This is my second story. It is continuation of my first story which I posted a few days back.

By the night I took a chance and seduced Neha, we were already done with our piano lessons. So, there weren’t guaranteed opportunities for me to seduce her. I saw her only twice in almost 4 months while she accompanied Amit to our dinner dates. I was intrigued by her sexy smile, fit body that had enough curves oozing feminine form and her flawless exotic skin. Dan’s wife Beth and I were good friends and I tried to gather more information about. I learnt that she regularly visited their house. They were good friends and it wasn’t surprising. Dan and Beth had an open marriage. I knew that and used it to know Neha’s sexual side.

I waited for the right moment to bring that up and it came one day when I visited Dan’s house on a Sunday morning. They had been swimming, and Neha was still in her bikini with a towel wrapped around her waist. They stayed for several hours, even though Beth had had to go out. Neha’s awkward periodic adjusting of the bikini top simply drew my attention to her. I took in the curve of her wonderfully formed breasts and flat tummy with growing desire.

Amit seemed oblivious to my ogling of his wife, so after they left I tried to convince myself that it had only been a fleeting glance and had gone unnoticed. Not so, apparently. Even though she had only been there during the early part of the visit, Beth had clearly recognized my interest too. We were in the kitchen when she brought it up.

“So, who’s attracted to Neha, then?”

“Huh, sorry? What are you talking about?”

“Neha. You couldn’t stop admiring her.”

“No way!” I was trying to divert the thrust of the conversation. All to no avail.

“You couldn’t help yourself! I’m not surprised, she does have a lovely body.”

“Does she? I didn’t notice…. Well… yeah, I guess so. But she’s a cold one, in any case.” I was on the defensive.

“Maybe she does like you, but is uncomfortable with that attraction and puts up the walls as protection? She’s told me before that she thinks you are very handsome. Did you ever think of that?”

“Really!? No, no way. Are they swingers just like you? Is that why they visit your house?” I felt myself going red, and my heart rate rise, at the thought that Neha may be attracted to me.

“No, Amit is interested but she is not. She may open up but it takes more effort than attending a swinger party.” She raised an eyebrow and gave an impish little smile in the direction of my groin.

I hadn’t seen her for a couple of weeks when I ran into her at the mall while shopping with Beth. Both girls were boiling over in energy and enthusiasm. Neha was wearing hip hugger skinny jeans and tight white tee shirt, while her Beth had on a short skirt and tank top. They looked like a million dollars with their outfits hugging to their bodies.

I invited them to lunch at the restaurant which was across the mall. I looked over and watched as they walked past the store and went straight into Victoria’s Secret. I smiled and had a quick flash on what they would be trying on and buying. After they were done with the shopping we met at the restaurant. We all talked pleasantly for 20 minutes as we finished off a second glass of wine. We got up to leave and then Neha said she needed to use the ladies room, Beth decided to go with her an asked me to hold their bags for them. When they were out of sight I peeked into the bags and saw that they had bought some tiny thongs and matching push up bras as well as a string bikini and a blue Lycra one-piece swimsuit.

As they came out of the bathroom and walked toward me I could feel an erection starting to come on. As Beth walked towards me, her eyes drifted down to my crotch while a subtle smile touched her lips. As they walked away from me heading to their car Neha glanced over her shoulder and smiled at me. Then as she walked on I definitely noticed her hips where moving much more sexily than before. She glanced back one more time and waved.

I was hard while wondering how Neha would look in one of the thong and pushup bra sets. I was rock hard as I thought about her smile on her beautiful mouth. I started devising a plan to seduce her and to use all of her body to satisfy both of our needs.

On the following Sunday when I saw Beth watering her yard I went outside heading past their house on my way to their pool. Stopping to chat for a moment I shared that I was going down to the pool to swim laps for 45 minutes. I told her that I had dropped 30 pounds as a result of swimming three days a week. I suggested that she should come down to the pool and swim some laps with me. She told me Neha and her wanted to swim too and would join shortly.

I had been swimming 20 minutes or so when I heard the pool gate close. Stopping for a moment I looked up and there was Neha slipping her shoes off. As she started to push her skirt down I turned away from her until I heard her bare feet approaching the water. Before she could get in I swung around and was amazed by her in the light blue one piece she had bought, it was molded to every curve of her slender body. She blushed a deep pink and she dove over my head and plunged into the water.

We swam for another 30 minutes before she was having difficulty trying to keep up. I stopped and we clung to the side of the pool catching our breath. I lifted myself up over the edge and heard her gasp as my butt cleared the pool’s edge. She hadn’t realized that I was wearing Speedos, I could feel her eyes glued to my backside as I walked to my towel. I slowly dried off my front and legs a I faced away from the pool, then I turned toward her. I gave her wide smile as I stretched the towel across my back knowing that my semi rigid dick was straining against the thin nylon suit. I laid back on the lounge chair and waited for her to climb out of the pool.

As weeks passed by the sexual tension was heavy. We had been flirting for months, but one day it was different. She took a deep breath standing a little taller. If anything, her nipples were even more pronounced now. Walking extremely confidently with that sexy sway of her hips she looked down at my erection and said “Can we go in for an Iced Tea?”

I pushed open the door to my guest room and led her in. I pushed her up against the wall and said, “What do I think? I think those lips are begging to be kissed.” I put my mouth against hers and pressed my body against hers.

She gave me the slightest hint of resistance and separated us by a few inches. I could still feel the lingering kiss and her breath on mine.

“No, Brad,” she whispered. “We mustn’t.”

I ignored her pleading and continued to assault her lips while caressing her breast.

“Brad,” she moaned. “Stop, this is wrong.”

Ignoring her weak plea, I slid my hand behind her back to untie her bikini top. She shivered as I rolled her right nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

“Ohhh,” she gasped, responding to my touch and electrified with lust. She offered no resistance as my hand glided up her thigh, exploring her soaking womanhood.

“I want you right here,” I panted in her ear. “Right now.”

Her tongue pushed deep into my mouth as her silent reply.

I turned her around and pushed her against the wall. Then, I grasped her bikini bottom and ripped it off in a single jerk. I moved my hand in the middle of her back, holding her firmly while I fumbled with my speedos… She knew what was to follow. Her lips uttered only unintelligible groans as she was exposed naked.

I said in a low voice, “I’m going to fuck your married cunt.” I probed between her cheeks with my rigid erection and she responded by opening her legs to receive me. I grasped her hips while my swollen cock-head slipped back and forth in her juices. I had gathered enough lubricant for the final assault.

She arched her hips and I found the mark as I parted her folds and slipped into her wanton velvety tunnel. The most intense pleasure rocked through her body from the deep penetration. She hadn’t felt this kind of ecstasy in a very long time. She gasped as I filled her full of my stiffness. I slid my hands up and cupped her erected titties while pumping her with deep strokes.

“Oh God!” she moaned.

“You’re so tight!” I said as I picked up my rhythm and she was suddenly aware of how loud our skin was slapping every time I filled her with my cock.

Her body stiffened and she was shattered by a mind-numbing orgasm. I was now fucking her with purpose. Then, I grabbed her hips and made my final thrusts before I ejaculated my built-up semen. As my panting slowed, she suddenly felt an urgency to put herself together.

Rearranging herself as fast as she could, she said to me, “This will never happen again!”

I grinned. “Sure!”

“Come on, we need to get back to the group before they start to suspect anything.” she walked out toward the patio room, with me close behind.

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