We’ve been very lucky with the people we met over the year. Recently we were in the Dominican Republic and met a hot girl there for a wild MFF (post will follow), and our last experience in Manila was no exception. My wife V (who is Filipina) and myself (Swiss) were spending a few days in Manila. It was supposed to be some vacation before flying to Singapore for work, but I ended up being busy with work anyway and so we took a nice suite in a hotel we like, and I got to working.

We had made plans to meet with Chelsea and spend the evening with her, but unfortunately I had to cancel because of work. Chelsea is really nice and easy going, and was so graceful in understanding the circumstances. She said however that if V wanted to spend time with her the next afternoon, that would be good. Since I was busy, I encouraged V to say yes and maybe go out for coffee and chit chat.

A few words about Chelsea. I didn’t choose this nickname for her, this is the [same girl as in this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/alasjuicy/comments/9y6j4x/a_fun_and_fulfilling_day_for_three) which she shared with us and we loved reading. We met her a few months ago on reddit and I wrote to her because she was looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon. I wasn’t around at the time, but I put her in touch with V, and the two girls decided to meet and have coffee together. From what I am told, they talked a lot about their sexual experiences, and it was clear that sex was a hobby that we all shared. Nothing happened that afternoon between the girls (I think that both of them were a bit shy to propose to go to a hotel… and making a public move in the Philippines is tricky, conservative culture…) but a friendship started to develop based on a mutual sympathy and common interests.

Then I had a great idea and told V that if she wanted Chelsea to come at our hotel and spend time with her there, it was fine with me. I had some work to do but the girls could relax and enjoy the pool and the hot tub, and the suite was big enough with a sofa so they could also sit down and chit chat. Plus I was very interested in meeting Chelsea in person. We didn’t really plan that anything would happen since it was just a spontaneous meeting but always happy to meet open minded and lovely friends. Also we knew that we would be back together in the Philippines soon, and so that opened the door for some serious fun 🙂

Chelsea liked the idea and told us she would come over the next afternoon. I was busy on a call when Chelsea arrived but the girls sat down and talked, and then when my call ended, I went to say hi. Chelsea is about as tall as V, and about 15 years younger with a body sculpted by a lot of exercise (she is training almost full time to compete at high level). We shook hands (as if the custom between a man and woman meeting for the first time in Asia) and I noticed her strong grip. V [looks amazing as well](http://imgur.com/a/LgQ2BHj), tall thin sexy and confident since we started playing with other people and exploring our sexuality (more pictures in our profile…). Seeing these two beautiful ladies together was a pure delight.

I apologized and explained that I had more work to do, and the girls decided to go to the pool. V said she didn’t have a swimsuit but that Chelsea could swim there and V would sit and relax. I told her she should go and buy a swimsuit but she said it’s OK for now. I told them I would join them at the pool a bit later. I had decided to stay a bit low profile in this meeting because I was not sure how Chelsea felt about me. I knew (having talked to her about it) that she was attracted to V, but I didn’t want to make things about me. I love to see V interact with other sexy people, and so I was perfectly happy staying low key. I went back to work, the girls went to the pool.

After about 30 minutes, I went upstairs to the indoors pool of the hotel and found the girls sitting on a chair and talking. I told V again that she should go and buy a swimsuit (it’s a public pool so we cannot swim naked there) and Chelsea also weighed in to convince her. She said no problems, let’s just walk to the mall nearby and buy one. It was clear that she wanted to be in a swimsuit with V and it made me happy. I decided to stay at the pool and let them enjoy the shopping experience together. When they came back I asked V if she had asked Chelsea to come with her in the cabin to try the swimsuit. She said no, still a little shy towards Chelsea. The girls went to change (V has bought a sexy black bikini with a strapless bra, she only recently started being confident enough in her body to wear bikinis. Chelsea was having a sports swimsuit which looked great on her tight body, especially on her sexy butt). We all went to the hot tub and enjoyed the hot water and the conversation. Unfortunately it was hard to be touchy feely there because more people came including a family with a baby, but we were content getting to know each other. We also went for a swim in the cold water, it was fun with our new friend. After a moment I decided to go back downstairs and take a shower, I wanted to give the girls more time alone and do a bit more work.

Later I heard the door and the girls came in, still in their swimsuit and towels. I heard V ask Chelsea if she wanted to shower first and then I heard these words from my sexy wife’s mouths, which made my heart jump in my chest “Or if you prefer we can shower together”. Chelsea had a shy laugh and said sure it’s a good idea. It was very exciting for me to see this situation develop as both my wife and Chelsea are a bit shy. V and I use to joke that she needs me to “push” her a bit sometimes for things to happen with other people (which I am happy to do, being a dominant figure and I love to teach her new things…). But hearing these words coming spontaneously out of V’s mouth made me super happy. So they went in the shower…

The suite is quite large with one bedroom and one living room / kitchenette, and the bathroom/shower room is in the bedroom. They had left the door open and I could hear them talk talk talk while showering. I was wondering what would happen next when suddenly I heard… silence 🙂 Interesting development since the first minutes of the shower had been like a busy chatroom LOL. I stood up quietly and went closer to the open door to listen to what was happening and heard someone moaning… not sure if it was V or Chelsea but it was really exciting to be in this position.

Eventually the shower stopped and V came out while Chelsea was drying her hair. I asked V if they kissed and she said yes with a smile. I asked if she initiated the kiss and she said yes. God I love this woman so much… Chelsea then came out and we all sat in the living. I was not sure if they wanted to take it further but I decided to be more naughty with V so we started kissing and I was caressing her. Chelsea is quite a voyeur and was enjoying seeing this. Eventually V asked Chelsea if she could kiss her again and she said yes, and I had the beautiful vision of two amazingly sexy asian women kissing… It was so beautiful, not just in a sexual manner but just a work of art. V started caressing Chelsea’s breasts over her shirt and then underneath… I started undressing V and Chelsea told us that she had to leave in 45 minutes so I knew we had time for fun. V was naked now and I went between her legs to lick her (which is our favorite activity and I have to say I am an expert at it…). V removed Chelsea’s shirt and bra and started playing her beautiful breasts. V’s breasts are slightly larger and softer, [absolutely beautiful as you can see here](https://i.imgur.com/1lnSAgR.jpg), Chelsea’s breasts are beautiful too, firm and smooth with a large nipple that very soon V took in her mouth. V started removing Chelsea’s shorts but she stopped her and said she was having periods at the moment and was wearing a cup (best invention ever… so much better than sanitary pads). We were sorry to hear but we are easy going and continued playing while Chelsea was close to us. I ended up kissing Chelsea as well (again I was keeping a low profile but she seemed eager to kiss me too and I was happy to do so, as she is a fantastic kisser just like V). It was so hot feeling her hard tongue in my mouth and caressing and sucking her breasts together with V. I made V cum with my tongue and she squirted over my face.

Then I told V I wanted to fuck her and she positioned herself in doggy on the couch, her head facing the outside window. We love that position. Chelsea was watching everything and saw me grab V’s hair and pull them like she loves. Then I spanked V’s butt and asked Chelsea if she wanted to try. She was a bit shy at first and asked V if she likes it. V was far gone by now and moaned she loved it, and Chelsea tried spanking her for the first time. V said “harder” and Chelsea took another shot, harder and stronger this time, all while I was deep into V’s pussy and pulling her hair. I could see that it turned Chelsea on a lot to try this, definitely something I want to explore more with her next time as I feel that she had a dominant side to her that only wants to come out…

After V came again, she said she wanted to suck me, so I sat down and kissed Chelsea more and played her breasts while V was going down on me. V has been exercising her gag reflex and was able to take me all in her throat without gagging, which was unusual and super hot. I think that having Chelsea right there made V even more daring. She also licked my balls and butt all while Chelsea and I were kissing. I remember Chelsea cuddling against me, skin against skin and her hand passing on my underbelly while I was deep into V’s mouth and I was in heaven. I also started rubbing Chelsea’s pussy through her shorts and found her clitoris. I asked her if I could make her cum with my mouth, as I don’t care about the periods (the cup makes it super clean and hygienic), or maybe make her cum with our vibrator but Chelsea was a bit self conscious and declined. As I said we’re easy going… so I didn’t push further and instead I slipped a hand in her shorts on the back, caressed her beautiful butt and reached her butthole which I started caressing on the outside while kissing her and while being sucked.

Eventually I knew I wanted to cum and I asked Chelsea to tell me what she wanted to see, where I should cum on V. Chelsea said on her chest, but then V asked her “do you want to see me swallow his sperm”. Chelsea was surprised and asked if V likes that (which she loves… this woman could live on a diet of my sperm alone…) and Chelsea said yes, she wants to see that.

V gave me a stronger hand job which brought me close to the edge and then went deep on me again, all the way in her throat and that pushed me over the edge, all the while holding Chelsea tight against me. I came in V’s mouth and she made sure to show us that she was swallowing everything and enjoying it… Being spent, I rested on the couch with Chelsea against me and gave a deep kiss to V (I love to taste my sperm in her mouth after a BJ). It was heaven.

I asked again Chelsea if she didn’t want to cum but she said it was OK and we will have more occasions, which I am sure… She unfortunately had to leave and I debated asking her to come back after her meeting to spend more time with us, but I knew that sometimes you shouldn’t push a good thing, and decided to stay content with this amazing afternoon and to enjoy a lovely evening with my beautiful wife.

We’re in touch with Chelsea online and talked about the afternoon and agreed that everyone feels super comfortable together. We talked about what we want to try next and hope to meet again in December or January when I am back in the Philippines. Chelsea has also been sharing with us stories and plans she has with other people and we are super happy for her. All in all we are really happy that we made a new friend in the lifestyle in Asia and can’t wait to be together again.

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