didn’t recognise her but whoever it was she was an absolute stunner. Tight black dress with see through netting that only just covered her butt cheeks. Flowing black hair. Legs on full display.

“Who’s that??” I asked Greg, who was standing outside the car by this point.

“That’s Hayley you mad man” he said as if I was speaking some sort of alien language.

The girls had heard Hayley’s name mentioned and Lara was curious. “What up?” she shouted over.

“Jack was asking who the sexy bird in the black dress was” he shouted trying to embarrass me as best mates do. When Hayley realised I was in the car she began skipping over barefoot singing my name “Jaaaaack, oh Jackoooooooooo.”

“Hey babes” she said as she swung the back door open. She was still on a high from her first night out at the bars and being more direct than usual. We didn’t have the kind of relationship that entailed pet names.

“How are you, did you have a good Birthday?” I said trying to keep it cool.

“Where’s my Birthday kiss?”

I put my arms out as if I was inviting her in for a hug. She leaned over and leaned in. We had different intentions. Her mouth was open. I was just going for a friend’s type kiss on the lips. We clashed and I ended up half kissing her lips and half her teeth. She started speaking 100 miles an hour telling me all about her night out. Greg and Lara had retreated in to the house by that point but left the door open.

“Are you coming or going” Baz asked from the front seat, clearly wanting to make a move on the drive back across town.

“I’ll come for a drive” Hayley said. I was wondering where she thought she was going with no shoes, bag or phone as we definitely weren’t going to be coming back to this part of town. I stayed in the back seat, deep down not wanting to secede the closeness with her. When we pulled away she got her self comfy by leaning back in the middle seat and hooking her legs over me. I now had a full view of her legs and panties. We were chatting like old friends but she was clingier than usual. Holding on to my arms and being touchy when we were talking. I kept playing it cool and didn’t want to make an obvious change in my behaviour around her but I was looking at her in a totally different light. “Can I stay at yours tonight. I don’t want to third wheel it in Lara’s.” Hayley asked totally changing the direction of the conversation.

The thoughts in my head were like the devil and angel hitting me with conflicting advice. Fuck no, you can’t, my GF was staying at my house.

Then the devil kicked in. Bang her. It’s a free pass. Your GF isn’t putting out anyway. She’s only staying at your house to make sure you don’t take sluts back there.

Eventually I came up with a sensible reply. “I’m staying at Baz’s tonight.” I lied. I was hoping to put her off but of course I didn’t bank on Hayley being ultra confident tonight. “Can I stay too” she asked Baz. I don’t know if Baz thought he was doing me a favour or he just didn’t pick up on me trying to put her off but somehow the next thing I remember is Hayley piggybacking me into Baz’s parents house to avoid walking in her bare feet.

**The action**

When we went in his family were all sleeping. We all ended up lounging in the living room having a bit of banter and watching some TV. I must have fell asleep because the next thing I remember is Hayley and I being alone in total darkness, under covers and her stroking my face. I was next level horny when I woke. She leaned in for a peck on the lips to see if I would respond.

I went animalistic. I’m thinking only with my dick now.I climbed on top of her. The kissing was hard and sloppy. I was grabbing her hair, grabbing her tits, kissing her neck, squeezing her thigh and pushing her dress up all at once. The testosterone was pumping through me at max levels. I had that burning sensation in my dick that was telling me I needed a release.

I don’t remember how but at some point during all this I had kicked my jeans off and Hayley’s panties had gone AWOL. We were so frantic that my boxers only went half way down my thighs legs before I tried to enter her. She was so tight that I had to check I was lined up correctly. I’m average by all accounts but felt like I had a tree trunk sized monster cock that night, trying to get in. After a bit of pushing I eventually got the head and a bit more inside her. I gave some half thrusts to try and loosen and stretch her pussy but she began grinding her hips and grabbed both of my ass cheeks to pull me in.

I pushed in a bit harder than what was probably comfortable but she took it well and let out a loud moan. I began pumping with everything I had. “Fuck Jack, fuck” she gasped. Her tightness and the lustful look she gave me, looking right into my eyes had me pumping my load up her in under 2 minutes.

I stayed inside her while we continued kissing, her hands wondering from my ass cheeks to my arms.

“Best birthday sex ever” she giggled as we both began to come to our senses and catch our breath. I was glad she enjoyed our intense fucking session. It was only two minutes. But the most intense two minutes. It was total raw sex for me that didn’t even begin cover 10% of how we could have explored each other.

I all of a sudden got a weird feeling of a presence behind me. Baz’s living room door was all glass panels. I seen his mum disappear up the stairs just as I looked round. I didn’t know how long she had been there.

The next day as we were getting ready to leave and Hayley was in the bathroom, Baz’s mum asked me if I had enjoyed myself the night before. I thought she must be pissed that I had used her couch as my base for the night. I crumbled and apologised knowing I had been caught. “Its fine” she said, “I just wish it was me.” I didn’t know if she meant she wished she was getting sex from me or just wished she was getting some from her husband. It gave me something to think about and at the very least a fantasy to masturbate to.

Baz dropped us off at my house and I quickly ushered Hayley into my car to drive her back to Lara’s. She said she couldn’t find her panties back at Baz’s. Other than that the drive over was pretty awkward but I let my imagination run wild knowing she was sitting next to me, pussy exposed under last nights’ dress.

I wasn’t sure how this would affect our friendship going forward but I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I’d be seeing Hayley.

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