Backstory: I met this girl (lindsey) one time at a friends house (samantha) during a little get together around a bonfire. There were about 10 of us there, but when I saw Lindsey for the first time all that ran through my head was, “Wow! Some way or somehow I gotta take this girl down!” She was about 5’3 dark black hair, fair skin color, green eyes, b cup tits, decent sized waist to compliment her ass. I was like star struck when I saw her; I could barely say hi when meeting her. Time past by and she eventually sat next to me, but nothing more than a “Hey, wussup”. We all got into a group conversation and one guy wanted to say this poem but he was really nervous to say it. We all convinced him to say it and as soon as he started I interjected and said “That shit sucks”. Kind of a dick move on my part, but everyone laughed and Lindsey looked over at me with a little smile. Until this day I remember that smile because of the light that was shining off her face because of the bonfire. Eventually we left after a few hours, and I would see Lindsey here and there, and we would talk a bit and flirt a little, but she would not hold conversation for long and walk away, because the conversations were becoming a little tense each time. Later did I find out that the guy who wanted to say that poem was her boyfriend.

Fast forward to a year later: Samantha invites me out with all her friends to a bar for some drinks. Samantha always knew somehow I had a crush on Lindsey, and she would always invite me out and say “…Lindsey is coming” to convince me to make it. Were out chatting it up, and then Lindsey comes into the bar all pissed off because of what happened at work. At this time shes wearing these skin tight jeans, a low cut white shirt, and a purple bra that was showing out the top of her shirt. Shes venting to everyone about work, and her friends are drunkely giggling then say “cover yourself up, your girls are showing”. I just said let her be, stop trying to be her mom. We connected eyes for a good 3 seconds and then, give me a drink! She grabbed a pitcher poured a drink and poured me one and said, I challenge you to chug with me. I’m 5’11, 175lbs, and I workout 5 days a week. (Mind you, this girl is practically a professional drinker) I dont know what prompted her to just challenge me in a chugging match, but we did, and of course I won, and she kept challenging me, but I declined. We move to the next bar and by this time I’m just watching the hockey game that’s on and she comes over to me and starts talking to me, which was a pleasant surprise. Another guy came over to talk to her, and I just turned around because I didnt think she was into me and I wasnt going to cock-block anyone and she seemed interested in him. She turned around to me for a second and mouthed “help me”. I laughed and turned to the game again, she turned again and so I just grabbed her and pulled her over to me and held her. She whispered in my ear, “omg thank you so much!” At this moment she was acting strange, she stared at me with this look like “I want this guy right now” and I just gave her a head nod and a smile. She got up and grabbed my hand and went outside and sat me down to smoke a cigarette. I dont smoke, but I dont judge. That is the fastest I saw someone smoke a cigarette in my life btw. She flicked the butt, then grabbed my hand and went into a hallway and stopped and she smiled, and right there I went in for a kiss. We were making out like no one was around us, and it was just us. I picked her up on the wall and just started dry jumping each other. Samantha and her friends were looking for her and they found us and said oops never mind. Lindsey stopped and said “I dont know what’s happening! I never do this type of stuff… I hate PDA and I hate seeing people make out in public!” I grabbed her and made out with her again! Samantha said through the doorway “Hey Lindsey, were leaving to let you know!” So we got back with everyone and walked to our cars. Lindsey said “What did you do to me?! I dont do this!” I said “You know what I thought when I first met you?!” “What?” She asked. I thought about it for a second wondering if I should say it or not, “I gotta take this girl down somehow”. She looked at me with shocked look on her face like, did he really just say that to me? Then proceeded to ask, “Wheres your house?” So stupidly we took her car to my house, but the only thing on our minds was just to have passionate sex with each other. We had the most awkward and dead conversation because we just knew what we wanted to do. When we got to my house, we started making out, going up the stairs, tripping and laughing on the way up to my room. We get in, and I lay her on my bed. She starts undressing. Each article of clothing I get harder and harder! She says giggling “I’m waiting for you!” At this point I was harder than a calculus class to a 5th grader. I go grab a condom, and damn near broke it before putting it on out of excitement. I first entered slowly and she made a nice gasp, then I shoved it all the way! She pelted out a moan that was like music to me ears. All I could think was “I’ve been wanting to do this for so long!” We were having the greatest sex for what seemed like hours. We finished, both panting next to each other and sweaty, and she starts laughing saying “So, I gotta take this girl down huh?”

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