As I mentioned in my first post some time ago I am an archaeologist. So I work a lot in other countries.

I worked in Greece on an excavation as part of an international team.

Excavating can be backbreaking labor, but we were well funded and had lots of university students and trained excavation helpers to make this one pretty easy. We were busy all the same though with overseeing the dig and cataloging the findings.

Among the university students was a young, dark haired Greek girl called Neoma. The attraction was there pretty much from the start. I could tell she was flirting with me. But in the early stages of the excavation I was too busy to act on any of it.

That changed however, when Neoma, because of her knowledge of the area, I and another archaeologist were sent to take a look at another possible site nearby. That there were ruins was already known, but preliminary research made the chief archaeologist think there might be more to be found. So the three of us drove up there, but it soon became clear that we needed additional equipment. So we decided to split up.

My colleague drove back to the excavating camp to get the necessary equipment, while Neoma and I would have another look around. Neoma had till now only done grunt work. So being out in the field had her pretty excited. We took a look at some foundations and a partially covered wall, when we discovered there on the wall were paintings. It was the first substantial find Neoma was part of, so in her excitement she jumped up and down in glee and kissed me.

Somehow that broke the damn. I kissed her back Still kissing Neoma unbuttoned my shirt, while I removed her hat and t-shirt. That was when she unzipped my pants. She started blowing me. Slowly at first she used her hand and mouth to give me an erection. Then she moved on to licking my balls while jerking my cock with her hand.

I pulled her up and pushed her onto what was the foundation of a column thousands of years ago. Neoma put her backpack on the stone and steadied herself on it. I pulled down her pants and underwear. I lined myself up and fucked her doggystyle. I leaned over her and like that and grabbed around to her front with one hand to massage her breasts, working down to her clit, while steadyinf myself with the other against the column base.

Through my thrusting Neoma kept sliding forward more and more on top of the stone until she was kneeling on it on all fours. I needed a moment to calm down myself so I stopped fucking her and started licking and fingering her. The whole situation had her near climax already so it didn’t take much to make her shudder and orgasm.

This gave me a moment to calm down a little before continue to fucking her from behind. She moved in an upright position, while still kneeling on the column base. I hugged her from behind and kissed her working down to her neck, while my hands kept rubbing her clit and breasts.

Neoma kept moaning, but complained that her knees were starting to hurt. So we switched positions. I laid down on the stone and she rode me cowgirl style, while rubbing herself to another shuddering and moaning orgasm.

Neoma collapsed on top of me. But I still was hard like a rod and at that moment didn’t want more than release. So I rolled us over and stood up. Neoma was lying with her back on the column base. I took her legs and held them in a hugging position with her knees over my left shoulder. I penetrated her in that position and fucked her hard and fast, while Neoma only moaned and whimpered weakly. The intensity of it all made her and me cum nearly at the same time as a finish. I shot my load into her and fell back onto the floor exhausted, feeling unable to stand. Neoma was in no better shape.

We kept gathering our wits until we heard my colleague’s car in the distance. We scrambled to make ourselves presentable, To this day I have no idea if it worked, as he kept shooting as weird glances.

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