This story is kind of tame compared to the other ones, but I recently though about it, and I figured I should write it up.

A couple of friends of mine decided to rent a Chalet over a summer weekend. Just to hang out, have some fun, lake, beer…
We ended up being 15 people in total, but the Chalet was pretty big, 6 bedrooms total. So the majority of us got a bed, with 3 guys sleeping on air mattresses in the hallway.

Friday evening was pretty much busy setting everything up, cooking and drinking. So nothing special.

On Saturday, around 11am, a bunch of us head to the lake. A lot of us at first we just relaxing, tanning and drinking. I started off by tanning face down on my long chair, and had my bikini unhooked. We were there for a good 30 minutes before some of the guys started wanting to jump in for a swim. They started asking us girls, 5 of us at this point to join them. Comments quickly got to us to jump in skinny dipping or topless. I was feeling playful, and I am already known to be one of the wilder girls in the group. I eventually get up and with 1 arm across my boobs I jump in. I don`t think anyone got to see anything much. It was barely a few seconds. It`s safe to say that I got a lot of cheers for that. It quickly led to another 2 girls doing the exact thing as me, jumping in topless as more of the guys cheered. 1 of the other girls put her top on before she joined us, and the last one just stayed on the dock.

There was a lot of playful touching and fighting, some of the guys trying to be grabby, but nothing major. We swam for a bit before we got tired and wanted to get out. We started asking some of the guys to hand us our tops so we can put them on before we got out. And right away, the guys started playing around, none of them would throw our tops in the water, daring us to get out topless. The other 2 girls were getting irritated, they were dangling them in front of us. I was annoyed myself, but I wasn`t going to make a big deal out of it. So I simply get to the stairs and climb out not bothering to cover up at all. Pretty much everyone is staring at me. I head to the guy who has my top, only for him to throw it to another guys standing close by. I am half smiling, half annoyed, but I walk over to the guy and reach for it only for him to throw it again. So I simply turn around, grab my towel, cover myself, and tell him that he can keep it as I start walking up the path back to the chalet. I am not sure what the other 2 girls did, but they were still in the water as I walked away.

Later in the afternoon, a bunch of us decide to take some of the boats (pedal boat, kayak) onto the lake. I get into a 2 seats pedal boat with a guy, and we start peddling into the lake. We were a good 20 minutes in, before he start getting fidgety. I push him to tell me what is wrong with him, and turns out he really had to pee, but we were still pretty far from the shore. He asks me if I minded that he pees into the lake from the boat. We could see some other boats in the distance, but no one was close to us. I didn`t care on my end, so I tell him that he can go ahead. He stands up, all wobbly in the boat and tries to pee. I am looking away from him, but it was over a minute, and I couldn`t hear anything, so I ask him if he`s ok. He sits back down, and says that he couldn`t pee despite how badly he wanted. It was weird for him with someone close by, and in fact, he got hard having his dick out in public and close to me.

I laugh out, because I really wasn`t expecting this. As I tease him about his clear boner in his shorts; he pretty much jokingly blames me. That he still had the image of my boobs from earlier in his head. That he couldn`t stop thinking about them, and that caused him to get hard.

I was pretty flattered, i do like a compliment. I found the situation really funny. I don’t know why. But I straight up ask him if he wanted me to help. He looked rather confused, but before he could even answer, i just put my hand on his dick over his shorts.

He was just as shocked and i just started rubbing his dick that was still pretty much fully hard. I pull on his shorts and he lifted himself to let me pull them as his dick popped out. I continue slowly jerking him off, as he is looking nervously around to see if anyone is watching.

His dick was about 6 in, bigger than I expected honestly. As I continue jerking him, I bend over in what is the worst position I’ve ever been in and to give him a Bj. The second I put his dick in my mouth, he let out a loud moan and he arch his head backwards.

I am feeling naughtier and I liked him moaning, so I get more into the BJ sucking him harder. I suck him for a good couple of minutes before he starts his grunting, and I pull his dick out of my mouth and have him cum directly all over my face.

Just as I am sitting fully back straight in my seat, one of our asian friend in a single Kayak is inches away from us, and he is angling the front of his Kayak to rest at the middle of our boat to make it stop. I look at him and I could see his concern as he realized what we just did. Not that it was hard to tell, as my face is still covered in cum.

He gets flustered, apologizes right away and pushes his Kayak away from us. My face is fully red, my body is tingling. The guy I sucked off is all agitated, more embarrassed about than I was and he is apologizing to me as well. Not sure why he was sorry, it wasn’t his fault, but It was nice i guess.

It was a bit awkward after that, but trying to light the mood, I ask him if he still needs to pee. He was a lot more urgent about it, he stands up again, and pretty much starts pissing on the spot.

I took some of the cum of my face with my finger and licked some of it, I really do find it kinky. The rest I just dabbed my hand i. The water and cleaned up my face.

As we got back to the shore, I couldn’t help but feel like everyone was looking at me. This really could all in my head, no one actually said anything, and I am not sure if he told anyone but I couldn’t help feel some judgment. I don’t fully mind, I do have a reputation around them for being pretty sexual but I was still kind of embarrassed.

The rest of the trip was pretty normal. Nothing too special. Overall a fun weekend

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