Nearly a decade ago my husband was showing less and less interest in me. I did everything I could to get his attention. I worked out harder, i sent him dirty texts, I bought fake tits and new lingerie to show off my new body. But, it never worked. He was obsessed with his job and his money. It destroyed me and eventually we divorced. I spent the next few years focusing on myself and just trying to feel normal again.

During this time my son was away at college. He would come home for the holidays and he started bring his roommate with him. He didn’t have much family around and so I didn’t mind taking him in. He was handsome and pleasant. Plus, he offered to do the dishes. During my son’s senior year he came back for holidays and brought his room mate, James. I started to realize this might be my last holiday with James. Nobody really knew where they would end up after college and thinking about it made me a little sad.

I decided to go big that year. I bought tons of liquor and had way too much food. I invited everybody I could think of, but not too many people came. There was a snow storm coming and most people wanted to stay off the roads. We started at lunch and partied until dinner time. Thats when my son decided to leave and go see his GF and her family. Slowly everyone else left as they tried to beat the worst of the storm.

By 8 o clock it was just me and James drunkenly cleaning the kitchen. I remember telling him how grateful I was to have him around and how I hoped that he would still be a part of our life when he graduated. The storms picked up outside. The power ended up going out right as we were finished cleaning. We grabbed a new bottle of wine and headed to the couch. We sipped and made small talk in the dark. Then I got a text from my son saying that he would be staying at his GFs house that night. He didn’t know if he should be driving.

“Well, James. It looks like Nate is going to be gone all night which means its just you and me…. in the dark…” I said.

We looked at each other for a moment and then I leaned forward and finally kissed him. He wasted no time pulling my shirt off and kissing down my chest. He pulled my tits from their bra and licked my nipples. This was when I realized that he had wanted this as much as I did. I let him kiss and lick my entire body as he slowly removed all the clothing that was in his way. After a few minutes we were naked and I was bend over the arm of the couch, my ass in the air while he ate me out from behind. My tits hanging over the side, swinging slightly.

I hadn’t yet seen his cock. It was so dark and I was facing away from him. But as he pushed it into me, I was surprised by how big it was. Or maybe it just felt big because I hadn’t taken a good dick in too long. But, I remember it pushing into me and my eyes going wide and my legs getting weak.

“Oh fuck.” I groaned as I he slowly pressed deeper into me. He was delicate at first. Like he was feeling every little inch of my insides, but his paced picked up faster and faster. I moved my hand onto the arm of the couch, my head leaning back. He reached around and grabbed my tits. He spanked me hard. I fucking loved it. My entire body quivered so violently that I almost fell off the couch when I came. I lost control of my body. Soon after, he grabbed my asscheeks hard and pulled out of me just in time to shoot his thick load between my cheeks. It felt warm and gooey as it dripped down to my crotch.

We didn’t bother to get dressed again. We just took a break, drinking wine and making out until he was hard again. I lead him into my bedroom and rode his cock long and slow until he finally came inside me. I didn’t want the night to end but I knew it had to. We took a shower together and I made him clean up the mess he made all over me, then I told him to go sleep in my son’s room. I’m glad I did because the next day I slept really late and when I woke up, my son, his GF and James where all at the kitchen table together eating lunch. I hugged my son and gave James a playful wink before sitting down to eat a plate full of left overs.

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