I’ve always hated Tuesday’s, the most depressing day of the week if you ask me, you didn’t, well I better get on with the story then.

First a little background because it’s very important, as I feel like the luckiest man alive. I am 50, I don’t feel it and thank god,(and also because I workout and run) don’t look it. I am married to a wonderful and very sexy 42 year old, she is from a wonderful group of islands somewhere in the Pacific which is where we live. We met 12 years ago while both working in the U.S. (I am British). Our first date ended up in a strip club in San Francisco where she got me to pay for her to have a private dance with a stripper, whom she got very handsy with. Straight away I realised she was a keeper.

So over the years our sex life has always been interesting and good, that is until we both decided to quit our jobs and come live where we do now. I started to gain weight have some other health problems including a bad back and high blood pressure so my interest and sex drive nose dived. Ally (my wife) became frustrated with me and began talking about having an affair. This made me get my shit together start working out losing weight and get my sex drive back, this all took time and Ally had become friends with a very bisexual lady who was pushing her to become lovers with her and her husband. We talked and I told her I understood had no problems just let me join in now and again, she agreed and so began an affair that lasted a number of months and included a number of group sex and swapping sessions. It was fun especially one weekend away with 5 of us but really not worth writing about (I’d done crazier things when I was single).

It was around this time Ally became interested in getting herself a young girlfriend who could move in with us. I thought about this for about 1 nano second and coolly said ok if your sure, but again only if you let me join in, She looked at me laughed and said of course I would be joining in, so the search began.

Ally has been bored since she came home and even though we have a business here it runs itself so she started looking for something else to do. Selling insurance. What a great idea.

We were having coffee one day in the local mall when she waved over a young lady in a medical uniform whom we had a nice chat with, it turns she was also an agent for the insurance company and that’s how my wife knew her, the uniform was the local college uniform for medical students. Ally looked at me and said what do you think, I said she seemed nice, very confident (not like most young women here when talking to an older white guy). She smiled and said no she is very sexy and I should see her without her uniform, obviously I thought this was a great idea. Ally then said her name is Rose and she’s been flirting with her and wants her to be her girlfriend.

Over the next week the texts between the two get more and more suggestive until I tell Ally to just ask are you both on the same page, the reply was “Yes ma’am we are most definitely on the same page”.

The next day I was sat watching T.V. when Ally suddenly came downstairs dressed up saying she was going on a date, she smiled at me with an evil glint in her eyes and said she was going to get a girlfriend. Later that night she came back with all the details (she had been updating for a while by text) they had gone for drinks in the afternoon, unusual here, and on the way home she had pulled the car over and told Rose she wanted her to be her girlfriend, they then made out in the car. Ally had grabbed Rose’s breast and told her she wanted to fuck her right there. Rose had replied “not here, not yet”. Game on. This was Sunday.

Two days later (TUESDAY YEAH) Rose has the morning off college, they arrange to meet early in the morning after Ally dropped me off for my run at the local track, and I was to make my own way back, we normally workout together. When I got home they were already here so I quickly showered made a post run breakfast brought them coffee and left them alone in the bedroom. I went downstairs watching some live Monday night college game between Florida State and someone but was paying zero attention, Just trying to hear any tell tell noises coming from the bedroom. After about 45 mins my patient ran out and I just had to check on the plants on the balcony outside our bedroom, they were fine thanks for asking, but inside the room I could see they were just talking and texting on their phones. Shit, I went downstairs wondering what had gone wrong and thinking I better get into this football game.

Stairway to Heaven

15 minutes later Ally opens the door and shouts to me is our help in the house, I had no idea and said so, all I heard then was “great get up here now” I flew up those stairs.

I walked in the room Rose was in bed and Ally was smiling and told me to just watch for now, she joined her in bed, Rose used to be a volleyball player and has an amazing body with one the firmest butts I have ever felt. They start making out, my god it was amazing watching my wife and a 20 year old going for it. This wasn’t porn this was two women who needed and wanted each other my dick was instantly hard, Ally looked up at me and told me to feel Rose’s ass, oh fuck it really is incredible, as I was rubbing her ass I suggested they should get out of their clothes, Rose was wearing tight fitting leggings, Rose turned round and looked at me and said she would need help, I pulled those leggings and panties off so quick it was done before she had finished asking, Rose was kneeling forward on top of and kissing Ally, so I had her ass and pussy in my face at this point, so I did what any horny old man would do and just buried my face in her pussy and ass. Later I realized the first time I touched this girl was with my tongue up her ass. My God she tasted amazing so I spent the next five minutes just tongue fucking her ass and pussy, I had no idea what they were doing to each other but it turns out Rose was licking Ally’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. Ally suddenly takes charge and tells me to get a condom and fuck Rose (Ally loves watching porn to get off as well as watching me fuck other women, hence the need for a girlfriend) I said this might not be a great idea I was just about to shoot my load from just eating Rose, But oh well if you insist. I put on the condom enter Rose still in the doggy position and see my wife has got her wireless wand vibrator and is going to town on her clit. Here I am 50 years old fucking a fit and horny 20 year old while my wife is orgasming with her wand, life is good, scrub that, life is fucking great.

I managed to hold out for 3 to 4 mins before blowing my load in the condom but managed to keep fucking Rose, luckily for me even at my age I can still keep going after I cum and get hard fairly easily, given the sights in front of me it really wasn’t too difficult. After a while I had to pull out just to get rid of the condom, went to the bathroom cleaned up and came back in to see Rose finger fucking the shit out of Ally’s pussy. If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing two bi-lesbians going at each other who are really into each other it is way better than any porn and way more violent (well rough) these two did not hold back on each other, both of them like to be dominant so there was plenty of hair pulling choking slapping and fingering going on.

While all this was going on all I was doing was walking round or lying on the bed just attempting to get the best view of the action that I could. Normally when I have been involved in sex similar to this, alcohol is usually involved and many is the time I have woken to stories of what happened the night before with no recollection, alcoholic blackouts have caused me to not remember some of the best nights of my life. This was different no alcohol, early morning lunch session, I remember thinking I will take these memories to my grave.

Ally looks up and tells me, I want to watch you fuck her again but you on top, use your weight and be rough she likes it rough. I moved up put a pillow under her ass pushed her legs up to her chest and just plunged in (after a 2 minute fight with the condom packet trying to get the cellophane off) I began fucking Rose as hard and fast as I could, she was obviously loving it, I then leaned further forward and put my right hand round her throat, her hands immediately both grabbed at my hand, initially I thought to move them off but no she squeezed my hand and told me tighter, smiling at me, it began to scare me how hard I was squeezing but she was always in control, and when I finally let get she shouted at me to slap her slap harder (this is a young innocent ??? 20 year old remember) Eventually I began to tire and my dick began to wilt, I am 50 remember, so I pulled out and began to get her off with my fingers, at this point Ally put down the now exhausted vibrator and began kissing and biting Rose’s lips and nipples. This wasn’t gentle lovemaking trying to get Rose to cum, this was hardcore sweaty physical sex, I had two fingers inside pointing towards me trying to hit that g-spot Ally was choking and biting her breasts lips and throat, Rose’s whole upper body was turning pink in the way some women do then all of a sudden, wow my fingers were soaking (Ladies and gentlemen we have a squirter). This wasn’t porn flooding but she later told me she has done that before, soaking her bed masturbating, well I guess we have something to aim for.

At this point cuddling began to happen the three of us just holding on to each other, I could say this was the best part but I would be lying. I got up and said I was going back downstairs this was supposed to be about the two of them, I lay on the couch in the living room with the biggest smile on my face trying to keep my hands of my dick thinking about what had just happened. I actually picked up my I- pad and began playing some mindless game just to get my brain to calm down, after 5 minutes of this I realised I could still smell and taste Rose all over my face, it was intoxicating.

Suddenly it hit me like a hammer, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, your wife is in bed with one of the sexiest women I have ever been with and you’re down here playing fucking video games. For the second time that morning I flew up the stairs.

When i got in the room they were both still cuddling and looking at their I-pad (other devices are available) they both looked up smiled and went back to what they were looking at, facebook I presumed. I got round to the side of the bed and joined them so Rose was in the middle with my wife holding the I-pad and realized they were watching porn, not any old porn, but threesome porn with two women and a man. I squeezed against Rose’s ass and instantly got hard again (did I tell you it’s an amazing ass). My wife looks at me and Rose smiles and says round 2 (technically round 3) and I start rubbing her pussy through her leggings which she has put on again. Rose looks at us both, laughs and says she has class in 1 hour so Ally just looked happy and said good 1 hour it is then.

This time I concentrated much more on my wife, was fucking her doggy while she was eating Rose, then both of us concentrated on getting Ally off, I was eating pussy again Ally loves that, Rose was chewing and biting her tits so hard she left love bites all over them. Sometimes it’s hard for Ally to finish this was one of them, also the 1 o’clock deadline for the start of rose’s class was fast approaching. We decided to stop clean up head downstairs for something to eat, which was waiting for us thanks to the lady who is our help, then the two women headed off, Ally driving Rose back to school.

When I finished tidying up after the meal I just crawled back up stairs lay in bed and waited for Ally to come back home, The college is only a 5 minute drive away. When she entered the room she had the biggest grin ever on her face and asked me what did I think of her new girlfriend, honestly the only thing I could do was laugh and tell her it was the most amazing sex I have ever had in my life.

And it happened on a Tuesday, God I love Tuesday’s now

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