I hope you can forgive bad formulations and mistakes, English is not my native language.

How I was cucked by my buddy Karl for the first time after losing a bet to him you can read [here](https://old.reddit.com/r/cuckoldstories/comments/9b97nw/wager_with_an_old_army_buddy_mffcuckoldinglong/).

And how my wife arranged for me to be cucked a second time on our wedding anniversary, I posted [here](https://old.reddit.com/r/gonewildstories/comments/9bvyiw/anniversary_surprise_mfcuckoldinglong/).

After those two stories happened, I was cucked a few more times by Karl, after losing other wagers to him, and once or twice my wife arranged for me to be cucked. While those sessions were just as enjoyable it was nothing new. I have one cuckold experience left though, which is interesting enough to post it. So here goes:

So my buddy Karl, his long time girlfriend Christine, my wife Clarissa and I arranged for a little vacation. So we booked some rooms at a hotel in a big city for a weekend, from Friday to Sunday. We checked in and unpacked. After that we went out, shopping, sightseeing, drinking and whatever else you do on vacation in a big city.

It was Friday evening and our plans were diverging a little. Karl and Christine met some relatives of Christine. Clarissa and I had dinner and went dancing. That was when Karl showed up out of the blue. Christine and her cousin had gotten some last minute opera tickets, but only two so Christine and her cousin had gone to the opera and Karl was free and decided to see, if we wanted company.

Well Clarissa welcomed him. We continued the drinking and dancing. But I could see where the night was headed or so I thought. When Clarissa and Karl were dancing their hands clearly started wandering. So I thought I was in for another night of watching them screw the living lights out of each other. And they clearly got in the right mood. So after enough drink and fun in the city, we took a cab back to the hotel. The three of us made our way to my and Clarissa’s room.

In the cab Karl and my wife had shown a modicum of restraint, but as soon as we were in the room they were back at each other again. While they were rubbing against each other, their hands fondling their privates, something unexpected happened. My wife turned around, while Karl kept pawing her from behind.

Till now I had been standing beside them watching, but my wife grabbed my collar pulled me closer and down to her face and kissed me. She slip out from under Karl’s hands and knelt down. She unzipped our pants and got out our cocks. Crouching between us Clarissa jerked Karl and me and alternated giving us a blowjob. We took of our shirts meanwhile enjoying the work of my wife. She kept sucking and stroking us until our cocks were hard as two iron rods.

Karl pulled her up and we took of Clarissa’s dress. She only remarked it was her turn for a threesome. My wife kissed me and started jerking me off, while Karl started to fuck her from behind. Clarissa instantly started moaning from the pleasure she experienced through Karl’s cock and four hands roaming all over her body. It didn’t taker her long like this to shake with her first orgasm. Karl and I steadied Clarissa, while she was lost in her pleasure.

When she had gotten her bearings again, my wife turned around and bowed down giving Karl a blowjob, while she presented her pussy to me. First I massaged and rubbed her there to warm her up again. During that my wife continued to blow Karl. When Clarissa started to moan again in her usual way I started to fuck her from behind like Karl had before. We continued to spit roast her like that.

I had a pause when working my wife over with my hands, but Karl was near the edge, so he retreated for a moment, taking a seat beside the bed to cool off a little. Clarissa and I moved to the bed and I laid down and she rode me reverse cowgirl style facing Karl, all the while working on herself with her hands.

When Karl was ready again he stood up and came over to us. Clarissa started blowing him again. It was my turn to cool off a little soon after. So Karl took my place. He laid on the bed and my wife got out some lube and lubed up Karl’s erection. I knew what was coming next. Karl crammed his cock into my wife’s ass, while he was rubbing her clit with his hands. It only took a few thrusts to have my wife climaxing like that. Anal was something that as part of our cucking sessions only Karl got from my wife. After all he also was the one, who had taken her anal virginity.

Soon after they switched to doggy style, while Karl kept reaming her ass. I reentered the fun hard and ready and my wife started to jerk me off and suck me again. Between our hands and cocks we fucked Clarissa to another orgasm like that. Karl and I on the other hand were at the limit of what we could do also.

So while he kept fucking her ass, my wife stopped blowing me and jerked me to a finish. She decided to give me one last humiliating jibe though and said that cucks don’t get to cum inside. So while I was shooting my load into the air, Karl was cumming grunting inside my wife’s ass.

I fell back on the bed, my wife’s words still burning in my ears, when Karl just stood up and my wife obediently knelt in front of him cleaning his cock with her mouth, while his cum was still dripping from her ass.

Karl complimented my wife on the nice fuck and got dressed with the words, he still had his own girlfriend to take care of. He was happy to lend a hand again anytime since it seemed I needed his help to take care of my wife. He smiled and was out the door.

As far as I know he was true to his word and more. Since apparently his girlfriend Christine had brought along her cousin for a round of fun to their room.

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