A quick backstory on my sexual preferences that play into this story….

I have had plenty of partners but as I got older they became less frequent. I have a huge fetish for women in nylons, stockings, pantyhose, tights, and heels. I’m not really sure where or when it started, but it is definitely there. I had told some of my partners before but it was always met with negative reactions, even up to the point of being told I was a disgusting freak and that would never be part of our sex life (which was already boring). I started dating my fiance and decided to throw it all out there from the very beginning and she immediately bought in. This is a story of our first time diving into my fetish.


I travel a lot for work and happened to be staying about 90 minutes away from where she lives. We made plans for my fiance to come to my hotel to hang out for a few hours so we could have at least a little time together (long-distance relationship at this point). I told her where I was staying and was waiting in my room for her to arrive and once I got the text that she was there, I opened the door so she could walk right in. I heard the door open and my eyes popped out of my head the second I saw her standing there in a green dress that had a big belt that kept it together, black heels, and black thigh-high stockings. I stood up to greet her and she told me to stay quiet while she pulled the belt on her dress to open it up exposing her big tits, tiny panties, and stockings. She immediately kissed me and our hands started exploring each others bodies before she pulled away and pulled my pants down, exposing my rock-hard cock. She led me to the chair in the room and instructed me to sit down. After sitting down, I saw her walk around behind the chair and could hear her reaching in the little bag she had with her. Within seconds I was blindfolded and she was stroking my cock while kissing on my neck and chest. I felt her start to grind on my lap and my hands began stroking the top of her stockings and I thought I would lose it at the thought that this was finally happening.


After a few minutes of this, she took the blindfold off of me and led me to the bedroom where she laid down on the bed and started rubbing her feet all over my throbbing cock. I took one of her feet and began sucking her toes and arch while the other foot continued rubbing all over. I continued sucking her toes as I slid my cock in her juicy pussy and began thrusting away. I could not keep my hands off her legs and the soft nylon turned me on so damn much. She flipped over so I could fuck her from behind while holding her ankles and rubbing her feet. It didn’t take long before I pulled out and shot a hot load all over her ass and back. We collapsed on the bed and caught our breath but I continued rubbing her legs. It wasn’t long before I started getting hard again and we proceeded to fuck two more times before I had to get ready for my meeting.


After we finished, I stood over her with her legs in the air while I pulled her stockings off. I thought about keeping them but knew I wanted to make them a regular part of out sex-life. Needless to say, I couldn’t stop thinking about the experience and probably didn’t conduct the best meeting, but I really didn’t care.


I’ll have another story up soon that is similar to this and I can assure you I will share more stories as they develop.

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