This was after I finished college. I moved out of the student dorms and shared a flat with this guy Charlie. He himself had also finished his studies and worked as a bouncer and bar-keeper. I was in a relationship with Lisa. Lisa still studied at college, but stayed the night at my flat regularly.

Charlie was a real hit with the girls and seemed to have a new one each week. It wasn’t that uncommon to come back home from work early in the morning with a girl. He was a real marathon man in the sack, as far as Lisa and I could tell. His girls and him could get pretty loud.

Sometimes, when we were in the mood, we fooled around, while Charlie and his girl-of-the-week had their fun in his room. Other times the sessions of loud lovemaking from next door was just annoying, because it cur Lisa and my sleep short, and we both had day-jobs or studies to take care of.

Sometime during one of Charlie’s marathon love sessions Lisa suggested as a joke, she might go over there and lend Charlie and his girl a hand, so they would finish faster. I had not entertained any cuckold fantasies to that date, but that little remark started it all. The thought of Charlie, built like a tank and able to seemingly go all night, taking care of one of his girl’s and my Lisa. At first I buried the thought as ridiculous, but it wouldn’t die down. The thought didn’t leave my mind and during another one of Charlie’s performances I made the same joking proposal to Lisa: She should go over there and speed them up. I instantly got aroused at the thought and Lisa noticed. What followed was some of the most intense sex, we had ever had.

Lisa kept teasing me over the next few weeks, with the thought of Charlie fucking her. We did however not have any plans to actually act on it. However the noise from Charlie’s room was a constant nuisance. This changed when Charlie got a girlfriend, at whose place he stayed a lot during the time. This actually came at a perfect time, since Lisa was nearing her end of semester exam phase and needed her sleep.

After two weeks however Charlie was back. His short relationship had run it’s course. And one Wednesday night/morning he returned with a new girl to our flat. No ten minutes after they had arrived the usual loud sex noises could be heard from his room.

Lisa, needing sleep and finally fed up, got up and went to knock on Charlie’s door and tell him to keep it down. When after a few minutes Lisa still wasn’t back, the thought of her actually having joined them crossed my mind. I got up and had to go see what was happening.

Lisa was standing in the hallway. Rubbing and massaging herself intently, clearly aroused. Turns out Charlie and his new girl, Katie, had not closed the door to Charlie’s room. Lisa and I could see Charlie fuck the blonde standing against a wall.

The thought of Charlie fucking Lisa relentlessly like that entered my mind. And I was instantly hard. That was when Charlie and Katie decided to move to the bed and when they inevitably saw us standing in the hallway. Lisa working on herself and me sporting a tent. Katie smiled at us and said, that that must be Charlie’s roommates. Well we didn’t waste a breath to correct her. Charlie smiled and said we were welcome to enjoy the show.

That was when Lisa looked at me and back at Katie and Charlie. She said she was actually here because the two of them were to loud and we couldn’t sleep. Charlie smiled smugly and as if he had read our minds, he delivered the line, that at first had been a joke between Lisa and I and then a sexual tease. Charlie with his grin, suggested Lisa lend Katie and him a hand then, so they would exhaust each other faster. Katie, who was clearly another one of Charlie’s drunk pickups, didn’t object but somehow seemed excited at the prospect

My heart started racing and my mouth was dry. Lisa looked at me and back at Charlie. She smiled at me, looked at the tent in my boxers and mouthed a small “sorry” towards me. She entered Charlie’s room and knelt down in front of him. With a firm grip she started jerking Charlie off. Katie got behind Charlie and started to suck on his balls. Charlie just stood there grunting and moaning throwing his head back and telling me, that my girl knew how to work a cock. Lisa refrained from blowing Charlie however since he was wearing a condom.

I felt betrayed and humiliated, but also more excited than I had been since I was a boy and even more aroused. My boner was actively straining against my underwear. I couldn’t take my eyes of the situation unfolding before me. Lisa’s head and hands moving in a rhythm, Katie’s slurping noises and Charlie’s expression of pleasure. His cock wasn’t bigger than mine, but alone the thought of the treatment Charlie was getting, had me on the edge. Charlie clearly was a master of self-control.

When Charlie was nearing his limit he made Lisa release his cock. He took a few moments to breath and calm down. During that time Katie took Lisa’s hand and pulled her onto the bed. Sitting there the two of them started to kiss. Katie’s hands roamed over Lisa and remover her sleeping shirt and panties.

Charlie just stood there smiled and said that this was a sight to behold. And it really was a sight when they massaged and rubbed each other slowly and intensely in all the right places and Katie, her hand in Lisa’s red hair slowly pushed my girlfriends head down to her pussy. Katie shuddered and climaxed after what seemed like only seconds.

Katie panted and scooted up the bed. That was when Charlie entered the fray again. He dragged Lisa around into doggy position and started to fuck her from behind. Katie meanwhile was sitting further up the bed, recuperating from her orgasm and lazily playing with herself. The slapping sound of Charlie fucking Lisa mixed with Lisa’s moans. On occasion Charlie just stopped surprisingly, which actually made Lisa whimper with frustration, as the pleasurable stimulation stopped. When Katie was ready again, she scooted down and pressed Lisa’s face to her pussy again and my girlfriend started licking and fingering. This was too much for Lisa and she came shuddering on Charlie’s cock.

Charlie however did not give the girl any pause and pushed her up the bed onto Katie. So the girls were positioned there missionary style and kissed each other and their hands roamed all over their bodies. They clearly were enjoying their company. Charlie went around the bed, apparently to take in the sight. That was when the girls grabbed his erection and pulled him to their faces. They ripped of his condom and sandwiched his cock with their mouths and alternated blowing him. I couldn’t help myself anymore and took my own cock out and started rubbing it. This went on for a while till Charlie was near climax. He tore himself away and breathed heavy.

Charlie got on the bed and knelt between their legs. First he fingered them both, as they were still positioned in missionary, than he alternated using his mouth on their pussies. Between the girls using their hands on each other Charlie working on them, they climaxed again moaning and screaming, not at the same time, but not far apart either.

Next Charlie brought himself into position at the girls pussies. He didn’t penetrate either one at first. He just rubbed his cock against their entrances, sandwiched between the pussies. Then he stuck it in. He started to fuck Katie relentlessly. Between heavy pounding through Charlie and slow rubbing through Lisa, it didn’t take long for Katie to climax a final time. Then Charlie switched to my girlfriend. He still wasn’t wearing a condom, but in the heat of the moment no one was thinking about that. Charlie was fucking Lisa rough and bareback. And she enjoyed it just as much as Katie had.

Charlie’s grunting was showing he was going to unload soon. But as close as he was to cumming, Lisa was closer and started shuddering under Charlie’s heavy and forceful thrusts. She was shaking and clamped down on Charlie’s cock. Moaning she stuttered she had never been fucked like that. He grunted loudly how tight Lisa was and shot his load inside her. That was the final straw for me too. I had been jerking off slowly and steadily, but seeing the disheveled state of Lisa and the humiliation of Charlie making her his slut and cumming insider her put me over the edge. I shot my load on the floor.

The three of them collapsed on Charlie’s bed and fell asleep pretty fast. Humiliated I cleaned up the mess I had made in the hallway and went to bed as well.

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