Myself and the girl were 18+ at the time this happened.

Short story

One day I’m sitting in class and I sat next to this girl Mary I knew a little. She was friends with my then girlfriend and obviously was a little slutty but shy. She flashed a kid her bra outside the gym while I watched. She was very average looking maybe more towards less average face but a small petite body with decent breasts. So I’m in class and she asks me hey can I have a ride after school tomorrow? I’ll give you gas money if you need it. I said sure no problem and went about my day not thinking a thing. The next day she asks if I remembered her ride I said yes and we met at the parking lot after school. She got in my car and told me where she lived making small talk along the way. I had no clue as a teenager and thinking back on it missed all the clues. Halfway there she said oh hey I almost forgot and put 10 dollars in my cup holder. We pulled into her driveway and i parked. You want to come in? She asked. Sure why not. At this point i had a little excitement enter me but didn’t think anything would actually happen. I followed her up the steps looking at her ass of course. She unlocked her door and we walked inside. It was a nice house and as she walked inside she said I’ll get us some water. I sat down on the couch and waited for my water. She came back with two waters and sat down next to me on the couch. Very close with her left leg practically straddling my left leg. So what do you wanna do she asked? I stammered again totally clueless. I dunno maybe watch some TV. There’s nothing on she replied quickly and before I knew she was sitting cowgirl on my lap. Besides I’m more fun to watch anyway right? I froze my hands on her legs her hands on my shoulders leaning back staring at me. Listen I’m not gonna tell brittany. But I have noticed you looking at me especially when I flashed Jason. Well yeah I said I mean I’d be an idiot to look away. At that moment she took her shirt off wearing the same purple sheer bra she wore the day she flashed Jason. I swear my jaw dropped. Before I could think my hands were on her beautiful c-cup tits squeezing them and she was kissing me. Our tongues swirling around each others mouths. She sat back and looked me right in the eye. She asked me. What do you want me to do? Suck my dick escaped my mouth. She immediately jumped up her tits bouncing and dropped to her knees grabbing at my pants. She had my rock hard cock out in a flash like an expert and was sucking it like a pro. Her head bobbed up and down furiously turning her head left and right as she went and her hand massaging my balls. Holy shit this was the best feeling I ever had up to this point. I reached down and undid her bra letting her tits fall. I played with them as she continued to suck me. She then pushed me back and looked up at me taking my balls yes both balls in her mouth first one then the other as she stroked my cock. I couldn’t look away. So much spit covered my cock and balls her hand glided my cock with no effort. It felt so good. I’m gonna cum and her mouth went back to my cock. Again her head bobbing and bouncing left and right she stared into my eyes. I started to cum rope after rope into her mouth and soon as she tasted it she began to moan like it was the best thing ever. She increased her pace like a hungry cum lover until I had nothing left. She sat up on her knees up to my face and opened her mouth. She showed me my giant load in her mouth then closed it and swalled. She zipped my pants back up and did my belt, kissed me and said thanks for the ride. When I got back to my car I noticed the ten dollars in my cup holder. I just made ten dollars to get the best head of my life. The next day at schoolz she asked me for another ride after school. Which of course I agreed to.

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