We had a super cute guy who lived next door to us a few years back. He was about 25, I was 32 and my husband was 40. There was a ton of sexual tension between he and I from the day we met and I was always flirting. Since we were swingers, my husband has always always been cool with any advances I make, in fact he encoraged it and still does. I always made a point to sunbathe on my deck where he could easily watch. Although I never went nude, I came very close and enjoyed wearing as little as possible when I knew he was around. I knew he loves looking.

One afternoon he joined us for drinks on our deck and things got very friendly. We decided to move indoors and a game of strip poker broke out. Since there was only three of us, we were naked pretty quick. He was every bit as yummy nude as I had hoped – great body, nice legs and a beautifully shaped penis with a nice trimmed bush and perfect set of tight balls. His cock looked good and I couldn’t help but wonder how big he would be when erect.

Since we were naked and the fun was just starting, we continued the game with some dares and touching. They got to feel my tits, rub my ass – I had to kiss their neck and hold their balls and the shaft of their hard cocks. Things continued to get hotter – I had to take each guy in my mouth – they had to perform oral on me as well. As his cock swelled, it was clear he was much bigger than my husband – probably 2 inches longer and much thicker with a perfectly shoes head and nice curved shadt.

As the game went on, the winner could call the shots making the other two perform. My husband won so he asked me to bend over and told my neighbor to finger my pussy from behind. His hand felt great on my ass and I pushed back as he inserted one, then two and then three fingers in me. I felt his thumb on my clit as I dripped.

He won the next round and ordered my husband and I to give each other oral in the 69 position. My husband’s mouth felt amazing on me as I swallowed his cock. I was so fucking horny being naked in front of him and knowing how much he must be enjoying the sight of me finally naked for him. I wanted my neighbors cock in my mouth as well – I wanted to make him cum for me. The thought of his big erect cock in my mouth got me close to climaxing.

As I was about to cum from hubby’s mouth, I felt a warm sensation on my pussy. While my husband worked on my clit, my neighbor was swirling the tip of his hard cock on my wet opening. I couldn’t breathe as I felt him pushing his meat into me. He was thick and hard – he felt incredible as my husband continued pleasuring me.

As I felt his balls pushing on my mound and his hips against my ass, his long cock reached deeper inside me than I had ever felt before. His slow thrusts felt incredible. This was the biggest cock I had ever taken and I had the added gift of my husband’s mouth on me. I had a powerful orgasm, but the pounding only intensified.

What I didn’t realize was as my neighbor was pounding my cunt, my husband was licking his shaft and big balls. My husband was fucking my mouth and was clearly taken by the experience. Occasionally I felt my neighbors big cock pull out – I looked back and saw my husband holding his thick shaft and sucking his cock. He switched between my pussy and my husband’s mouth until he was ready to explode. He gave me a final deep thrust and I felt the base of his thick cock pulsing as he released his load inside me.

At the same time, my husband released a massive cumshot in my mouth. My neighbor slowly pulled out of me and I watched as his load dripped out as my husband cleaned me with his mouth, taking every drop.

I sat next to my husband and my neighbor kissed me and rubbed my tits – his hands felt amazing. He then leaned over and began to suck my husband’s semi hard cock, stroking him and caressing his leg. I sat back, opened my legs and masturbated while I watched them together. My husband leaned his head back and ejaculated into his mouth. He jerked his shaft milking out the last drop.
This lasted for another hour as we switched off, pleasured each other, fucked each other and eventually fell asleep.

I had no idea my husband was a closet bisexual. I never thought I would share him with another man and I definitely had no idea what a.turn on it would be and continues to be.

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