Hi everyone, this is my first time posting in this sub reddit. I’ve posted a few times in /r/gonewild and /r/asiansgonewild. This story may be quite long but I hope you all enjoy it. A little about myself – I am Asian, 23 years old, 5 ft tall and about 115 lbs, with a pretty big ass for an Asian and 32 D tits (you can see my posts and get the gist of what I look like). This event happened last June and I still think about it when I’m masturbating as it’s my first real sexual experience with another woman. I’ve made out with girls before and I’ve always fantasized about sleeping with one, or multiple (lol) but have never actually done it..until that night. Just thinking about this night makes me super wet and I can almost cum instantly when I replay it in my head.

Some back story before that night, I finished my second to last semester of university and decided to take a trip to California to visit some family to unwind. I spent a good week in LA before flying over to San Diego to visit a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in over a year. The trip was pretty spontaneous as I had let her know a few days before that I would be in her area and she generously took me in and let me stay with her. We knew it would be fun since we clicked so well even though we haven’t known each other for long. She used to date my ex’s roommate and that is how we met. Her name is Jamie (changed the name for obvious reasons). She is a curvier girl who is 29 years old, half Spanish and half Irish with huge tits and a beautiful plump ass (this is why I dig Hispanic girls) and she had fire red engine hair that stopped just past her shoulders. Now, I’ve always loved her because she has a huge personality and has always been very sweet to me since the day I met her. Truthfully, I never really thought of her in that way because I’ve always just loved her as a friend but wow did things ever change.

The first night I arrived, we got back to her place and got all dolled up and hit her favorite bar up for some drinks. We were pretty wasted when she called an Uber to take us back to her place. I couldn’t even believe this happened and I’m not normally the type to do anything like this but I guess she was almost black out drunk at this point but she asked him if he had any “caffeine” to wake us up. Surprisingly, he did and he left us with some and by the time we took the “caffeine” I have sobered up immensely and felt really alert. This stuff usually makes me pretty horny too. When we got back to her place she asked if I wanted to sleep in her bed with her. I of course agreed as I didn’t feel like sleeping on the pull-out couch in the living room. That night, nothing happened but then every night after that I slept in the bed with her.

The last night of my stay in San Diego is when things got really wild. We got ready to go out, I wore a crop top that accentuated my perky tits and tight jeans that showed off my curvy ass. She wore a little black dress that showed off her curves in all the right places, needless to say she looked fucking hot! We remembered the “caffeine” that we had left over from the first night and decided to take that and headed out to the bar again with some of her girl friends. She got plastered once again while I was trying to keep up. By this time I’m feeling really high and us 4 girls decided to head back to Jamie’s to just hang out for the rest of the night. We all had our heart to hearts and said our goodbyes as I had such a fun time with her friends. They left around 2 am and Jamie and I were high as fuck as we took the last of the drugs that we had put away. She changed into these super cheeky short shorts and her ass just hung out of them which made me really horny since I haven’t been fucked in over a week and the way she walked with her hips swaying and he ass jiggling was so effortlessly sexy. She crawled into bed and I decided to join her, we laid there just telling each other how much fun we had and how we were going to miss not seeing each other everyday like we did the past 5 days.

Jamie became silent all of a sudden, she just laid there and I asked “Hey, are you okay?”. She replied, “I’m just feeling a litle weird..”, so I asked her if she was feeling sick from the drugs or all the alcohol she had and she said no. I got the hint that she was horny because she brought up that the last time she got a good fuck was awhile ago, so I lightheartedly suggested that I go sleep on the couch so that she could have alone time to play with herself. She said “No, no, I don’t want you to go, I’m just feeling weird, forget I mentioned it”. At this point, I’m getting really wet just thinking about how horny she is and I have no idea where I got this burst of courage but I just scooted closer to her and put my head on her shoulder and cuddled up to her. I then took my chances even though I didn’t want her to freak out if she wasn’t into this and lose a really good friend but I kissed her on the cheek and surprisingly she turned her head so that our lips were touching. Now I’ve kissed many girls before but she had the softest lips I have ever touched. She slowly parted her mouth and we were exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. Naturally, my one hand cupped her face and the other started squeezing her big beautiful tits. She’s now moaning into my mouth and my pussy is soaked. So many thoughts were running through my head as I was so fucking horny but I didn’t know how far she wanted to go with me as she’s never been with a woman before. I spanked and groped her big Latina ass and fuck, I wanted more. We made out furiously for about 30 seconds and I couldn’t take it anymore, I asked her if it was okay for me to taste her sweet pussy. All she said in between breaths were “you sure?” and fuck I have never been more sure in my life.

I quickly pulled down her slutty booty shorts and scooted down the bed until I could see her smooth, shaven pussy. She had nice puffy lips and the smell was intoxicating. I looked up to make sure she was okay with this and noticed she had taken her top out to let her huge tits flop out for me to admire. I decided that I should also should be naked too as I was soaking my own panties with my juices. When I took my clothes off she stared at me and bit her lip and gasped “fuck you’re hot..”, which drove me wild. I gently ran my finger along her slit and could feel her wetness coating my finger and now I could now see the juices glistening on the slit of her pussy. She moaned softly and bucked her hips towards me which gave me the indication to keep going. I then parted her lips with my fingers and rubbed her clit, she was so fucking wet that there were strands of juices connecting from my finger to her pussy. I slowly dipped one finger into her pussy and soon found out she was quite tight despite how wet she was and as I did this, she threw her head back and let out a loud moan. I then licked her clit and tasted her sweet pussy. I don’t know if it’s just her but she tasted so good. I was a little worried as I’ve never eaten a girl out before but I started sucking her now swollen clit and read her body movements to see what she liked. She loved her clit been sucked because not long after, her legs started shaking and she pushed my head further between her legs and squirted all over my face and in my mouth. That was probably one of the hottest things that I’ve ever experienced. She kept apologizing but I told her how fucking sexy that was and how I wanted her to keep squirting all over my face. For the next 15 minutes I kept sucking her clit and sticking my tongue in her tight hole until she covered me in her cum. I smacked her tits and pinched her nipples which made her gasp and have another convulsing orgasm as she gasped out my name. Now, hearing another girl moan my name turned me on so much, I wanted to keep pleasuring her just to hear how good I was pleasing her. I then took my time to kiss her and sucked on her gorgeous nipples until she recovered.

She asked me if I’ve seriously never eaten a girl out before and that I was amazing. I really loved licking her pussy and watching her melt in ecstasy until she squirts. The bed was soaked at this point and she wanted to switch places. To be honest, I don’t think she was super into eating pussy but it felt good and it was hot having her tell me how tight my little Asian pussy was as she’s fingering me and licking my now swollen clit. It’s usually harder for me to cum and I rarely squirt and the more I wanted to, the more I couldn’t. Jamie must’ve noticed that because she got up and grabbed a vibrator out of her closet and started using it on me as she was fingering me. I could feel an orgasm coming as my whole body was shaking and I let out a soft moan as I rode my orgasm out. I heard Jamie gasp “mmm..yes, baby, that’s a good girl.” It wasn’t long until I had her laying down on her back with her pussy on the edge of the bed. The fucking loved eating her sweet pussy, watching her squirt and cum all over the bed was so sexy. I teasing her by rubbing the vibrator on her clit and told her how much of a little slut she was. I turned the vibrator up and held it on her clit as I put my tongue in her tight hole, within a few seconds she had a fistful of my hair and held my face there as she forced her juices in my mouth all whilst rocking her hips and moaning my name. All I could I do was put my hands under her huge ass and pull her closer to feel her pussy contracting on my tongue. After that, I crawled back up into the bed with her and we laid there. I was in shock with what just happened but I loved every moment of it. I asked her if she was okay as I know this all very new for her as well. I really didn’t want anything to change our friendship. She said “That was fucking hot, I never thought I was into girls that way but you definitely changed my mind”. Soon after we passed out cuddling each other until I woke up from the alarm and I had to quickly pack up to catch my flight.

I hate to say it but after that night, our friendship just wasn’t really the same. We rarely talk and although I really want to fuck her again, I’m not sure if I would do it with a friend next time. It just changed the dynamic of our relationship but I do not regret this event whatsoever since she lives far away from me and we rarely saw each other anyways.

I really hoped you enjoyed this 🙂

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