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My current boyfriend and I matched on tinder back in March. Neither of us imagined we would fall in love with someone off tinder but well here we are!

We matched back in March, he sent me a cheesy pick up line and somehow it worked on me. We exchanged phone numbers, texting and flirting back and forth for a bit. However, it seemed like every time we tried to make plans, it never worked.

One night while texting, we were both drinking and I basically begged him to come over because I was so horny. I gave him my address and he said he was only about 45 minutes away and he was on his way. I started worrying when an hour had passed without me hearing anything from him, I texted him again and asked where he was, it took him a while to respond but eventually he did, saying that a friend called him and needed help so he went to help them out. He was going to come over afterwards, except I fell asleep before he made it over.

We texted that week, he teased me on how easily I fall asleep and I teased him for ditching sex to help a friend (though I actually admired that). Next Saturday roles around and I was going out with my girlfriends to a local club. When I finally got home, I drunk texted him once again to come over and fuck me. For reasons I don’t recall, he said he would come over but it would take him a while to get to me. Me being drunk was all for waiting since that meant I was getting fucked… and then I fell asleep (again).

Clearly I had a problem with drinking and falling asleep. We texted for a while more, then finally on Easter Sunday I invited him over to smoke. Neither of us are religious, but my family was. I no longer lived with them so I was finally able to practice (or not) whatever religion I wanted. He finally came over, and we sat out on my balcony and smoked. My roommates and I had a dope set up outside, blankets and lights. It was cute. It also overlooked a huge pond with a fountain in the middle.


We sat on the blankets, smoked, talked, and really got to know each other on a mental level. I got impatient waiting for him to make the first move so I just said “Fuck it” and kissed him. I could tell that took him by surprise but he kissed me right back. As we began making out, his fingers found their way into my tiny shorts. I could tell he was shocked to find out I wasn’t wearing panties.

His fingers found their way to my slit, he grinned, feeling that I was already soaked just by making out. He used my wetness from my slit to slide his fingers to my clit where he began to draw slow circles over it.
I moaned in response, it felt so fucking good. He kept rubbing in circles while I moaned and jerked underneath him. I finally came, gasping and convulsing under him.

He began stripping my clothes off of me, kissing down my neck to my chest. He stopped to play and suck with my nipple piercings, then kissed down my stomach, down to my thighs. He kissed and sucked all over my thighs but making sure to avoid my clit. Finally after begging him, he put his tongue to my clit. Starting with long slow strokes, making my pussy drip. He began circling my clit with his tongue and I could feel an orgasm coming. I know he knew I was about to cum, I was squirming and trying to pull away but he held me down and started licking and sucking faster. I couldn’t take it anymore and I came all over his tongue. After I came, I started smoking while he continued to eat me out. Then my phone started ringing, I reached over to grab it, expecting him to stop eating me out but he held my legs down and told me to answer my phone. It was my mom, calling and asking if I went to church today for Easter. I tried lying saying that I did to get her off the phone fast but she knew I was lying. I honestly don’t even remember the conversation because I was trying so hard not to moan. When I finally got her off the phone, I begged him to use his fingers while he licked my clit and he teased me, running his fingers over my slit but never entering me. After what seemed like forever he slipped his fingers inside of me and I orgasmed instantly.

He ordered me to sit on his face, I had never done that before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I lowered myself onto his face, facing his feet so I could easily access his cock. He began flicking his tongue over my clit. I don’t even know how to describe how fucking good it felt. I just remember I kept orgasming over and over again. I slipped his cock out from his shorts, shocked at the size. It was easily 7 1/2 inches, the biggest I’d ever seen. I kept trying to suck his cock but kept get distracted on how good his tongue felt.

He told me to get off and lay on my back, he slipped a condom on and wasted no time slipping his huge dick into my tight, wet pussy. I bite my tongue to stop from screaming out, his cock stretched my pussy and it felt so fucking good. He went slowly at first, letting my tight pussy get used to his size, then started pounding away. I told him before that I was sexually frustrated and needed to get fucked hard. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and pushed even deeper into me. He was hitting spots I didn’t even know existed. I told him that I was going to cum all over his cock and he leaned down and whispered in my ear, “cum for me.” That was all I need to push me over the edge. I screamed out and began cumming, it was the most intense orgasm I had ever had up to that day.

He pulled out and flipped me onto my stomach, pulling my hips toward him so I would arch my back. He slipped right back into me and started pounding my pussy. He is curved down wards so he was hitting my g-spot over and over again. It didn’t take long for me to cum again. He kept pounding me, slapping my ass, pulling my hair, making me cum over and over again. He grunted, saying he was about to cum and I begged him to cum for me. My pussy tightening around his cock was the last thing he needed before he exploded into the condom.

We collapsed, half naked and cuddling on the balcony. Not even five minutes later, one of my roommates walked out on the balcony and asked me to grab her piece from the corner I was sitting in. Either she was super fucking high, or it was too dark, or a combination of both, but she didn’t realize we were both naked. We laughed about it when she left, talked a little more then ended up going to my room and falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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