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A little background: I’m a 5’5 white brunette, my now ex is 5’8. This is relevant later on in the story.

Due to a few reasons I informed my ex, who I had been dating for 4 years, that I wanted a break. He didn’t take it well but ended up accepting it.
He was a nice enough guy, decent looking, and I liked him a lot for a while but I had been noticing that feeling diminishing a lot as of recently.

We had agreed to wait to have sex, and so both of us were virgins by the time of the break. During this time I was introduced by my friends to my sex dream guy, let’s call him C.
C was everything I found attractive in a guy: very tall (around 6’3), tanned, incredibly ripped, defined jawline, attractive features.. Short, black hair in an undercut which he gelled back. You get the picture.

Anyway, C and I started talking and flirting a lot, and even though I knew he was a player I was so attracted to him I didn’t care. After I while I flatly told him I wanted him to take my virginity, which he seemed incredibly eager to do.

The day comes, and I first I start having doubts about what I’m about to do, but that all changes when I open my door and see him wearing a tight shirt which highlighted his muscles like crazy and a pair of sweatpants that made his surprisingly big (cliche, I know) bulge stick out. I was immediately turned on.

C closes the door behind him and rushes to me, spins me around, and pins me to the wall. He uses one of his legs to part mine and places his knee right under my pussy, while holding my ass with a hand and using the other to hold my jaw so my neck is at an angle. I wrap my hands around his buff back, and immediately start moaning loudly at the feeling of his lips and tongue sucking all over my neck.
Eventually he stops, his lips only an inch from my ear, I can feel his warm breath on my neck when he says he will pound my pussy so hard I’ll be sore for the next two days.

Using his big, strong arms he carries me to the bed as if I’m nothing more than a toothpick. He lays me down flat on my back and takes my pants off, sucking my inner thigh and burying his tongue deep inside my pussy. I could feel him moving the tip of his tongue all over inside of me as I shook and trembled in bed. After what seems like forever, and one orgasm later, he begins to kiss his way up my body, licking and sucking my stomach, nipples, and neck again.

I take off his shirt, revealing his cut, toned abs. He settles his body on top of mine, placing his bulge on my pussy. I start to suck on his nipple and feel up his arms, but he soon takes control and pins my head down by my hair. I let him take me and he starts to tease me, biting my lips. We soon begin the slowest, most pleasing make out session I have ever experienced. My arms wrapped around his thick neck, I can barely hear my own moans coming out of what little space there is between our lips. He takes his time exploring every inch of my mouth, grinding his bulge against my exposed pussy just as slowly. I eventually get so desperately horny I wrap my legs around his and begin to push him tightly towards my body, feeling the curve of his dick rubbing against my pussy with no space left between our bodies.

I could have stayed like this forever, but he decided it was finally time to claim my virginity as his. I excitedly help him take my pants off, and barely get a glimpse of his huge, hard cock before he slowly, inch by inch, shoves it inside my dripping wet pussy. It felt a little difficult and uncomfortable at first, but after a while all I could feel was waves of pleasure as he complemented his tongue in my mouth with the slow movement of his dick inside of my pussy, using one of his hands to push my head so that I could feel every last inch of him.

He abruptly stopped pounding me and slid out of me, I was confused for a second before he flipped me and put me flat on my stomach. I felt the weight of his hips fall on mine as he put his cock inside of my asshole. As with my pussy, what little discomfort I felt at first was fast replaced by pleasure. He put one of his hands on my nape and ran it all the way down to my lower back, pressing it there so my ass staying put. He used his other hand to hold and pull all of my hair back. I could feel his legs holding mine in place as he gradually pounded my ass faster and faster with each second.

After another orgasm, he decided it was time to finish me off. He picked me up and slammed me against the wall, using his strength to hold me there. He slid his cock inside of my pussy once again, this time using his hands to bounce my body up and down, giving me so much pleasure I felt I was about to pass out. I held onto his body, screaming and moaning his name, begging him to blow his load inside of my pussy, to which he finally complied.

By the end I was so tired I went almost immediately to sleep. He fucked me again the morning after, and I soon realised I could never be with my ex boyfriend again. It gave me a sense of perverse pleasure thinking about how he’d feel if he knew what had just happened in the last day.

That’s the story of how I lost my virginity

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