It happened on Monday but I haven’t had time to write about it until now. A few readers from my previous posts asked me to go into more detail with my next post so here it is:

Monday morning I received a long story from a guy (based in the southern US) I’d been chatting with on Reddit about how he wanted to force impregnate me. It was a huge turn on, and especially so because I’d been horny all weekend. I was meant to meet someone on Sunday for an intimate encounter but he didn’t turn up. On Monday I really needed it badly.

Since my first post a couple weeks ago I’d received a lot of messages, about a third from guys who are in my city of Shanghai. So on Monday morning I asked one guy, an American fitness instructor, asking him if he was available to come to my building for sex. We’d chatted on and off for more than a week about what we liked. He had a great body judging from the photos he sent me and I knew his time was more flexible on account of his job.

He replied almost immediately and within half an hour he was at my building. I work in one of the tallest buildings in Shanghai (in the financial district) but it’s still half empty. It’s quite cold now in Shanghai but nice and warm in our building.

I met him on one of the lower levels. I was wearing a figure hugging black cotton dress that showed off my curves and I could tell that he was turned on immediately.

I thought he looked even hotter than in his pictures. He had a long swimmer’s body and even through winter clothing I could see he was muscular. I was already wet with anticipation. Once I saw him I couldn’t wait to get naked.

I took him to a handicapped toilets; there was one in an isolated part of an interchange level that I knew people didn’t use.

He started by kissing me and grabbing my ass. He leaned down to kiss my neck and I put my arms around his shoulders (he was much taller than me).

I took my dress completely off and showed him the black lingerie I had on underneath. He lifted my bra up and sucked on my nipples, which turned me on even more. I got him to take off his shirt and ran my hands over his firm, lean body.

I unzipped his pants and took out his cock, already long and hard. I turned around and started to grind on him. As I did so he grabbed my shoulders and then my waist, licking the back of my neck.

Up to this point we’d said barely a few words. I turned and told him I wanted him to fuck me. He needed no second invitation. I let out a shudder as he pulled my underwear to the side and pushed his cock all the way into me.

I grabbed the bathroom sink as he began to fuck me from the back. He started slowly and sped up. I turned my head, stuck my tongue in his mouth, and we kissed passionately. Soon he was making a loud slapping sound with each thrust.

I was afraid a passerby could hear us, maybe a cleaning lady or a member of the building staff so we changed positions. He sat on the toilet and I climbed on top of him and rode him. This gave me much better control. He was hitting all the right places. I told him not to stop. I rode him harder and harder and orgasmed twice.

Then he picked me up and fucked me standing up. I wrapped my legs around his body. Sensing he was close I whispered in his ear, cum inside me baby, give it all to me. With a few final hard thrusts he exploded deep inside me. He lingered there for a few moments then pulled out.

I looked down. It was a complete mess, his thick cum everywhere and more leaking out. There wasn’t any toilet paper in the restroom so I had to used my skimpy panties to wipe up his semen. Then I put them back on.

I looked at my phone. 45 mins had gone by. We kissed. I went back upstairs to my work, my crotch still wet with his cum, but my colleagues none the wiser.

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