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Within 24 hours of breaking up with my now ex-girlfriend I had a rebound and fucked my brother’s date.

I’m a 22 and this happened a few months ago. I had moved to a much larger city for graduate school and I was in a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere, was long distance and had serious issues.

I ended it and within minutes had a Tinder, bumble and a few other apps set up. I was ready to move on and see what a city had to offer me. After swiping away I decided to head to sleep and see what would happen.

The next day I woke up to my brother in the other room getting a call, he darted into the shower and went out the door in a rush. I didn’t care for it and went about Looking at my matches I had a few matches one of them had an usual message: “Peter (fake name)? Is this you?” She had confused me with my twin brother. I explained that we were Twins and that it’s an understandable mistake. She then revealed to me that she was on her way to meet up with him on a coffee date. We chatted a bit and jokes around before their date. Then silence for about an hour or two until I got a message asking to become Facebook Friends.

I accepted wanting to see where it would go, she started flirting, like a lot and sent a series of selfies. I told some friends and my brother and we applauded her for her “Big dick energy”. She invited me out for coffee and I accepted – I let my brother know and he didn’t mind saying she wasn’t his type.

I picked her up at a nearby metro, went for coffee. She was 20, pretty cute, thicc, with a Brown completion and an enormous ass. We went back to my place and after awhile decided to take things to my room. We immediately had problems as she wasn’t on birth control and my last relationship rendered condoms unnecessary. So after a quick shopping trip we had a good fuck.

I like to consider Myself pretty good in bed, I’ve got an average body with a 8-9 inch dick when it’s fully hard. She looked pretty incredible from my description naked. We started out with oral, I wrapped my tongue around her clitoris and gently teased her nipples with my fingers for awhile until she got restless and begged I fucked her.

She was very wet so I didn’t even need lube and I slid my cock right in. Her eyes widened once it went in and she wrapped her hands around my shoulders and really dug her fingers into me (ouch!). We alternated between missionary, doggy style and having her ride my cock. She really enjoyed riding my cock and grinding up and down on it. We kept it up for about an hour of us fucking until she had cum enough and I came on her chest. Afterwards we showered together and I sent her on her way.

My brother came home hours later asking how my first date as a single guy went. It was an awkward conversation to tell him I actually fucked his previous date and it’s something he continues to remark on whenever I get too eager to meet girls.

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