I got a lot of messages asking about our fishing trips with Nate and Sarah so here’s another one. If your new check out my other story.
SO one Saturday after the July 4th threesome Nate calls me and ask if I want to take the boat out for some fishing. I said sure let’s do it. You mind if Sarah comes as well? Nate asks. Not at all man she’s always a great catch if we don’t hook into anything I replied. So we’re out on the boat heading out off shore. Nate says listen man I know things got heated in the moment and I wasn’t sure if you felt uncomfortable after the fact. I wasn’t sure what he meant so I asked. Well I know your a straight man and a great friend of ours. The alcohol kind of I stopped him right there. Listen Nate I know you and Sarah are bi it’s cool man. It all felt good no judging by me bro I’m down to have fun with you guys again. Nate laughed and continued fishing. It was a beautiful hot day. I look over at Sarah she just laying there on the back of my boat nude tanning enjoying her drink. Little after noon the sun really started to heat up. I pulled over the big canopy to provide shade and gave fishing a rest. Grabbed myself a beer for Nate & I. Nate said I’m going to join you too hunny and started to take his swim trunks off revealing his massive cock. I couldn’t lie to myself anymore Nate was attractive. I loved the big vein down the center of his penis. He looks over and smiles you joining? I say why not. I get the courage to compliment him on his body and cock. He laughs and says you know me and Sarah were talking about your girth. You have a very thick cock my man. He walks over and grabs it. It’s got some weight to it man. I reach over and grab his he’s already growing. Sarah looks up and says you guys went starting without me are you. She walks over and gives me a couple good stokes she laughs and says a women’s dream out on a boat with two big cocks. She starts sucking on my head and Nate is licking my balls im in heaven just sitting here out in the Atlantic Ocean getting an amazing blowjob from a hot couple. After a few minutes I tell Nate to stand up and take his massive member into my mouth my first time sucking a cock. A very large cock at that. I get it nice and wet. He gets behind Sarah and starts fucking her . Her moans on my cock felt so good. After about 10 minutes Nate pulls out and starts eating her pussy. I get up and go to Nate take his big cock in my hand and Sarah’s juices are all over it I lick it up the best I can. Then I slowly slide into Sarah I vividly remember her saying omg baby he’s so thick. I went to pound town on her sweet thick pussy. We tried double penetration but wasn’t happening after what seemed to be an hour of hot sex on my boat. Me and Nate came all over Sarah’s huge natural breasts. So there you have it two guys 1 amazing wife just enjoying the good outdoors.

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