My name is Luke. I would consider myself a decently handsome young man. I’m almost six foot with nice brown hair and an okay body. I work out about three times a week to keep my body in shape. I’m not jacked or anything, but I’m definitely not overweight.

I have a step sister named Cassie who’s a couple months older than me. She’s a beautiful young lady with blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a great smile. She’s short. Probably about 5’2″. She’s so naturally pretty that she doesn’t need to wear makeup. She has a perfect ass and C-cup tits. She’s a flawless teen girl.

When we were fourteen our parents got married, and now we’re step siblings.

Fast forward four years. June 12th to be exact. My birthday. I was sitting at my kitchen table talking to my step mom as she was getting ready for work. It was early in the day. Probably around 12:30. I was wearing a grey t-shirt and somewhat tight jeans. Mom was asking me about my plans for the night, it being my birthday and all. I told her what I was doing, who I was going with, and what time. You know, all that mumbo jumbo.

While we were talking Cassie walked into the kitchen and threw a card on the table in front of me, wishing me a happy birthday. She looked beautiful as usual. She was wearing a nice white shirt with no shoulders and tight jeans that looked like they were about to explode off of her. Her pink bra straps were exposed. I teased her as I wasn’t expecting her to give me a gift. She sat down across from me. I resisted the urge to stare at her cleavage.

Mom walked up to me and handed me a card as well. She said happy birthday and gave me a kiss on the head. I told her I love her and she said it back. Cassie said it to mom as well, just to mess with me. We were close like that. Mom walked out the front door, got in her car, and drove to work.

Cassie and I sat at the table, left in the house together… alone… She asked me if I had any plans for the night and I told her I was going to a party. She got jealous that I was going to get wasted at a rager without her. Then she asked me if I was going to get laid. I was a little weirded out by this, but it didn’t bother me that much. I answered probably not.

She seemed surprised when I told her this. She made it seem like I needed to get laid on my sixteenth birthday. Then she figured it out. She asked me if I was still a virgin. Now I was uncomfortable. I told her that was personal and she responded “oh, c’mon. I’m your sister. You’re supposed to tell me this kind of stuff.” I didn’t think that statement was correct, but I answered anyway. I told her I was.

She seemed genuinely surprised by me telling her this. She continued to ask me why I never had sex with my ex. I told her we were too young when we dated and we weren’t ready then. Cassie must’ve felt bad for me because a few seconds later she told me she thought I was kind of cute. I didn’t know what she meant by that at first, but then…

She offered to have sex with me. I was thrown off. I did not see that coming at all. In shock, I responded no because she was my step sister and it was probably illegal. She was persistent though. She stood up and slowly walked toward me. She told me how horny she was and that she hadn’t had sex in like two months. I told her she was crazy. She continued though. She told me it would be a lot of fun. God knows I wanted to give in, but I couldn’t.

She kept talking and blurted something out. She said “I know you look at me.” I was thrown off again. I asked what she was talking about, but I knew damn well. Every time she walked past me in the living room and she had on her tight leggings and I could see every detail of her plump ass. I couldn’t help but stare.

It was all out now. She knew I thought about her. She knew I just wanted rip her pants off and take her from behind. Cassie ran her fingers up her thigh, as she continued to entice me. At this point the blood started rushing to my penis. I had to fight the urge. I told her she was crazy again. I told her the conversation was over. I got up to walk away, but she rushed in front of me, blocking my path. She grabbed the lower part of my shirt and tugged on it. She begged me. I told her how illegal it was again, but she didn’t care. She said that just made it more thrilling. She was getting wet just thinking about it. My bulge started to show in my jeans.

She began to explain how good it would feel. She continued to beg, but she already knew I wanted it. She put her hand on my crotch and began to massage it over my jeans. That was it. That was the point of no return. I knew right then I was going to have sex with my step sister. I told her it wasn’t a good idea, but she continued to caress me. She could feel me getting harder.

Cassie grabbed my hand and led me to the couch in the living room. I asked myself what I was doing. She guaranteed me that no one would find out, but then she said “unless you wanna tell your friends how tight your sisters pussy is.” I got harder with every word. Every movement.

She sat me on the couch and looked at my dick as it tried desperately to rip through my pants. She put her hand on my boner and slowly rubbed it to get it even harder. She wanted him to come out and play. After a moment of teasing is when she went in for the first kiss. Her soft, pink, glossy lips touched mine. I was hesitant. I still wasn’t one hundred percent sure of what we were about to do. I began to worry. What if mom or dad walked in on us? The front door was right there.

Cassie reassured me that they would be at work all day and that I don’t have to worry. She told me to just relax and let her do the work. I was so nervous. Not only was this my first time having sex, but it was with my step sister. I reminded Cassie that it was my first time and that I might not last that long. She told me no one ever lasts long their first time. That made me feel a little better.

She unzipped my jeans, and tried pulling them off. They were stuck under me. She asked for help. I pulled my jeans out from under me while she pulled the pant legs. She got them off.

Now I was in my boxer shorts. My dick was still trying desperately to get free. I hadn’t shaved down there, so being a little insecure, I asked Cassie if I could leave my boxers on. She immediately replied no. I was still uncertain of what I was doing. I took off my boxers. My hard dick flung out, like an inmate escaping from prison.

Cassie looked at my dick. She seemed shocked. I’m not trying to brag, but I do have a big dick. It’s long. About eight or nine inches. It has veins and it’s thick too. The length and the width go good together. It also has a downward curve and there’s no foreskin. I’m pretty proud of it. Cassie complimented me telling me how nice it was. She grabbed it, and stared at it, and admired it. She wanted it.

Cassie stood up and began to unbutton her jeans. She turned around for me and slowly pulled down her pants. She was wearing hot pink hipster panties. I loved her ass. I told her how nice it was. She turned back around to face me. She was smiling. She pulled her panties down over her feet and tossed them to the ground.

Her pelvic region was smooth. She had shaven recently. Her pussy lips were pink and smooth. She had a perfect teen slit. I was hesitant in looking at her naked bottom half. She grabbed my dick and started playing with it again. I got even harder. I started getting into it. Cassie kissed me again. This time I kissed her back. I was getting a hang of it.

She climbed on top of me. She continued to stroke my cock as she kissed me. It was a sensual kiss. Our tongues connected in each other’s mouths. It was hot, but then I remembered something. I pulled my lips away and asked Cassie if she had a condom. She told me we didn’t need one. I refused. I couldn’t get her pregnant. Then she told me mom had put her on the pill last year. “She did?” I asked. Cassie answered yes and told me to let her do what she’s supposed to do and when I was ready I could cum inside of her. That got me really aroused.

I couldn’t tell if this was really happening or not. Cassie asked me what I was so uncertain of and I told her I was nervous. She told me I was not going to regret it and boy, was she right. She made it all worth my while.

Cassie reached down and pulled her shirt over her body. She was in a pink bra that matched her panties. I was eager to see her breasts. She teased me and I begged her to show them. She reached both of her hands behind her back and unsnapped her bra. It loosened. I was even more eager now. She pulled her arms through the straps and tossed the bra on the floor behind her.

Her breasts were as perfect as her ass. They were supple. Nice. Round. She had coin sized nipples. I wanted to grab them, but I wasn’t sure if I should. Before I could ask she grabbed one of my hands and pressed it onto her breast. I grabbed her other breast with my other hand. They were a perfect handful. Not too much, not too little. “They’re so nice,” I shyly said to her. She loved how innocent I was.

I remember this next part very specifically. It was the first time I was gonna be inside a woman. Cassie brought her right leg to the foot as she sat on top of me. She spit in her hand and rubbed it on the tip of my dick. It made me rock fucking hard. I didn’t even know I could get that hard. I moaned as her fingers slipped over the head of my penis.

Cassie took my dick and pressed it up against her pussy. She smiled at me. “Here goes,” she said as she stuck the head in. I could already feel the pleasures of her vagina completely consume me. She put her leg back down and slowly pushed her body down onto my dick. Cassie let out a loud moan. I had never felt anything like this before in my life. It was wet. Warm. Tight. And the the moan she let out. It was the perfect combination.

Cassie arched her back. Her ass was perked out. She placed both of her hands on the couch next to my head. She carefully brought herself up, and then back down again. She moaned again. Just from that one motion I could tell I was ready to explode. I let her know I wasn’t gonna last much longer and she told me not to be scared to finish in her.

She began to slide her pussy up and down my dick, quicker. I started breathing heavier. I thought maybe that would help me last a little longer. Her tits bounced gracefully in my face as she rode me. I put my hands on her knees and slowly ran them up the length of her thighs, to her hips. Her skin was so soft. She moaned, telling me how good my dick felt. I could feel her pussy grip my dick as she moved faster and faster. She stared directly into my eyes with hers as she bounced up and down. She kissed me again, sticking her whole tongue down my throat. I was in pure euphoria.

Cassie moaned, shouted, and grunted as my dick repeatedly pressed against her walls. I got nervous as I got closer to finishing. I told her it was going to happen. She smiled at me with her beautiful fucking smile and began to go even faster. She wanted me to climax.

I could feel it coming on. I tensed up and clenched her waist to stop her movements. I grunted. It felt inhuman. My dick pulsed as it pumped Cassie’s tight pussy full of cum. Cassie let out soft moans as I did so. She started to gently move herself up and down my dick. She made sure to get every last drop out. As she was doing that she said something I will never forget. “Oh my god! It’s so warm. It feels so good.”

She finished moving up and down my shaft. She pulled my dick out and got off me. She sat next to me on the couch. My watery white cream leaked out of her tiny hole and onto the couch. She jokingly told me I was a perv for cumming inside of her like that. I told her how great it felt. She knew I would like it. She told me I needed to trust her more often. I responded “yes, I do,” and we chuckled. She told me my dick was awesome and if we did it again maybe I could make her cum. I apologized for not lasting long. She said not to worry about it and that it still felt good.

Cassie got up and grabbed her clothes off the floor. She let me know she was going up to take a shower. I told her I was gonna relax for a minute. She wished me a happy birthday one last time and walked up the stairs. I stared at her round, naked ass as she did. I smirked.

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