Last night I stayed up late so that I could make sure my suitemate made it home safe from the bar. She came back with a load of her friends quite intoxicated and promptly asked for a piggyback ride up to her dorm, to which I obliged and carried her up into bed.

Plot twist I didn’t bang her. But she told me that I had to go with one of the girls that originally picked her up to get another girls car. So I walked back and the other girl drove me to the bar, handing me the keys and telling me she’d find the girl (because I didn’t know her myself) and have her accompany me back to the parking lot at the school.

So I started the car and sat for a minute while it warmed up before noticing this absolute smokeshow in the mirror walking my way. I was praying to every god that this was the girl and it turned out that it was. She was about 5’7”, with an exceptionally curvy body, at least DD breasts and an amazing ass. She was wearing a bralette and tight ripped jeans.

She hopped into the car and leaned over to give me a hug and thank me, which took me by surprise but I welcomed it as I started driving back to the campus. When we pulled into the parking lot I went to shut the car off but she stopped me, then made me look at her while she gave me that eye where you know she is down to do whatever you ask of her.

So I pull her over to the drivers seat and we start grinding, doing some light foreplay with each other. I eventually manage to get her jeans off with difficulty, as well as my own leaving them around our ankles while she slowly strokes me. After a few more minutes of foreplay she pulls my cock out from my underwear and slides her panties to the side as I help push myself inside her.

She automatically wraps her arms around my neck as her hips start grinding back and forth, sending both of us into frenzies of pleasure. I slap her ass and thrust up with my hips to meet her grinding in this confined space. She starts moaning even louder as I feel her tightening around my cock and soaking it before eventually seizing up and leaning in to bite my neck as she climaxes. Before she can finish though I grab her hips and pound her as hard as I can, causing her to scream and claw at my back. I tell her that I’m about to finish as well and she opens the car door with one of her hands, riding me until the last possible second before quickly hopping off and taking my entire cock into her throat, her hands pressed against my hips as I explode inside of her again and again. She bobs her head a few times before slowly looking back up at me, having finished every last drop.

We quickly got our clothes back on and walked to our respective dorms, but not before she gave me another hug and a thanks. And that is why it pays to be nice.

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