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I’m a 22 year old guy in college, at the same city where my parents live. I’m not the guy girls go crazy over or the one that dates every cheerleader in highschool and makes every other guy jealous. I’m just a normal guy that girls find good looking and well kept but never drool over. I’ve always noticed girls everywhere around me but never actually had the guts to approach a super hot girl ever.
So this girl who takes some classes with me in college lives in the same neighborhood and our parents know each other and work at the same place. Let’s just call her Megan! A complete smokeshow! Megan’s the girl every teenage guy dreams of fucking and bragging about! Light brown skin, black hair, very dark brown eyes, boobs you could drown in and an ass that can hypnotize you! So I’ve had a serious crush (mostly sexual) on her for a year but never had the balls to go and tell her that I like her, scared that I’d make a joke out of myself.
So this one night our parents had gone out together for dinner with some people from work and both of us were home alone. This happened very often. After standing in front of the mirror for about an hour and hyping myself up I finally decided to go to her place to ‘hang out’. (Trust me, just sitting with her for a while would have been an accomplishment xD).
So I find myself at her door, sweating like crazy after ringing the doorbell. I hear her walking to the door and asking who it was, I answered. She opened the door, wearing a very tight tee and very short shorts. I could see her nipples poking out of her tee, which made me crazy and my mouth water with temptation. She asked me to come in and asked of I wanted a drink. I, trying my best to hide my very obvious boner said “No, thanks” and sat on the couch. She started talking and said quite a few things but in front of her glowing thighs, hard nipples and her sweet scent, all I heard was “…..I’ve been noticing you staring at me..never thought you’d have the balls to come to me….”.

******Good stuff!

And the next moment I find her sitting on my lap facing me with her legs spread. My dick was already poking her pussy from below and I knew that she could feel it and she didn’t seem to mind. We started kissing like crazy and I started pressing her very sexy boobs and then grabbing her ass so deep that my fingers touched her pussy lips that we’re already dripping wet. At that moment all my anxiety left and I felt like some hunk out of a porn video. I picked her up and pushed her flat on the couch, then got on top her and pulled her shorts off. Then I started rubbing her pussy lips while I sucked on her large and dark nipples. The sound of her moaning made my dick throbbing hard. I stopped, stripped to my boxers and got back to fingering and sucking her. Then I felt her hand pull my dick out of my boxers and say “if you don’t put it in right now, I’ll have to make you leave” with a very sexy smirk on her face. All I could say was “yes ma’am!” And pushed my dick in her pussy with all the force I had in my thighs. This made her eyes roll back and scream. Then, like every virgin guy does (:P), I started to thrust with every drop of strength and lust I had for her. And within just 5 minutes I realized I was about to cum and she knew it too. She propped up, bent down and took my hard and wet uncircumcised dick between her very plump pink lips. Then she sucked every drop of juice out of my balls and made me moan like a 12 year old boy having his first orgasm. Then she looked into my eyes and said, “I don’t care if you’re done, I want you back inside”. Thanks to my very fit body, I was ready for it and proceeded to shove my dick up her cunt once again. This time from the back, holding her waist very tightly and thrusting into her butt cheeks. Then I pulled her up while thrusting and put one arm around her neck and grabbed her boobs with the other hand. “I didn’t know you had this in you”, she said. As I continued I felt her pussy soaking my dick and then tightening around my dick. She screamed and came all.over my dick and I could feel her juices drip to my thighs. I flipped her and put her on the couch. Cleaned her pussy with my tongue and soaked all the juice that she had squirted.
She then put my dick in her mouth and sucked it like a pro till the time I couldn’t hold it in and came all over her tits. Exhausted, both of us lay on the couch as she used her fingers to lick all my cum off her chest.
I couldn’t believe I had lost my virginity to the girl I thought I could never even talk to. She told me that our parents could be back any time. So I got up and got dressed. She came to door with me and as I walked away, she called out my name and said “this was just one place to put that dick, I’ve got another” and shut the door.
I walked home with disbelief and a smile on my face that night, still feeling my dick dripping from what had happened.

Not a writer but I hope I described it okay and that you guys like it.
I’ll tell you what happened in the future if I get a good response 😀

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