My wife knows i have fantasies about her sexually dominating me but had always refused to fuck me with a strapon saying it would make her uncomfortable and unfeminine to do it. I had given up on ever getting to experience being fucked when one night she asked me if I still wanted her to fuck me and I said yes. She said that she had ordered something that we could play with in the shower that might be the next best thing if I was interested. I said sure and she led me to the shower and then left and return with a large dildo about 10″ long and several inches thick with a suction cup on the bottom.

She wet the suction cup base and stuck the dildo on the wall of the shower about the height of my ass, and then lubed the dildo.

She then said “face me” and ordered me to back up until I felt the tip of the dildo.

She then reached behind me she lifted the tip of the dildo until it was level with my asshole and told me she wanted me to backup until the tip of the dildo was inside me. I reached back and took the dildo from her, positioned the head on my asshole and began to push back against it.

My wife pressed her body against mine and kissed my deeply and pressed her hips against my cock pushing me back and I gasped as I felt my asshole open and the head of the dildo pop inside me.

My wife was now grinding her pussy against my cock and whispered to me and said “Is it OK if I fantasize about another man fucking you while I hold you?” I nodded yes and my wife said “relax”, put her hands on my hips and pushed forward impaling me onto the dildo.

I had just enough time to realize what was happening when by wife pulled on my hips pulling me almost off the dildo before shoving her hips forward impaling me on the dildo again.

I cried out and she shushed me and said “take it for me baby” and slammed her hips into mine, then pulled my hips back, before slamming me back onto the dildo again, and again, and again. It only took about ten thrusts before I moaned out that I was going to cum and a moment later I came all over her belly and collapsed onto my knees in front of her.

She looked down and me and said “Lick it off. Lick your cum off my belly. Show me how much you love me. Lick it off”. She then stepped forward and rubbed her cum covered belly on my face and I slowly began to eat my own cum. When I was done she said “I know that must have been hard to do, especially knowing I was imagining you were being fucked my another man when you came. Are you sure you’re OK with that? It just a fantasy but it really turns be on thinking about it.” I told her it was OK. She kissed me and said “You’re such a great husband!”

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