Over the weekend I decided to see if my flat mate had managed to avoid playing with himself for the week, in order to get the prize of a repeat performance. Once everybody else had gone out I knocked on his door, and entered his room. After some quizzing I was satisfied that he had held up to his end of then bargain, meaning I was going to live up to mine. However this time with a twist, as I decided to FaceTime my bf so he could watch me be a good little slut.

I dropped to my knees, and took my flat mate into my mouth, making sure to work every inch as best I could, after all I was putting on a show. Every time I felt him getting close, I’d stop, making him wait longer and longer for the release. After about 10 minutes though I knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back, I felt him swell in my mouth and the first couple of ropes shot to the back of my throat, he then pulled out of my mouth and shot what seemed like endless ropes of cum over my face. Once he was done I swallowed what was in my mouth like a good girl, then decided to get myself off in front of my flat mate, with my bf on FaceTime, with my face covered in cum.

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